Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


23. I forgot your a dick

Hannahs POV

'Beep, Beep, Beep' I heard my alarm, waking me up, i groaned loudly hitting it off of the best side table which turned it off.

I yawned slightly as my eyes opened taking in the little light that peeked through the curtains.

I starred ahead for a moment still adjusting to the light and heard a soft mumbled moan and the grip on my waist tightening slightly.

I shuffled around to see a sleeping Harry, his arms wrapped tightly around my waist.

I sighed heavily starring at his gorgeous face, he said he wasn't going to leave.

But what should i really expect, hes Harry, he dose what he wants.

I suddenly realised something and i quickly sat up, "Fuck" i yelled and heard a groan from Harry. My mum, shit what if she saw him, shit shit shit.

"What" he muttered hugging my waist tighter, "my mum" i yelled slightly and he groaned, sleepily sitting up a bit, his eyes were now open.

"Yeah what about her" he mumbled, "she probably saw you" i panicked and he groaned louder.

"Babe she might have not even come in besides don't you think you should tell her who your dating" he muttered closing his eyes again.

"No she would kill me" i snapped and he shrugged, "tuff luck" he joked and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me on top of him.

"No Harry stop this is serious you promised you would leave" i sighed starring down. "Angel come on it cant be that bad just for your mum to know who your boyfriend is" he chuckled lightly lifting my chin up so i looking into his deep green eyes.

"It is" i mumbled and he chuckled kissing my nose, "she thought Zayn was my boyfriend" i mumbled kissing him quickly.

He frowned and pulled away, "Zayn? why" he questioned, i could feel his body become stiff and i felt a smile tug onto my lips.

"Are you jealous" i grinned and he scoffed, "your mine and only mine why would i need to be jealous" he smirked and i giggled loudly as he pushed me back climbing on top.

He kissed my roughly running his fingers down the side of me to the end of his t-shirt which hung loosely around my body. He grinned before pulling it off making me giggle.

My hands ran through his hair, grabbing locks of curls between my fingers and my legs were spread allowing him to sit between them.

It had turned into a full make out session extremely quickly and i could tell Harry was aching for it to turn into more.

His hips grinded against mine causing me to moan against his mouth and his hands squeezed my thighs.

My legs found themselves wrapping around him, prying him closer, his grip was tight and i was sure it would bruise but i didn't care.

He forced his tongue roughly into my mouth exploring as i did the same and his hands trailed up further to my hips sliding them slightly under my back edging closer to the clip of my bra.

I could feel sweat pick up quickly at the tension when i heard the sound of Harrys ringtone.

He ignored it as first but it kept ringing and i could feel him become frustrated, he suddenly pulled away snatching the phone from the bed and answering.

"What" he snapped angrily, his green eyes focused on me and i panted lightly only now getting a breath.

I looked into his eyes and it was only now i saw that lust and desire filled them, "Kinda in the middle or something Liam" he growled and i chewed my lip looking up at him, i was still laying flat on the bed whilst he sat up kneeling between my legs.

"Do it yourself" he snapped and listened for a moment then replied, "well fucking tell him i will do it later, now fuck off already im still in the middle of something i would seriously like to continue" he growled and i bit my bottom lip smirking slightly.

He grinned at me making me giggled quietly, he listened and his face hardened in the process.

"Of all the fucking days" he muttered, "yeah i'll be there soon" he mumbled then hung up and sighed heavily.

He ruffled his hand through his curls slightly before speaking, "ive got to go ange" he muttered frustrated, i bit my lip and nodded, "its fine" i smiled and he groaned leaning down and pecking my lips.

"Where are you going" i questioned as he climbed off of me grabbing his jeans from the ground.

I sat up and grabbed the sheets wrapping them around me slightly, "just out and about" he shrugged showing no emotion what so ever, Harry was an extremely hard person to read and right now i really wish he wasn't.

"Where" i questioned and he walked to the bed grabbing his shirt from behind me, "out" he mumbled pecking my lips before pulling his shirt over his head.

"Harry" i snapped and he chuckled, "what" "where are you actually going" i frowned and he rolled his eyes, "that's for me to know and you never to find out" he grinned and grabbed his phone walking out of my room.

What the hell! "Harry" i yelled running after him with just a thin sheet around me, he had reached the bottom of the stairs as i caught up with him.

"What do you mean for me to never find out" i snapped and he rolled his eyes once more.

"What i said babe, theres some things you don't need to know" he said walking to the lounge and putting his shoes on.

"Your keeping secrets from me" i snapped, a feeling of hurt running through me, wasn't that one thing when your dating someone, you dont keep secrets from them?

