Letters To A Lover

A story of Romance between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. The two fall in love in their last year at Hogwarts but slowly drift apart. Fate seems to push them together time and time again but will they get fate's hint?


8. Why Not.

Hermione walked into the hospital to see the waiting room full of people. She walked to the desk and collected her clip board. One of the nurses behind the desk turned to her as she was passing and said.

"Oh Hermione, first patient in room 302" Hermione nodded and then went to the room 302. She walked in t find Draco Malfoy sat on a bed, his t shirt drenched in blood.

His face was pale and he was cringing in pain. The day after they last slept together Draco had gone away to Italy. He had told her it was to see Blaise however a week after he had left the papers had said that he was in Bulgaria, he had challenged the Bulgarians to a Quidditch play off.


Malfoy Gone Mental?

The St. Mungo's Healer has flown to Bulgaria; home of the teen heart throb Viktor Krum to challenge him to a game of Quidditch. Malfoy's team; Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Katie Bell, Fred and George Weasley and Oliver wood gate crashed the Bulgarian's practise session to announce their challenge. The game started on the 26th of July and went on to finish on the 30th a whopping four days after the kick off. Malfoy's team won by a land slide victory of 650 to 420. The Bulgarians were then sent into a fury and started a fight between the two teams. No one has seen them since the match.


"Jesus Malfoy! Everyone's been worried sick we thought you were all dead!"

"Ugh you're my healer again. Cant I have someone else. I'm not up to talking to you right now"

"What've I done"

"You're the reason for this" He said jerking his arm.

"What the hell! I never asked you to go to Bulgaria!"

"I know but he was asking for it!"

"So what happened we thought you were all dead."

"No, we survived. We came back home and have been staying at my flat."

"What happened to your arm?"

"Krum flew over and tried to make me apologise for hurting him"

"What! What did he do to you"

"I punched him so he punched me back."

"Why did you punch him"

"He called you 'the English girl" Draco said with evilness in his voice. Hermione sighed and looked at his arm

"Take you top off!" Hermione demanded.

"I am not taking my top off!" Draco said his voice raised.

"You either take your top off or I cut it off" Hermione said threatening him.

"You are not cutting through this its silk!"

"Then take it off!" Draco bent his head and muttered something.

"What?" Hermione asked him.

"I cant move my arm." Draco said not looking at her. Hermione smiled at him and his final defeat. "Can you help me?" He asked her. She nodded and careful un buttoned his shirt. She removed his good arm and then slowly peeled it off his hurt one. He sucked air in through his teeth in pain as she took it off. She began to dab at the wound with a bit of tissue and water. And then cleaned it with antiseptic dittany. he looked down at her as she worked, and smiled at her beauty. When she had finished she breathed out and looked at her work. She ran her hands over his perfect abs with her hands and shivered as he ran his arm round her neck pulling her head to meet his.

"Malfoy stop" She said breaking the kiss. They put their foreheads to each others and looked at each other

"Why?" he asked.

"Because we'll kiss, have sex then we don't talk for a month. I'm sick of it Draco"

"It doesn't have to be like that." he said smiling at her

"Yes it does. Your parents wouldn't ever agree to it"

"It's not my parents decision."

"Draco. Don't make this hard."

"Please Hermione. We can make this work" He kissed her again and she gave in.

That night they went home together once again and gave themselves to each other but this time it was different. And something in Hermione changed, something that would effect her and Draco's life. And that thing was that Hermione was pregnant.


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