I was Human Once ~FMA and Bleach crossover~

My name is Alphonse Elric, I'm 18 years old, and live in an abandoned old house with my brother, Edward and our best friend, and also our pet monkey, Lyra.
Kia, Edward, and me are all vampires.
Everyone is scared of us, our very presence sets of a fear that runs much deeper than any other emotion humans have.
That's why we live in this damn house.


2. Flash Back


It had been a particularly cold winter that year about a century ago, me and Ed had caught a very bad cold and were dying.
The illness had hit our village the worst and a lot of other people were dying that's when Kia appeared.
No-one knew where she had come from, all we knew was that we needed her but she only managed to save the people who weren't very ill, the others she tried to save as well but to no avail and they died.
Everyone started to get scared, wondering who was too far-gone and who wasn't, it turned out that almost half of the village was to far gone including me and my brother.
We were all very scared none of wanted to die, obviously, but that wasn't the only thing.
We were beginning to get scared of Kia, there was just something about her that made us scared, and one night I couldn't sleep because of a growing sense of dread that was starting to cover the whole village, which was coming from Kia, and there she was standing at the end of the tent that all of the dying villagers had been put in.
I heard Ed's breathing quicken beside me, and knew that he knew that Kia was standing just two rows away.
We were so terrified we couldn't move, the only thing that would move was our heads, and you would think that if you were scared of something you'd try and get as far away as possible but all we could was turn our heads and stare at her.
She looked different than the last time I'd saw her cause now her eyes were red when only yesterday they had been her normal colour of a greenish-blue, but that wasn't the only difference, again yesterday they were sad and kind but now they were sad still but also hungry, so very hungry.
She was now looking me right in my eyes and for a moment her eyes changed back to her normal colour but then went back to being red.
She started to walk towards me and Ed, she bent down beside him and I thought that maybe she wasn't going to hurt him ‘cause it looked like she was gonna kiss him, but then I saw that her mouth was on his neck and was almost sick when I realized what she was doing.
I started to cry I know it wasn't very manly of me but Ed was the only family I had and I was sure that he was going to die. 
Just as I started crying she looked up and I could see in her eyes (which were now her normal colour again) that she didn't want to hurt anyone she just couldn't help it and all of a sudden I felt sorry for her even though she did just bite my brother.
He was alive so that was fine.
More wrong I couldn't of been.
Suddenly Ed's hand went up and punched Kia in the face, she gasped, stumbled backwards and fell over the person that was lying on the mattress next to Ed, but I wasn't sure that it was still him cause his eye's had gone the same colour as Kia's had been only moments before.
Taking advantage of Kia's second of confusion Ed leapt at her landing on top of her, there was while when I considered running to get help or to just simply run, all of a sudden Kia gained the upper hand and managed to shove him off of her and he landed right beside me so that I was in between him and Kia.
Ed seemed to of noticed me for the fist time, the look on his face went from angry to confusion to a terrifying happiness, the look in his eyes was murderous, I had never seen him like this before, he looked even more terrifying than Kia when she had red eyes.
I was so scared I couldn't move. Again.
He came and sat down next to me, I could see Kia out of the corner of my eye and all of the colour that had been in her face just seconds before had vanished cause she'd just made a terrible mistake and she just realized as Ed lent down beside me and lifted me closer to him, I could feel his breath on my neck and then his teeth, I tensed, readying myself for the pain but it never came, what came instead was a something like a pinch, I was absolutely terrified, I could feel the blood being drawn out of me, which was probably one of the strangest feelings I have ever had in my life.
I could still see Kia out of the corner of my eye, she looked about as scared as I had felt.
When I finally found my voice, I could only whisper and the first thing I said was, ‘Help’ and that was all it took, the colour came back to Kia's face and with it a new determination.
She ran at Ed and knocked him off of me that did hurt, the pain was terrible and tears blurred my vision but I managed to see Kia and Ed rolling around on the floor, trying to bite each other’s necks, the sounds they were making were like something between a hiss of a cat and a growl of a wolf, Kia managed to take advantage of Ed not being ready for her and very soon her teeth were in his neck again whilst holding him down by lying on top of him, Ed was wreathing around underneath Kia, trying to shake her off but to know avail, he was starting to calm down now, that or he was dying.
No, Kia wasn't going to kill him, I new that now from the look in her eyes when she looked at me from just biting Ed the first time, when she finally pulled away from him, he had stopped moving, and his eyes were shut, Kia must of done something to make him go to sleep, all of a sudden I had felt an urge to go and bite her, so I leapt at her, and I got her, I bit down hard on the side of her neck and the blood started to flow into my mouth almost instantly, it tasted so good and it lessened the pain in my throat also, I didn't pay any heed to Kia as she scratched at my arms and face, suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder
I opened my eyes and looked up and found myself staring right into the eyes of my brother (who'd obviously woken up whilst I had been biting Kia).
‘Let go Al.’ Was all he says but it was all it took to bring me back to normal which was when I realized what I was doing.
I let go very quickly and backed away, readying myself for an attack but none came.
‘Well that didn't go as planned, damn it.’ Kia said. ‘Why do my plans never work?’ She said in a sarcastic tone, looking at me and Ed ‘I'm sorry about this but we should probably get going or else we might get caught.’
‘We?’ Ed says raising an eyebrow and pointing at himself and me. ‘Why should we come with you when you just bit me.’ He shot.
Kia rolled her eyes. 'Because you two are new borns now wether you like it or not.'
Ed groaned beside me. 'So does that mean we'll be stuck with you for the rest of our lives?' He didn't even try to hide the venom in his voice.
'I'm sure we'll be fine brother.' I said, smiling at him slightly.
'Ugh fine, but can we just stay here for a least one more day?' He said, he sounded young when he said this, younger than me and younger than when mon had died, I didn't like it.
 Kia looked from of us to the other, her gaze landing on me. 'D'you want to stay for a while?'
I glanced at Ed out of the corner of my eye to find him looking at me pleadingly. 'Yeah, I don't mind.' I said truthfully.
Kia narrowed her eyes at us both, but finally said. 'Fine, you can stay, but for one day only, we don't want to cause to much of a suspicion.'

~End of flashback~


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