Don't drag me into this

"Don't drag me into this" I snapped, "little to late babe" he smirked and grabbed my hand, "RUN" he yelled and pulled me down a near ally way. "No stop there not after me there after you" I hissed. " yes but trust me they won't mind slitting your throat on the way" he chuckled and came to a dead end. He helped me climb to the top o the wall then climbed up himself, "I hate you so much" I growled, "I know" he shrugged then suddenly grabbed my face smashing his lips to mine.
Why did I ever let him drag me into this?


22. Fight

Hannahs POV

I sighed of boredom and laid my head more comfortable on top of Harry's chest.

We had been watching TV for hours and i was starting to get bored, i heard something ring and Harry pulled out his phone.

I turned my head so i was looking at him and he grinned giving my lips a quick peck before answering, i blushed slightly and Harry chuckled, "whats up" Harry asked and i could faintly hear an Irish accent speaking on the other side, Niall.

After a moment of listening to Niall Harry replied, "I cant im watching Hannah" he muttered and i frowned.

He chuckled hearing Niall and shook his head, "nope i just snuck in through the back, but she didn't mind" he grinned and i rolled my eyes, i climbed out of the bed and his eye brow raised watched my every move whilst still on the phone to Niall.

"Mhmm" he mumbled paying to much attention to what i was doing than really listening to Niall.

I leaned down and picked up the baggy shirt pulling it over my head, i need to go to the loo so i walked into my own bathroom and did my business.

As i walked out something caught my attention, what Harry was saying, "No im not taking her out with us, are you crazy" he muttered and my eyes widened.

"Take me out with you please please please pleaseeee" i begged and ran to the bed practically jumping on him.

He groaned and i sat on his stomach one leg either side, he shook his head and i pouted, leaning down on his chest so my face was only a few centimetres from his.

"Pleaseeeee" i begged, "im bored" i wined after and he rolled his eyes shhh'ing.

I lightly heard Niall ask who it was and Harry mutter my name, "please Harry im bored like hell" i wined pouting.

"Hannah shut up" he muttered and i groaned pecking his lips repeatedly muttering a please in between each one. "" he mumbled in between each kiss.

I carried on and after a minute or so and he suddenly flipped us over, i gasped as he now laid on top of me, one of his strong hands held both of mine above my head.

And the other still held the phone to his ear, his face was centimetres from my mine and i bit my lip, a smirk plastered on my face.

"when i tell you to shut up, shut that fucking mouth that i love to kiss so much up" he grinned and kissed me harshly, my arms snaked behind his neck and it was only when Niall started to complain on the other side of the phone that we pulled away.

He smirked and rolled off of me, "No you go with the boys ill stay here with Hannah" he answered and my mouth dropped, i thought what just happened meant a yet.

"Harry" i wined and he sighed frustrated, "fine we are coming" he muttered to Niall and i grinned widely.

He looked to me and rolled his eyes pushing my shoulder playfully, i smirked and climbed off of the bed and to my wardrobe pulling out some clothes to wear.

"yeah just wait there will we be over in a bit" Harry mumbled and hung up.

He chuckled and climbed out of bed walking over to me, his arms wrapped around my waist from behind and pulled me into him, i chewed my lip and looked at him in the mirror which stood in front of me.

"Do that again and your going to be in trouble" he muttered kissing the sensitive skin at the back of my shoulder, i closed my eyes enjoying it and he chuckled.

"Get dress" he mumbled grabbing the end of the shirt and pulling it off, i chewed my lip looking down shyly as he ran his eyes over my half naked body.

He chuckled as my cheeks flushed and he kissed it before he walked over to grab his shirt.

I was quick to get changed into my clothes which contained a pair of black skinny jeans and a white baggy tank with the words new York on it.

I grabbed a hoodie and jacket and laced up my black converse which i had decided on, I looked to Harry and he sighed, now fully dressed.

He walked over to me lacing his fingers into mine and smirked before pulling me along with him down stairs.

It felt kinda weird holding his hands, i still wasn't completely used to.....well us...i think.

It just felt so strange, when we kissed every thought emptied my head and i get lost into him but things like holding his hand or cuddling earlier just seamed strange.

