Summer Love

In the summer of 2009 Karen got a job at a day camp that she went to from 5-14 y/o. Now that she's a junior in high school, she needed the money. It's your typical summer camp; kids running and screaming, some crying. But all that disappears when she meets the boy.. The curly haired one who she's met before, but who she knows nothing about.


8. Liam

I didn't mind this whole dish washing thing. I had my music on but it was still quiet at the same time, and it was rather peaceful. I thought about how my dad must be doing and of course I thought about Harry and I. I thought about our first kiss and chills ran down from my head to my toes. I laughed to myself as I heard the kitchen door squeak open.

I heard footsteps coming towards the back where I was. It's probably Joe. He probably heard my music and came to check who was back here. I heard the footsteps stop and I turned around to see Liam standing in the doorway. He shyly put his hands in his jean pockets and came over to the sink and stood next to me.

"Hey you." He smiled. "Hey!" He looked over and saw how many dishes I still had to do. "Um, Danielle sent me here to help you." Thank goodness. "Sweet! Thanks so much, you can tell I need the help." He laughed and pushed his sleeves up and started to rinse the dishes that I had already washed.

Liam and I talked for about an hour and I really enjoyed it. He didn't seem afraid to tell me anything and he was happy telling me, which I thought was great. He told me about living back in Wolverhampton, which is in England. He told me it was a  city that had a lot to do.

He said it was nice growing up with friends and his two sisters. He told me about them and told me about how his parents went through a bad divorce which resulted to him moving here, America, with his mom and his sisters.

When he talked about his parents, his tone of voice changed.

"They were so happy all the time. They always smiled around each other. There wasn't a time where one of them left the house and they didn't say I love you. The chemistry they shared was what everyone dreams of having with someone." He suddenly looked sad.

"Then one day, my mom woke up a little moody and told me that her and my dad were going to be busy so I needed a ride home from soccer practice. I just thought they were meeting up with friends or something.

I asked my mate Jason at school if he could give me a ride and he said sure thing. When I got a chance, I texted my mom to let her know I was all set." Liam shook his head, "she never replied." He looked up at me with sad eyes. "She always replied back to me. I knew something was going on." He looked back down at the sink.

"So I got home after practice and stepped into the house just as my dad was stepping out. He was holding his coat in one hand and a suit case in the other. He hugged me and said 'sorry kid, we'll talk very soon.'"

He looked back up at me. ,"Karen, it's been almost two years and I haven't heard anything from him, I've tried emailing him but he never answers. I've tried to ask my mum what happened but every time I ask, she gets upset so I still don't even know why they split." I took a towel and wiped my hands. I tossed the towel to the side and took Liam in for a hug. Poor Liam.

"I promise this will get better Liam. He's obviously missing out on watching you grow up into the young man you are and that's his loss. He has every reason to be more upset about this than you do." Liam's body relaxed I felt him burry his face between my neck and my shoulder. I held on tighter. "I don't even thinks he love me or even thinks about me anymore." Liam said in a hushed voice.

I backed away and put my hands on his shoulders. He looked surprised and I looked into his brown eyes "don't you dare say that Liam. He's your father, of course he loves you! He's just being very childish. He'll eventually come around." Liam looked down as his eyes welled up. He took me in for another hug and reburied his face into me.

I rubbed his back and hugged him tighter. He had a large arm span so his arms wrapped all the way around me. "Thank you." Liam whispered.

"Anytime time Liam, I'm here if you ever need to talk." Still hugging each other, he unburied his face and looked down at me. As his light brown eyes grabbed my attention and I stared into them. Then, we heard someone clearing their throat.

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