Forever // l.t

When Chloe is attacked by a pack of wolves, what will happen when she falls in love with one of them? Or maybe more than one?

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1. Prologue

Another noise outside is made and I look at my alarm clock. 2:33am. Who would be outside at this time of morning? I sit up on the edge of my bed and slip on some snow boots since it's snowing. I grab my jacket and walk down the stairs, unlocking and opening the door before walking out onto the porch.

The porch is covered with snow. I walk off of the porch and look around. Nothing. I walk to the edge of the woods that surround my house and look around, slowly walking into them. A growl? What the hell? I begin to turn around but as soon as I do, I land on the ground with a wolf landing on top of me, ripping my clothes off with its teeth.

I could scream, but no one would hear me, so I lay placidly. A pack of wolves now surround me, ripping off my clothes and biting me. I close my eyes as everything begins to blur before noticing a wolf with the most beautiful gold-brown eyes and golden fur attacking the wolf with the blue-green eyes and brown fur; the aplha I assume. I watch him as he attacks the alpha, gnawing and scratching. My eyes begin to get heavy and I fall into the black abyss, taking everything with me.

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