I mean it had been a day, i know i slept with him but it was only this morning, we i guess got together, well i think we did.

He opened my front door and let me walk through, i smiled lightly and walked into the front yard, the sky was beautiful, at this point  the sun was setting and a redish orange colour travelled the sky leaving a gloomy atmosphere.

He walked to his car and i followed climbing into the passenger seat, I closed the door and he mumbled for me to put my seat belt on, before i even had the chance to pull the belt across me, he had shoved his foot onto the pedal and the car roared before speeding up the street.

I let out a small gasp as i was forced right back into the seat, i reached for the seat belt desperately trying to pull it across me and plug it in but as he sped around a corner i was swung side to side.

"Harry" i yelled and s smirk appeared on his face as he pushed the pedal down further causing the car to speed up even more.

I fiddled with the belt still not being able to pull it across as i panicked starring ahead as the street flashed past.

"Harry slow down" i yelled and his smirk just grew bigger, was he fucking enjoying seeing me like this.

I knew there was a sharp bend ahead which made me panic more, i finally managed to grasp the belt and force it into the lock.

I sighed and my eyes darted back to the road, i gasped as he suddenly swerved the car around another car in front of us, it knocked me to the side harshly and i let out a cry.

I could hear the horn of the car which in a matter of seconds had faded into the distance. 

"Please Harry stop slow down" i yelled starring at the bend which was now in slight, he grinned ignoring me and i covered my eyes seeing the bend.

When suddenly he hit the breaks causing me to fly forward, the seat belt locked causing me to jolt in the spot sending a painful shock across my chest, where the seat belt had stopped me from flying forward.

He swerved around the corner at a slower speed but still fast then pushed his foot back down, after a few seconds of racing up the street.

He hit the breaks again causing an immediate stop and me to fly forward again only to be stopped by the belt 'again' and 'another' painful shock.

I breathed heavily squeezing my eyes shut and just stayed silent for a moment.

I heard a deep chuckle and my head snapped towards Harry who sat laughing his seat, "you think that was funny" i yelled and he just laughed more nodding his head.

"Dick" i muttered and climbed out of the car, storming to the apartment building where Niall's flat was.

"Come on babe" Harry chuckled walking after me, i ignored him and slammed the door open storming into the building, i walked up to the lift repeatedly pushing the button to try and hurry it up.

I heard his deep chuckle as he wrapped his arms around me from behind, "get off me" i growled and tried to pull his arms away from me.

"Babe" he moaned and turned me around, "no let go" i yelled and he tightened the grip on my waist.

"Hay i was just mucking about" he muttered resting his head against mine, "i didn't find it funny" i snapped and he sighed and kissed me gently.

I refused to kiss him back and i heard the elevator ding, he sighed heavily before i turned around and stepped in, he walked in after me and the doors shut.

I kept my back to him and he groaned loudly, i waited until we reached the top floor and the doors opened i walked out then followed Harry through the many hall because i wasn't quite sure where Nialls apartment was still.

We finally reached his door and Harry knocked loudly, a few minutes later Niall appeared at the door with his mouth full of crisps, "Hay" he muffled swallowing what was in his mouth.

"Hay mate" Harry said and he stepped aside for us to walk in, "Hay Hannah" he smiled and i smiled back at him, "Hay Niall" i grinned then looked around.

I spotted Louis by the couch sat on the floor watching the TV with a beer in his hand and Zayn fast asleep on the couch behind him and Liam was in the kitchen making food.

"So where is he meeting us" Harry questioned and sneaked an arm around my waist but again i slapped it away, Niall questioned and Harry rolled his eyes.

"She is pissed at me" Harry chuckled and i glared, "didn't seem to pissed earlier on the phone" Niall smirked and my cheeks immediately reddened.

He chuckled and i looked to the ground embarrassed, "has he worked the old charm on you" Niall chuckled and i rolled my eyes.

He laughed and shook his head, "anyway we are meeting him at Ricks" he answered Harry and he nodded.

"Lets get going then" Harry shrugged and grabbed my hand, i glared at him trying to pull it away from him but he clenched it tightly not letting me have my own way.

