Dumb Fanfiction Moments

Just doing some dumb fanfic moments. Please don't take these offensive! thank you!

Most of this is about one direction because most of those fanfics are crazy! Don't get mad or offended about these! This is suppose to be a laugh. HA! thanks! completed!


13. 276-305

276: "You taste so good." WHat the fuck I'm not a damn cheesecake.

277: "Don't make me stab you with my carrots." Louis protested. STOP!

278: "Kevin is our family pigeon."

279: when fanfictions have "just read it, you'll like it" in their descriptions. Um no. It's already terrible and i know that just because of this issue.

280: When  Justin greets you by "aye shawty" I swear the world is going to end from stupidity.

281: " I woke up in a tangled mess of limbs." Well you need medical attention.

282: "Oh I've never had a boyfriend. Not even my first kiss." Gets with the man and knows exacly how to turn him on, knows every key to a relationship, and is a goddess at kissing.

283: When Liam is always the innocent one who doesn't drink. YOU LYING FUCK! 

284: When the cover of the story has nothing to do with the actual story.. Why? Why would you do that?

285: When you just get into a good story and the author never updates. EVER! Well FUCK YOU!

286: The story ends with "And then I woke up."

287: The only sentence Zayn can say is "vas sappin"

288: "OH MY JELLYBEANS CHEESEBURGER!" Niall screamed as he cums inside you, he lay beside you. I JUST READ THIS IN A ONE SHOT FANFICTION! WHY??

289: When the girl is fine after a week of a death. I mean seriously.

290: When the author uses her own name and picture in their fanfic main character. Do you have a car? Oh.. Can you run me over 10 times?

291: The POV changed 20 times in the first chapter. I'm going to backflip into traffic!

292: Girl gets pregnant after a one night stand.

293: Author ends the whole story with a cliff hanger and DOESNT MAKE  A SEQUAL!

294: When the girl is really sweet, never swears and acts like an angel.. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO 

295: they either never use condoms or one poofs out of nowhere into their hands. "Hey! Let's have sex! The Gods just sent down a condom from heaven! See?" *Points to magical condom* Whispers, "It's a sign. Bend over bitch."

296: title has nothing to do with the story

297: My incredibly hot teacher wants to date me. OMG! Nothing can go wrong!

298: "He trusted into my core." It's a vagina.. Not an apple.

299: "But Harry.. I'm FOURTEEN now!"

300: "Baby, you're my drug." She aint looking like cocaine to me.

301: Lives in England and pays in dollars.

302: "He growled in my ear" Is he your boyfriend or some kind of wild boar?

303: *Calls a vagina a mound*

304: Girl fights with boyfriend. "Fine. Im'a buy me own houise."

305: "He breathed on my face." Harry: *Breaths heavily on your face* DOES MY BREATH SMELL GOOD?!?!


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