Forever // l.t

When Chloe is attacked by a pack of wolves, what will happen when she falls in love with one of them? Or maybe more than one?

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8. Important Author's Note

Hey guys, bad news. Movellas isn't letting me edit anything, so I have decided to move this story to Wattpad. I'm lucky to have been able to publish this author's note, since the site has been acting a bit weird lately today for me. I have done some massive edits with this story on Wattpad and hope you guys enjoy it as much as you do the story. It will say that there is only a prologue and one published chapter; I'm working on the second one right now. Chapter 1 consists of chapters 1-3 on here, and chapter 2 consists of chapters 4-6. I am still making changes to Chapter 2 and adding to it.

Here's the link if you fancy checking it out:

Also, if you guys like it so much, then I will continue to use Wattpad for this story instead of Movellas. Much love. x

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