"Harry" i snapped and he rolled his eyes pulling me into his chest and before i could deny he crashed his lips to mine.

I sighed into the kiss finally giving up, i guess it wasn't that bad, he scared the shit out of me but he was only joking about.

My hands wrapped around the fabric of his shirt as i pulled him closer, his stubble chin tickled as he smiled against my lips.

"So your with that fucking twat after all" i heard a husky voice growl and i pulled away from Harry making him groan and grip my hips tighter, i turned my head from him and looked to see Liam.

His strong arms folded over his broad chest and his piercing eyes starred right through into my soul.

"Jealous Payne" Harry grinned trying to wined him up, I smacked his chest and glared at him. 

I felt his laughter against my cheek, his noise sliding along my jaw, his lips pressing behind my ear.

"Wake up Zayn for me angle" he muttered, "why me" i frowned and he shrugged, "you would have better luck than us" he chuckled and Liam rolled his eyes but nodded.

"The dick is true" he mumbled and Harry chuckled, "your never going to get over this are you" he muttered whilst his arms slivered around my waist pulling me back against his chest.

"You can dream" he spoke rolling his eyes, a devilish smirk appearing on his face.

"Go" Harry muttered giving me a little push in the direction of the couch, where Zayn sat sleeping, peacefully.

"No i don't want to" i frowned, "go angle or i will drop you off home now and your not going out" he warned, "Im not freaking 5 years old" i snapped and he chuckled rolling his eyes.

"You and your stubborn self act like it sometimes" he muttered before giving me a slightly more powered push towards the couch, i stumbled forward grabbing onto the couch steadying myself.

I turned and glared at him, making both him and Liam laugh, i sighed lightly before walking around to the front of couch, Zayn laid flat on his back, one arm resting behind his head and the other resting on his stomach.

He looked so gentle laying there, i didn't want to wake him up but i knew i had to.

I sighed heavily before gently placing a hand on his broad shoulder, "Zayn" i muttered shaking him slightly but he didn't move.

I frowned and shook him a little more, "Zayn" i yelled and he didn't budge.

"Going to have to be a little louder love" i heard Louis's sweet voice call from the kitchen, i looked up to all four of them sitting on the bar stools amused watching me try to wake him.

"Zayn" i yelled louder and he still didn't budge, "Zaynnnnnn" i wined and pushed his shoulder, i groaned loudly shook him harshly, "ZAYN" i screamed and finally he reacted.

He groaned loudly and waved me away not opening his eyes, "Zayn come on wake up" i groaned loudly and he peeked an eye brow.

"Come back in a few hours doll" he muttered, "No get out of bed, im bored and i want to go out" i groaned and he shuffled a bit keeping his eyes closed.

"Harry" i cried annoyed and his deep raspy voice chuckled as he and Louis walked over.

"This is how you do it babe" he grinned and both him and Louis grabbed the back of the sofa and on the count of three, they both lifted the sofa up tipping it to the side.

Zayn rolled off and fell flat onto the floor, he groaned loudly and i laughed, "your both fucking dead when i wake up a bit more" he muttered into the floor.

"Get up Malik we are going to Rick's" Harry said walking round and helping him up.

He stood up and blinked a few times still not used to the light, "why" he mumbled, Harry glanced to me then back to Zayn, "oh" he muttered and nodded.

I frowned and looked to Harry, what was he planning?

"Come on babe" he grinned hooking me under his arm, Zayn looked to us and groaned, "your kidding you fucked her before i could" he groaned and my mouth dropped.

"You such a fucking dick" i yelled and slapped him, his hand flew up to his cheek where a freshly red hand print had been printed, he looked shocked.

I glared at him and he just looked shocked, I suddenly heard an eruption of laughter and turned to see Harry toppled over laughing so hard.

Zayn shook his head and slapped the back of Harrys head before looking at me, my breath hitched as he stepped closer grabbing my chin.

"Zayn" Harry warned stepping forward, his eyes glanced at Harry for a moment before returning to me, "your lucky i like you" he muttered before letting go and stepping back.

"Lets go then" Zayn muttered grabbing his leather jacket from the sofa and swinging it over his shoulder.

