Summer Love

In the summer of 2009 Karen got a job at a day camp that she went to from 5-14 y/o. Now that she's a junior in high school, she needed the money. It's your typical summer camp; kids running and screaming, some crying. But all that disappears when she meets the boy.. The curly haired one who she's met before, but who she knows nothing about.


2. Introductions

As I went up the stairs the air got thinner and cooler. I reached the top and bumped into someone with my shoulder. "Woah sor-.." I looked up to see the cutest boy I have ever seen. He was wearing a light gray tee-shirt with khaki shorts and was holding a trash bag in his right hand. I looked up and saw that he had the most beautiful green eyes and his hair was thick with curls. He flashed me a smile and said "trash duty" and gave a shrug.

 I gave a smirk and said "sorry about that, I didn't even see you." I looked down and blushed. He let out a laugh. "Nah, it's fine. I didn't see you either, we're even."

 I looked back up at him and without thinking I said "I'm Karen" and I reached out my hand. Handshake? Really Karen? He looked at my hand surprised. He shrugged and let go of the trash bag. "I'm Harry." He grabbed my hand and gave a firm shake. My stomach turned when we touched.

"Karen, you alright up there?" Danielle's voice made me jump and I let go of Harrys hand. "I'll see you around then." He gave me another smile and went down the stairs.

 I threw my bag on a bed that looked free and went down the stairs. "Sorry about that" I said when I stopped and noticed the girls I saw earlier in the main building were talking with Danielle. They made eye contact with me but kept talking.

One was blond, skinny and had a pretty face. The other had black hair and was fit. She looked like the type of person who you wouldn't want to get on her bad side but she was very pretty.

Without turning around, Daniele took my wrist and pulled me in the conversation. "Girls, this is Karen. She used to be a camper and now she's part of our staff." She pointed to the blond first, "this is Ashlynn, Ash for short and Natasha, Tasha for short." I smiled and said hi. They smiled and replied with a hi.

 "Since you guys already ate, could you go to the shed and rake the beach? It would be a big help." Ash perked up said "sure thing!" She gave me smile and lead Tasha out of cabin.

I followed Danielle out of the cabin and started down the path which lead to the dining hall.

At this summer camp, the kids are given three meals with two snack breaks in-between. From what I remember, they had some good food even though it was a small camp and they didn't get a ton of funding. I walked through a side entrance which lead to the kitchen. I was childishly excited because I've always wanted to be back here but was never allowed. I could see and hear all the kids eating breakfast through the window where meals were served.

"Joe, this is Karen. Karen, this our cook Joe!" I looked to see a big guy in an apron with his hand out. "Nice to meet you Karen." He smiled and we shook hands. "You too." I smiled to be polite, when Danielle took my hand and lead me to a back room in the kitchen where I heard laughing.

We walked in and I saw two boys splashing water from the sink at each other. How many people am I going to meet today? I laughed a little while Danielle shook her head. She cleared her throat enough for them to freeze and turn around.

Harry was one of the boys. The other was a little taller than Harry, with short brown hair. He was wearing a flannel and khaki colored skinny jeans. His eyes instantly locked on me and I tried to act like I didn't notice. "Guys, this is Karen. Karen, this is Harry and Liam."

Liam quickly walked over and reached his hand out to me. He smiled, "nice to meet you Karen."  I smiled back and looked at his hand to shake it. It was dripping with water and covered in bubbles. I laughed shook his hand. I looked at Harry who had his arms crossed and was smirking. He nodded his head at me and I nodded back, returning with a small grin.

"Okay, now to meet some of the kids!" I turned around and heard Harry's voice "very smooth dude" I heard Liam's voice next. "What? I was just being nice." Harry laughed some more and it faded out as I walked into the dining area.

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