Dumb Fanfiction Moments

Just doing some dumb fanfic moments. Please don't take these offensive! thank you!

Most of this is about one direction because most of those fanfics are crazy! Don't get mad or offended about these! This is suppose to be a laugh. HA! thanks! completed!


6. 101-130

101: When a clit is referred to as a “fun button” um what?

102: "I wore [polyvore link] with a [polyvore link] and lastly with [polyvore link]" LIKE NO!

103: Chapter 1: I’m so fat and I’m insecure. No boy wants to date me.

Chapter 3: My boyfriend is Harry Styles and I’m a Victoria’s Secret model.          

104: dont you just hate how the main boy in a fanfic is like “Bitch i fucking hate i cheated on your fat ass” you the girl is like “Fuck you nigga i hate you” but then on the inside she is like “I love that cunt” then the next day the boy is like “baby i love you and all your little things” and she like “Kiss me” they have sex and get married…

105: I remember reading this fanfic where Harry got stabbed in the stomach and almost died meanwhile Louis got stabbed in heart but just got up and walked around around like one of his most vital organs wasn’t just punctured

106: when things start getting steamy but like slow steamy and youre like oh okay i can handle this i gotchu and then out of nowhere its like BAM jk go from sweet tender kisses to imma fuck you to next wednesday and everything is fast and weird and no.

107: when the author describes the main characters morning hygiene routine better than the actual story itself. I mean…

"I put on a slight coat of mascara from Maybeline cosmetics and some bright red 001 color of lipstick from Revlon… an den I walks dewn da streeet cerner and I met da luv of meh lyfe, Herreh."

108: can we talk about the fact that in fanfictions they always say “I unbuckled Harry’s pants, & they dropped to his ankles.”

bitch no. those spandex do not DROP to his ankles, you have to like peel those tights off of him. Unbuckling his pants simply lets him breathe again.

109: One of the 1D boys is an officer and “arrests you for speeding” and fucks you on the hood of his car saying “take it bitch” um what no.

110:why are all the characters in fanfics always only children?

111: my cousin was like “hey read this fanfic it’s really good” and i got to like chapter 3 and stopped because harry bought his best friend that he hadn’t seen in 2 years a brand new range rover and said “it’s either that or a mansion”

112: I just read a fanfic where she was pregnant with Liam’s baby, he raped her, but she married him anyway.

113: you meet him at a club and dance with him and he takes you back to his place and fucks you senseless and then you cuddle and wake up and he asks you to be his girlfriend and next thing you know you’re married with 2 kids 3 years later. bitch what.

114: reading a 1D fanfic

‘Are there carrots???’ begged Louis, his eyes wide. ‘Oh please oh please please.’

closes fanfic.*

115: Nerdy Niall who is super prude and shy but as soon as Y/N pulls down his pants he suddenly takes the reins and starts dirty talking and what where did that come from no

116:The guy is like “You don’t need makeup.” and throws it out. The girl thinks it’s cute. Like no That stuff’s expensive.

117: The girl is crying in a park at 3am and Justin Bieber casually walks up to her like “What’s wrong?”

118: you go on a date in The London eye and throw food at each other but when you walk out you still look like beyonce.

119: ur somewhere random and pass out and one of the boys just happen to be exactly where u r at tht exact moment.

120:   “our tongues fought for dominance as they circled round and round” sorry is your mouth a washing machine?

121:  when the author doesnt know how to give the girl freedom so they kill her parents in a car crash.

122: when your parents are okay with you moving in with your boyfriend when you’re only 15.

123: Zayn pulls out a mirror from his ass when they are in a life or death situation.

124: "but im a virgin" whispered the girl who is riding Liam's 10.2 inches without any sign of pain.

125: "He grabbed my breast." This aint no KFC bitch!

