I was Human Once ~FMA and Bleach crossover~

My name is Alphonse Elric, I'm 18 years old, and live in an abandoned old house with my brother, Edward and our best friend, and also our pet monkey, Lyra.
Kia, Edward, and me are all vampires.
Everyone is scared of us, our very presence sets of a fear that runs much deeper than any other emotion humans have.
That's why we live in this damn house.


1. Are We Monsters?

My name is Alphonse Elric, I'm 18 years old, and live in an abandoned old house with my brother, Edward and our best friend, and also our pet monkey, Lyra.
Kia, Edward, and me are all vampires.
Everyone is scared of us, our very presence sets of a fear that runs much deeper than any other emotion humans have. 
That's why we live in this damn house.
  One day we were all talking about what we were going to do about the slayers that were after us, when all of a sudden we heard someone walking up the driveway to the house, Kia told us to take up our positions, she hid by the stairs, me in a little dark room just off the lounge, and Edward in the room opposite me, we were all sure that it was one of the slayers and that they had found our den but as soon as whoever it was feet had touched the floor we all new that it was not a slayer and so we all relaxed one human didn't stand a chance against three hungry vampires, so feeling slightly guilty I sat down on the only piece of furniture there was in the room which was a small wooden chair, suddenly I noticed that the footsteps of who ever it was were coming up to my door it didn't really bother me. So when the door to my little room opened and a man came in I didn't even flinch.
I watched as he walked over to the opposite corner to which I was in and started to hopelessly pat about the floorboards apparently looking for something.
I guess that's one good thing about being a vampire. I thought to myself.
All of a sudden I realized that all the patting had stopped and that the man was now pulling something out of the hole where a floorboard had originally been.
I was intrigued, I could tell that whatever it was was important and I wanted to know why so I made the thing - which I could now see was a smallish black box - really heavy so that it fell off of the mans finger and into the hole, Lyra ran over and got it then scampered back to me with it.
The man put his hand back into the hole to try and get the box that was now in my hand, but of course it wasn't there.
I was starting to get bored now so I gave a polite little cough to let him know I was there and he froze his hand just halfway out of the hole, then he collapsed on the floor and didn't move for a little while, and when at last he finally managed to turn around and face me what small amount of colour that was still in his face left it.
He looked so pitiful I felt sorry for him.
‘Don't worry,’ I said ‘I won't hurt you.’ I say in a soothing tone and he visibly relaxes a bit, until Kia and Edward came in, but I could tell that I was missing something because their eyes had gone red, and then I understood, whilst I had been puzzling over the box I hadn't noticed the smell of blood, the man had cut himself on one of the floorboards and he was now bleeding.
I didn't have time to run, the ache in my throat had already started to work it's way around my body and was now starting to turn into outright pain, it felt like my insides were burning, and now the burning feeling was getting to my eyes and I new that they were going red, then as quickly as it started it stopped, but not completely there was still a slight ache in the pit of my stomach.
Parts of me liked being in this state I mean I can see so much clearer it's like all of my senses have had a massive upgrade I could see the muscles tensing in Ed and Kia's arms, feel my own body tensing to spring, could see the man cowering before us, he looked like a deer which had been cornered by a pack of hungry wolves.
Suddenly I wondered if he had a family.
But that thought was quickly put aside I couldn't afford to think like that we might not be able to hunt again for weeks.
Then we sprang, pinning him to the floor whilst we dug our fangs into his neck and arms.
It was all over in a matter of seconds.
Kia was the first to stop, being born a vampire she was a lot more used to the thirst for blood than we were, and after much threatening to rip us to pieces she finally began to bribe us, and it worked because she bribed us with the only thing that we could think about in that state. Blood.
Not just any blood though it was her blood and we couldn't resist it, as soon as we let go of the man she slapped us both around the face.
That brought us back to our senses.
‘Damn it Kia what are you doing? Are you trying to break my jaw or something.’ Growled Edward.
‘Well it was the only way to bring you two back to reality so I had to didn't I.’ Snapped Kia.
‘Yeah that maybe, but you didn't have to tempt us with the thought of having some of your blood and then smack in the face as soon as we look up.’ He shot back.
‘You don't think we killed him do you?’ I said finding my voice at last, while looking down at the man who only moments before had trying to grab for a box that was know longer there.
‘No, he's not dead. But from the look of the marks we left in him he's gonna be a bit out of it for a few days, and I have a bad feeling that when he finally does wakeup he's not gonna be human anymore.’ Says Kia sadly, none of us liked hurting people I've asked Kia about it before but she said that no vampire has ever lived without blood for longer than a year.
‘We should move him to a more stable place before he wakes up otherwise we will have to fight with him to get him back in or he might go haywire and attack some of the people in the town and then we'll be responsible for him, and I don't know about you guys but I don't want to get in to anymore trouble than we already are. It's a rule that you are only aloud to turn someone into a vampire if they are someone special to you and if they'll die if you don't in case you two can't remember.’ Said Kia giving us both a stern look, both me and Ed knew exactly what she was thinking and it had nothing to with the fact that we are all telepaths, but because were thinking of the same thing. 

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