All the boys snickered and he glared, "come on" Harry whispered sneaking an arm around my waist, i swallowed before following him out of the building and into the car.

Instead of squeezing me in, this time Harry sat me on his lap, his arms laced gently around my waist securing me protectively and i smiled.

I didn't think Harry was like this I only ever thought there was the one side to him, an annoying vein dick but there was also a sweet side to him.

Once we had finally stopped and parked, I looked out the window too see a pub, oh yeah, Rick's is the name of it.

I climbed out the car as did the rest of the boys and just as i was about to walk towards the entrance i felt a hand grasp my arm pulling me back.

I turned around frowning to see Harry and he shook his head, "your staying in the car" he muttered and i frowned, "why" i questioned.

"Because i said so" he said and pushed me towards the car, "No i want to come in, get off of me" i snapped and he rolled his eyes.

"Babe get in the car or believe me i will put you in that car" he said, his voice was rough and for some reason i found it incredibly sexy.

I didn't say anything, just crossed my arms and raised an eye brow, "fine your choice" he muttered before suddenly wrapping his arms around my waist and picking me up, "Harry" i yelled as he walked over to the car.

I tried to wiggle out of his arms repeatedly hitting his chest, trying so desperately hard to escape his grip.

The rest of the boys just watched, he opened the car door and eventually managed to pry my hands off the edge of the car sitting me in the back.

"Harry" i yelled and tried to climb out of the car but he pushed me back in, "stop acting like a 5 year old" he growled, "then stop fucking treating me like one, what the hell is so wrong with me going into a fucking pub with you" i snapped.

Harry eyes turned a darker colour and before i tried to get out he grabbed both of my wrists gripping them tightly.

He starred at me for a moment then finally spoke, "Because if you must know, these people like to get their hands dirty and i don't want you involved so just sit your lovely ass down in this car until i come back out, got it" he snapped.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded slowly, he gave me a small smile and pecked my lips before climbing out of the car and standing up. He smiled lightly before closing the door, i sighed heavily and moulded into the seat watching the boys walk into the pub.

I groaned as Harry turned back before entering and locked the car doors, im not a fucking child but he sure treats me like one.

He sent me a smirk and i glared at him before he walked into the pub.

I sighed heavily and pulled out my phone clicking on a bunch of games to play.

After about 15 minutes i was already annoyed and bored, im extremely impatient.

I groaned shoving my phone back into my pocket and crossing my arms, i frowned as i looked at the entrance of the pub to see quite a few people pilling out, they looked like they were in a hurry and some have worried faces.

Suddenly the glass window on the right side of the entrance smashed, i gasped slightly and began to panic, what was happening where were the boys, where was Harry?

I grasped the door handle and pulled at it feistily but it was locked, fuck! I looked around the car and on the passengers seat in the front the window had been rolled down just under half way. 

I darted across to the front and turned my head to the side and slid it out of the window, it was a bit tight but my body was slim enough to fit out.

I carefully lifted my hips out of the car and cursed as the edge of the window scraped my back, my hands clutched the roof of the car as i slowly lifted one leg out.

My foot touched the ground and i wobbled slightly as i lifted the other leg out and finally was out of the car.

I dashed to the entrance of the pub and used my strength to pull the heavy wooden door open.

Instantly the sound of glasses smashing, yelling and bangs filled my ears. I looked horrified to see a huge fight was taking place, the familiar brow hair caught my eyes as i looked to see Liam.

His arm hooked around a tall broad guys neck from behind as the guys forcefully pushed Liam back into the wall trying to knock him off.

My eyes then landed on Louis who was near by, another guy about the same size as Louis with blonde wavy hair gripped Louis shoulders as he continuously abruptly kneed Louis in the stomach.

I gasped starring at Louis as he stayed there taking a beating, i watched in horror until Louis managed to regain control as he sent a forceful punch to his stomach.

I could see Niall and Zayn both near each other helping each other to fight off another two bulky men.

Niall was flung on top of the bar as one of the guys gripped his throat tightly strangling him, Zayn was quick to kick the guy he had been fighting aside and ripped the guy strangling Niall away from him.