126: totally depressed meets a famous guy gets together totally happy break up overdose coma wake up make up sex married 127:

I moved to England on my own when I woz 15  yolo

I saw a bunch of boys bc I worked at nandos and they looked familiar but idk

I walked over n saw one of them in his stripy t shirt and red chinos

‘What would u lyk’ I sed

‘carrot pls’ he sed

sorry wot u ok’ I sed

‘carrots bitch say wot u want but u neva have ma ass’ he snapped his fingers in z formation n strutted out

‘cum bak’ said the boy with curly brown hair and green orbs that looked familiar ‘u got dat one thing’

no’ said the stripy boy and left nandos

I walked off and looked in the mirror I had a flat stomach and a thigh gap and blonde hair and blue eyes and my name was Hayley and Im soooooo fat n ugleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went bak to da the blonde Irishman in a red polo said ‘wot wuld u lyk’

‘everyfin’ he sed in his aksent

‘niall datz nt responsible’ sed baldy

‘soz daddy direction’ he sed

‘sokay just dnt tell directionators k’


I wolked owt wiv strabucks even tho its nandos and da homeless boi ordered nothing n spilt it on him oops

Sokay he sed

No soz I sed

I fink I luv u he sed

I luv u 2 I sed

Can I hav number he sed

Yh I sed

Im zen he sed

Im Hayley I sed

I went n got irish everyfin

Here I sed

fsanks princess’ he sed n ate it in 1 secund

I luv u princess he sed wiv a mouth ful of ……………………………….. chikken

I luv u 2 but I just told zen I luv him I sed

He dnt hav 2 kno princess he sed n I sterred in2 dos blue orbs

Im neil princess he sed

K I sed

I went 2 ma frend ma best friend chels hu also works nandos coincidence!!!!!!!!!1111

Chels I sed

Wot bitch she sed

Do I luf neil or zen

Do I luk lyk fooken cupid she sed

No I sed

I walked bak 2 da table

N tripped ova……………….. baldy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soz I sed

Its ok egghed  sed

I recognize him frum sumwere……………………………………………………

Hav I seen u around beb he sed

No I sed

Yh where do u liv he sed eetin soop wiv a fork …………..

London I sed

Omg meh 2 we r neybours dats how I no ya!!!!!!!!!!!! He sed in a british accent

Oh I sed

I luv u he sed

I luv u 2 but also zen n neil

Ma nems leemo he sed

Bye baldy I sed

Den I crashed intuh………………… curly

Omg I luv u he se dim gonna get u preg even tho age difference n we only met letz pretend its luv u r da 1 im harreh

Omg green orbs boy idk wot 2 sai I sed

It sounds stupid but I think im fallin for u luv u 5eva more dan 4eva he sed

Gd cos im fallin for u too I sed

Hehe he sed

Ur sweet I sed

Bye I sed

No boys ever liked me I thought

All dese bois luv me wot do I do o noes

Then stripy boy woked bak in wiv his carrots

Hi boobear sed zen

Hi sed boobear

Omgodz I luv u sed boobear

No I luv her sed zen

No I do sed neil

No I do sed harreh

No I do sed leemo

Ohmagawd wot do I do

Guys I hav it sorted

I have 4 perf best friends just lyk u

N ill get harreh k

So my 4 best friends got marred to de others

Harry came over

I woz in light makeup n messy bun

Harreh im preg

Oh no


Im goin home I still luv u our tounges battled for domincanse

I got a call from leemo



Hes in a car crash cum hospital’

I cryed

I went hospital

I give birth

Wow harreh u r better

We called the baby darcy of course!!!!!!!

Then we got married on a beach

Then we went and lived in a perfect mansion wiv catz

I fell in pool

Oh no

I lost memory

Whos that







Omg its u

I remember

All better now

128:When the main girl says, “I apply a light layer of makeup because I’m naturally beautiful.” Yet she’s so unpopular like, if you’re so unpopular it must be your bad personality cuz it sure ain’t your natural beauty…


Reading fanfics has given me unrealistic expectations on life. Like if I meet Niall and after knowing each other for one day and he doesn’t ask me to be his girlfriend, I’m gonna be so mad 

130: Girl has 6 inch high heels and has to get on her tippy toes to kiss Niall. Are you a dwarf?



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