Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


3. Harry Styles

Hannah's POV

I bit my lip and buried my hands deep in my pockets, i was still in the car with him and had been driving for about 20 minutes. Finally he came to a stop in a street that 😍didn't look the safest and killed the engine.

I gulped as he opened his door and climbed out, i stayed in the car not really sure what to do, he walked round and opened my car door gesturing for me to get out.

"Where are we" i said finally speaking, he was silent for a moment before answering "Cross down street".

"Where" i frowned he chuckled and shook his head, "you may of heard of its nickname 'black heart" he said in a low voice.

My heart immediately stopped "Black heart" i repeated my voice trembling.

'Black heart' is one of the most dangerous streets around, you cant step out of you house without someone pulling a knife on you or something.

"Wh-what" i stuttered, he chuckled and shook his head turning around and walked up the small path to a rather small flat.

"You coming or would you prefer to stay out here" he yelled as he reached the front door, as much as it seamed like a bad idea following a stranger into his house not to mention he lives in the street black hand, it was even worst to stay out on the street of black hand.

I quickly hurried up the little path until i reached the door, he opened the door and stepped in then held the door open for me.

I looked up uncertain and he tapped his foot impatiently, i gulped before stepping in.

He slammed the door shut causing me to jump then walked forward down the small hall like i wasn't even there.

I watched him walk into a room with i presumed was the lounge whilst i debated with myself whether i should just get out now and take my chances running home or follow him.

I took a deep breath before walking down the hall and into the same room he had walked into which led me to the lounge with a joined up kitchen.

I stood in the doorway and looked towards where he was standing, he was looking in the fridge but when heard me turned to meet my eyes.

A tiny smirk plastered on his face and he licked his lips, "No need to be unconftable babe" he said in that charming boyish voice.

I opened my ,mouth to speak but found i was lost of words, he let out a small chuckle and grabbed a bear out the fridge.

"Want one" he said gesturing to the beer, i shook my head and finally managed to speak, "i need to go home" i said my voice a little louder than i was expecting.

He shook his head and took a sip of the beer, "No you cant go home until tomorrow" he said taking another sip and walking a little closer.

"Why not" i frowned, "Because i know them guys and they will be looking for you tonight" "They don't know where i live" i said quickly after.

He chuckled again shaking his head, "yeah that's the difficult part" he mumbled turning around, his voice full of sarcasm.

I frowned not understanding what he meant by that and followed him as he walked to the sofa dropping onto it.

"I need to go home" i said trying to make myself as stern as possibal but he rolled his eyes.

"What don't you get about the fact that you cant go home tonight" he muttered, "Well where am i going to stay tonight then" i said getting frustrated.

The smirk returned to his face and it one swift movement he had pulled me down onto the sofa next to him and stretched his arm out on the sofa behind me.

I shuffled away a little and shook my head, "No way am i staying here" i said shaking my head

No way in a million years would i stay here, he rolled his eyes and leaned closer, so close i could almost feel his body heat, "And why not" he whispered.

I gulped and my eyes flickered to my lap and back up into his eyes, he chuckled and leaned back.

"By the way, the names Harry, Harry Styles" he smirked .

Well then Harry Styles, one thing i have already learned about you, is that i should be as far away from you as possible!




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