My eyes darted across the room in search for Harry bur i couldn't see him, there were so many people in fights, not only the boys but other people i had never met or seen were fighting.

I screamed as two guys who were fighting stumbled there way across the room and landed against the wall next to me.

I was sudden to move, finding myself in the middle of the room, fights all around me, i was almost hit by a guy whos fist had aimed for someone but had missed and nearly hit me.

I ran to a clear space dodging people as much as i could until someone's hand grasped my ankle, i screamed as i fell to the ground landing on piles of glance that stuck into my skin.

I yelped in pain and turned my head to see a guy twice the size of me who had been pushed to the ground by another, i kicked at his hand trying to get him off of me but it was only until another guy had grabbed a fist full of his t-shirt pulling him back into the fight that he let go of me.

I scrambled to my feet but was only to be knocked down again, when twos guys both trying to strangle each other knocked into me.

I cried in pain landed on more glass and felt a sharp pain in my thigh where a piece of glass had wedged into me.

I crawled slightly away from two people who had fallen on the floor, one of top as he punched the other repeatedly then scurried to my feet.

I saw a flash of curls and my eyes darted to behind the bar, where i recognised Harry, he and some guy almost twice as big as him where fighting.

They used anything they could as a weapon, picking up the glasses behind the bar, bottles, stools, anything.

I saw as the guy swung a bottle at Harrys head making is smash when coming into contact with him temple.

"Harry" I cried as he stumbled back slightly, his eyes ranked across the whole room until they landed on me and in a blink of an eye, he had jumped over the bar, causing many glasses and bottles to slide off of the bar smashing as they hit the ground.

He left the guy he was fighting and was quick to make his way over to me, he was only a bit away when someone else decided to throw a punch at him.

Like he knew it was coming he dodged it and threw a full powered punch towards the guy knocking him back into two others that where fighting.

Harry forced his way through until he reached me, he snatched my hand and pulled me protectively into his arms, "Hannah i told you to stay in the fucking car" he yelled and quickly pulled me out of the way as two people backed themselves into the wall, throwing punches at each other.

"I was worried there were loads of people running out i didn't know what was happening" i yelled over the chaos.

"I need to get you out of here its not sa-" he started but was cut off, in the middle of the room someone had aimed a gun to the celling and fired making a loud bang.

Harrys arms covered my head as he pulled me to the floor, leaning over my body, shielding me from any danger.

Everyone had gone silent and stopped what they were doing looking to see who had fired.

Harry held my small body close to him as he turned his head looking to see as well, his arms kept my head hidden but i peaked out of a small gap between then to see who had fired.

It was that Steve guy, the one that attacked me the night Harry saved me, i held balls of Harrys shirt between my fingers and buried my head deeper into his chest.

It was silent before Steve spoke up, a small space had been given where he was standing and he slowly walked back and forward holding the gun down by his side.

"Well that's one way to shut you all up" Steve chuckled, which caused goose bumps to spread across my arms.

"Now im going to make this easy, Styles step out or this is going to get even uglier than it already is" his deep voice growled.

Because we were crouched down and everyone else was stood up, he couldn't see us at the back of the crowd, i looked at Harry, fear filling me and he kissed my head lightly.

"Get out of here" he whispered and i shook my head clenching his t-shirt tighter, "not without you" i said starring into his eyes.

"Go angel i will be out soon just stay at the back away from anyone and slip out of the door" he whispered pecking my lips.

"And what do you want him" I heard Zayns loud voice ask in a devilish tone, i looked through the small gaps between all the people to see Zayn stepping forward along with Niall where Steve stood.

"That's a bit brave stepping out like that" Steve teased and Zayn laughed loudly, "what because you brought a little toy" Zayn teased back.

"Your not the only one who has one" I heard Zayn continue and Liam step forward spinning a gun around his finger.

I starred shocked until Harry pulled me out of my daze, "angel go, i will be fine ive got the boys" he slightly chuckled, i starred at him a moment and he gave a light kiss to my lips before standing up.

He mouthed a 'go' before pushing his way threw the crowd and clearing his throat, i watched for a moment as he grinned.