"Duh" he chuckled, "God you can be suck a dick" i growled and he shrugged, "ive been called worse" he chuckled, "why wont you tell me where your going" i frowned.

He groaned ignoring me standing up, "Harry" i snapped, "Because im not going to, deal with it" he muttered as he turned walking out of the lounge.

"This is the side i remember now" i mumbled under my breath and he stopped in his track and slowly turned back around.

"Whats that supposed to mean" he growled, his voice was harsh but i swallowed the lump in my throat.

I wasn't going to wimp out now, "You" i snapped, "I got so caught up with all your little kisses and things i forgot how much of a fucking dick you are, why the hell did i agree to even being your girlfriend" I snapped and his eyes darkened.

A look of anger crossed his face as he walked over to me, his feet stomping against the ground like the sound of drums.

I found myself slowly backing away as he marched closer until my back hit the wall and i winced.

In seconds he was in front of me and his hand grabbed my chin harshly forcing me to look into his eyes.

It hurt a bit but i ignored it to concentrated on his tense stare, "Say you didn't mean that" he growled, his tone was low and quiet but enough to send the hairs on my neck standing up straight.

I stayed silent which seamed to only make his become more angry, "Say you fucking didn't mean it" he yelled and raised his hand, i flinched turning my head to the side and squeezing my eyes shut.

I felt his hand disappear from holding my chin and i peaked an eye open looking at him, he starred at me, his eyes wide open ad his breath hitched.

"You thought i was going to hit you" he said his tone was soft and i bit my lip remaining silent. A few beats passed before he spoke up again "you thought i was going to fucking hit you" he yelled his voice angry again.

"Do you fucking think i would do that" he growled and i shook my head violently. He scoffed and rolled his eyes, he muttered something i couldn't quite hear before turning around and leaving.

I heard the front door slam close and my breath got caught in my throat as i felt my eyes begin to water.

My back slid down the wall as i silently sobbed, why am i crying we had been dating what 4 days.

I sighed heavily and wiped my tears, hes such a fucking jerk, i looked at myself and scoffed we just argued whilst i was in a sheet half naked, wow.

How could what was happening turn into this? I sighed before standing up and running upstairs to get changed.

After throwing on some jeans and a jumper, i looked to the messy bed and sighed, my mum was right, i dont have a very good taste in boyfriends.

I made my bed and when i begun to walk out, i almost tripped over my alarm that sat on the floor.

I frowned picking it up, i hadn't set it why the fuck was it even turned on, my eyes suddenly widened as i remembered i had work, fuck.

I looked at the time 10:40, I was 20 minutes late fuck.

I quickly raced downstairs and grabbed my vans lacing them up before grabbing a coat and throwing it on whilst rushing out of the door.

Since my mum can just barley afford to pay the bills and food shopping and everything, I have a small Saturday job at starbucks. Which earns me money to number one help out mum if she needs any and two buy myself some things like clothes and all the random shit i get.

I walked as fast as i could up the old beaten up street until i reched the shopping centre.

The cold British weather chilled my skin and i was relieved as i made it to starbucks, stepping into the heat.

I walked to the counter where Luke one of the people who works here stood serving everyone. I loved Luke, he was great, he was funny, sweet and caring everything that turned a boring job into an amazing job.

As he spotted me his eyes widened and he quickly stepped out from behind the counter and walked over to me, "Hannah your 25 minutes late Chris is going to kill you" he chuckled and i laughed.

"Where have you been" he questioned, "long story" i muttered and he nodded, "tell you later" i smiled and he grinned.

"Chris is in the back good luck" he chuckled patting my back and i laughed before walking to the back room.

Chris was our boss and he wasn't bad, of course if your late he will have words but he dosnet get mad really.

I walked into the back room to see him speaking with his wife, i knocked on the open door to catch his attention and he turned my way.

"Hi Chris" i said innocently and he sighed, "Late Hannah" he said raising an eye brow and i sent him an innocent smile.

"Im sorry i just got caught up and-" "Its fine but just not again please" he sighed cutting me off and i smiled, "Thank you so much" i smiled widely and he rolled his eyes chuckling.

"Go get on with it then" he smiled and i quickly pulled my jacket off throwing it onto a hook where everyones coats and jackets were and grabbed my apron.

I smiled and Chris and his wife before walking out and behind the counter to where Luke stood struggling to do both making the drinks and taking orders.

I quickly helped him with an order then he spoke up, "what did he say" he questioned, "let me off" i smiled and he smiled back.

"Good, you do the orders ill take them" he asked and i nodded as we took and made the many orders.

We joked about the whole time, laughing about everything which took my mind completely off everything else that had happened....for now.



i know its a short chapter but still hope you liked it xx

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