"You called" he teased and Steve grinned, "Harry how nice to see you" he smirked, "i would say the same apart from last time i saw you, you tried to kill me" he chuckled lowly.

I sighed before i slowly crept behind everyone to the exit of the pub.

"Ah yes i remember, when you decided o help out that girl.....Hannah is it" Steve smirked and i stopped in my tracks hearing my name.

I was right in front of the exit but i stayed to listen for just a few more minutes.

"Hmm Hannah, nope dosent ring a bell" Harry shrugged, "really" Steve grinned a coy smile dancing across his lips.

"Because a little birdy told me you have been getting quite close with this one, in fact i believe someone mentioned you brought her here tonight" Steve smirked raising an eye brow.

"Nope" Harry shrugged casually, "don't lie to me Styles" Steve warned, "im not" Harry said his facial expression not reviling any emotion at all.

"Im going to give you one more chance to tell me the truth, is she here or not" Steve said a wild grin on his face.

"I. Have. Never. Heard. Of. Her" Harry said pausing in between each word, "wrong answer" Steve grinned wickedly, "Joe" he called.

I heard the sound of a door swing open behind me and before i even had the chance to turn around, two rough arms grabbed me tightly, i screamed and everyone's attention turned to me.

Harry spun around and a flicker of panic flashed across his face, I could see the rest of the boys step forward but Steve shook his head.

"Ah ah" he grinned holding up his hand knocking one finger back and forward and suddenly behind the guy who was holding me, about 8 guys with guns walked in.

"Ok everyone but you 5 and her leave" Steve growled and the many random strangers pilled out in a hurry.

The guy behind me stepped forward making me do to, then shoved me forward, i stumbled slightly but Harrys arms caught me.

"Liar" Steve growled and Harry pulled me behind him quickly, "what do you want" Harry growled.

"Number 1 my money" Steve said and glared at Harry, "im getting it ok" Harry muttered, "and also i believe I have a certain message from Brett" he grinned and i felt Harry's entire body go tense, I looked to the boys and Liam was about to burst.

Nialls teeth were gritted, Zayn's knuckles were clenched and Louis was holding Liam by the arm so he wouldn't pounce.

"What doses that prick want" Liam growled angrily, Steve chuckled loudly and smirked looking at me for a second then at Harry.

"When did you two become reunited, i thought he wanted you dead" Steve chuckled looking in between Harry and Liam, he chuckled slightly then continued.

"and he wants you to meet up him" Steve smirked he had shoved his gun in the back of his belt line and wondered back and forward in the middle of the room.

"Where" Harry spat, "Soon" Steve smirked, he pointed a narrow finger and Harry before saying, "get my money by next week or I might just have a little fun with her" he smirked his gaze drifting to me.

Harrys grip tightened on me and his teeth gritted, Steve chuckled and took a stroll closer to me and Harry slightly, "anyway i must be on my way, drop the money off with Dominic when you get it" Steve grinned before walking to the exit as the many guys followed him out.

I starred at the door until I heard a loud frustrated groan, I looked to see an angry Liam, his fist punched into the wall causing a loud bang and me to jump back slightly, Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me back into him wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Im going to fucking kill him" Liam yelled as Niall and Louis tried to calm him down, "WHY DOSENT THE FUCKING PRAT SHOW HIS FACE SO I CAN FUCKING BEAT HIM TO DEATH" Liam screamed and suddenly stormed to the door ripping it open, "Liam don't do anything stupid" Harry muttered and i felt shivers run through out my body.

Liam ignored him hurrying out of the door, the rest of the boys quickly followed and now it was only me and Harry stood in the middle of a wrecked empty pub.

Harry sighed into my ear and i still stood there, my feet practically glued to the ground as to what had just happened.

He gently turned me around his arms snaked around my waist as he pulled me into him, he sighed heavily and leaned in kissing me gently.

"I need to take you home" he muttered and I laid my head flat against his chest giving it a small kiss.

He linked his fingers in between my then walked to the exit with me, Liam was rampaging whilst the boys tried t calm him down.

"Come on guys lets go" Harry yelled as we stepped outside, it had turned dusk and would be dark very soon, it was about 5 oclock now.

Harry led me to the car and climbed in, i followed after him sitting myself between his legs, his strong muscular arms wrapped tightly around my small thin waist as he pulled me back into his chest, my head fell back resting perfectly against it and he smiled lightly before leaning down and giving my lips a small kiss.

I smiled and sighed lightly as the rest of the boys pilled into the car, they were all pissed at the atmosphere was a little intense, i stayed silent the whole journey as did everyone else.

The only noise that could be heard was the radio which played a rapid tune quietly.

Finally after about 20 minutes we reached my house, the sky had turned a dark grey colour, the moon was covered by a gathering of dark clouds which suggested a storm would take place tonight and you could not see anything, literally, only the outline of my small crumbled house.

I opened the door and stepped out to find the sky spitting small droplets of rain, Harry climbed out as well and i frowned, he leant back into the car and spoke to the boys.

"I'll walk back" he muttered and they nodded before he pushed the door shut, I frowned at him and he leaned in kissing my head, "you don't mind do you babe" he questioned and i shook my head.

The rain began to pick up and the boys pulled out of the driveway speeding up the road.

We hurried to the door and i reached into my huge pockets searching for my keys, "come on babe hurry up" Harry rushed as the rain began to pick up quite heavily now, beginning to drench us.

"I cant find them" i frowned going into my hoodies pockets now, i had so much crap in my pockets, i needed to empty them.

The rain now flew heavily from the dark clouds, now completely drenching us, "Babe" Harry groaned loudly and i shoved my hands in my front jeans pocket.

"Harry i don't know where my keys are" i yelled over the rapid noise of the rain.

I squirmed slightly as i suddenly felt Harrys large firm hand slide into the back pockets of my jeans on top of my behind.

He chuckled lowly before pulling it out and a pair of keys, i blushed and he chuckled more before passing me the keys.

I forced it into the hole and twisted it around to unlock it, I tried to pull it open but it was stuck....again.

I yanked at it but it wouldn't budge, "Babe" Harry groaned louder, his now soaked brown hair hung over his eyes and he wiped the rain from his face before grasping the handle of the door and ripping it open.

I hurried into the warmth, Harry following in after and shivered as i felt the chill of the wind gush through the air not to mention the cold rain that drifted off of me.

I hurried into the living room and pulled my soaked coat and hoodie off throwing it to the floor.

Harry followed in after and pulled off his jumper which was also wet, "well I making some hot chocolate do you want any" i asked and Harry shook his head chuckling slightly, "no thanks babe" he grinned and i shrugged, "well make yourself comfy i will be back in a minute" i smiled lightly and he chuckled nodding.

I walked into my rather large kitchen and switched on the kettle, i grabbed a mug from the far corner cupboard and poured some hot chocolate powder into the mug, I grabbed the milk from the small fridge and poured a quarter in.

Once the kettle boiled, i picked it up pouring the steaming liquid into the now warm mug.

I grabbed a spoon stirring it slightly before pinging it into the sink which contained many dirty plates and cups.

I held the mug in between my two small icy hands feeling the heat warm them up immediately.

I walked out into the lounge to see a shirtless Harry stretched across the sofa with the remote in his hand flicking though channels.

Hearing my presents, he turned his head slightly to see me, "hope you don't mind" he grinned referring to his shirt.

His smile was bad-boy perfection.

I shook my head and he signalled for me to sit, i placed the steaming mug on the small coffee table next to the couch before sitting down next to him.

His strong arms pulled me back against his broad chest and i smiled lightly lifting my feet up onto the couch as well.

His arm reached behind my head grabbing the large cotton blanket which rested on the back of the sofa.

He unfolded it and placed it over us, a couple of beats of silence passed, then Harry whispered in a low voice "Your clothes are still wet.

I knew exactly what he was suggesting, i turned my head looking at him and a coy smile played across his lips.

I allowed him to sliver his hands down to the belt line of my jeans and tug at them.

I chewed my bottom lip as i kicked them off at my feet, his hands ran across my thigh and i bit my lip holding in a moan.

His touch was like dynamite, putting me on fire every time, his hands collapsed around the end of my t-shirt and raised it slowly until he pulled it off completely.

I kept my gaze away from him, too embarrassed to even look at him, his mouth grazed behind my ear and i closed my eyes.

God he drove me crazy, "when dose your mum get home" he mumbled against my ear kissing is gently.

"10 and you need to be gone before she gets home, she would freak if she knew about you" i mumbled and i felt his hot breath as he chuckled lowly.

"why" he muttered, i sighed and chewed my lip for a moment, "according to my mum i haven't had the best history of boyfriends" i mumbled quietly as his lips gently traced up and down my neck.

"Why who have you dated before me" he muttered and i sighed heavily, "not many" i muttered, "who" he repeated his lips still wondering up and down my neck.

I thought boyfriends normally didn't want to know about your ex's? Girls yeah they want to know everything about boys ex's but not to often the other way around.

"erm well my first boyfriend was Billy" i muttered, "and my second one Jack and my other one......." i trailed off chewing my lower lip.

He stopped kissing my neck and just snuggled his head into the side of my neck, "and" he muttered.

"And......Damon" I sighed hating every time i have to say his name, "Damon" Harry repeated and i nodded.

"Whats so special about him" he mumbled and began to kiss at my neck again, his lips were moist leaving a small wet trail as he went along.

"He was my.....first love" i muttered quietly and i felt Harrys body not quote tense up but become a little stiff.

It was silent for a moment until I spoke up, "so what about you" i questioned, "ive had my odd few" he shrugged and i frowned, "how many" i questioned and i felt his warm breath once again as he chuckled lightly.

"Jealous baby" he chuckled and i rolled my eyes, "sure" i muttered and he laughed and suddenly, i was laying flat on my back on the sofa with Harry hovering over the top of me, he had flipped us.

I giggled lightly as he began to kiss at my neck once again, he travelled all the way from my collar bone to my stomach.

"Harry" i giggled and he grinned kissing all over the surface of my stomach, i rested my head back turning it slightly to the side.

I gasped and my heart felt like it had almost skipped a beat, "Harry!" i yelled and he stopped frowning, "what" he asked startled by my sudden out burst.

I was quick to grab the blanket covering myself, "theres someone outside" i panicked and Harrys head snapped to the side looking out to the window.

The same dark figure stood just at the end of the small yard, his dark eye stood out more than anything.

In a matter of seconds Harry had stood up starring at the person trying to figure out who it was, he snatched his t-shirt from the ground still not taking his eyes off them.

He pulled it on still keeping his eyes focused on the person, "Angel stay here" he muttered, my eyes darted his way and i shook my head, "No Harry don't go out there" i begged, "stay here angel" he said raising his voice a tad.

I swallowed the lump in my throat before watching as he sprinted out of the lounge and into the front yard, my eyes travelled back out of the window but the person was gone, vanished.

My heart raced in my chest as i watched Harry from inside, he hurried to the edge of the yard and looked left and right up the street.

I suddenly heard the sound of a door slamming shut and i screamed, my head snapping behind me, i looked through the kitchen door which was open to see the back door wide open.

"ANGEL" Harry yelled running in, his arms were wrapped around me protectively in a matter of seconds.

"Th-the back door" i stuttered and his eye glanced up from me to see the back door wide open, a cold breeze brushing through.

"Hold on" he whispered kissing the side of my head before slowly walking to the kitchen, "Harry" i trembled holding the blanket tightly around my body.

He walked into the kitchen peering left and right before walking to the back door, he glanced out of it looking around then walked back in, he closed the back door locking it then walking back in.

But he stopped for a moment peering at something on the counter, he snatched it shoving it into his pocket before walking back into me.

I starred at him as he walked over, he wrapped his arms around me once sitting down and pulled me into his lap.

"everythings fine angel" he muttered stroking my hair in the process, "im here" he muttered kissing my head as i let out a small sob into his chest.

Soon after he had carried me up to my room as we snuggled in bed, his arms embraced me tightly as i laid my head on his chest hugging his body tightly to me, we had been watching films for a while now.

My eyes were getting tired and i found myself agreeing to just resting them shut for 10 minutes or so but my mind thought differently as i found myself slowly drifting off to sleep.


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