Letters To A Lover

A story of Romance between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. The two fall in love in their last year at Hogwarts but slowly drift apart. Fate seems to push them together time and time again but will they get fate's hint?


5. The Room's Secrets

The next time Hermione saw Draco was on the train in the head students cabin, he didn't speak to her only nodded his head.

She felt upset, he had kissed her and suggested that they 'did it' why was he ignoring her. She snapped the book she was reading shut with so much force that Malfoy jumped.

She got up and stormed out of the cabin and didn't go back until she was sure he had gone. She waited for him to leave and then went back into the cabin to get her bag when she heard the door close behind her.

He turned around to see Draco stood there looking at her.

"What Malfoy?" she said as she lifted her trunk down from the over head cabin.

"I want to talk" he said crossing his arms.

"Well I don't, move please" Hermione said as she walked towards him, she tried to barge past him but he held her arm. She shivered at the touch.

"I'm sorry for what I said in the letter, I didn't mean to leave it, I was angry at myself" he said looking into her brown eyes

"For what sleeping with a mudblood?" He looked shocked that she had called herself that word then he cleared his throat.

"No, I was angry because I had moved to fast, I was only thinking about what I wanted. I didn't mean to leave it"

"But you did. And it happened no matter if I didn't want it or not"

"But you did want it didn't you?" he looked scared like she'd just accused him of rape.

"Yeah, now please move Malfoy" He did so quite obediently and she left.


When she had got the last carriage up to school she dumped her trunk and crookshanks and then went into the great hall.

All the way through the feast she was aware that she was being watched and looked up to see Malfoy sat staring, she went red and bent her head but he didn't stop looking at her.

After the feast she walked to her head quarters and went inside, she stood in awe at her own common room, it was like nothing she had seen before with a large domed roof with gold and silver stars painted on it.

The room was an oval shape with book cases lining most of the walls filled with her favourite novels. Two large blue sofas sat central in front of a fire that was roaring quietly.

She heard the portrait hole behind her open and heard Malfoy walk in. She turned to see him with the same expression she was sporting earlier.

She smirked and he looked at her like she wasn't allowed to speak and she frowned. Hermione turned around and walked down the corridor to where the bedrooms were.

There were 3 doors on one was a figure of a woman and on the other was a figure of a man, on the third door was an image of a toiled which she laughed at slightly.

She walked into the one with a figure of a woman on and again was overtaken by awe. A huge four poster bed was on the far wall with what looked like silk sheets and bed covers on. Her trunk and crookshanks had already been brought up to her room and crookshanks was already fast asleep on her large red rug.

The walls were red velvet with gold lining. It was huge; the room Hermione thought it was like a mini great hall. He heard Draco walk into his room and heard him gasp.

She expected it was too small for him she rolled her eyes and then started to change into her pyjamas, then she got into bed and fell asleep.

Hermione was woken up by the sound of footsteps, she sat up in bed and listened as she heard the portrait hole open.

She brushed off the thought and then went back to sleep. This kept happening for the next few days and it was until Saturday night when she decided to follow the footsteps, when she heard the footsteps she waited until the portrait hole had opened and closed and got out of her bed and crept through the common room.

She stepped out onto the corridor just in time to see Draco Malfoy walk around the edge of the corridor. she ran down bare footed and followed him until he came to the seventh floor corridor.

Hermione saw him close his eyes and walk back and forth, then a door appeared and he slipped inside. When the door disappeared she crept forward and thought about what she wanted in her head as she walked back and forth.

Then she heard the door materialise and she again slipped inside. she was taken aback by the vastness of the room. Piles upon piles of furniture stood dotted around the room.

She saw Draco disappear behind a large pile of furniture. She followed him and then came to a large circle of corridor like things leading through he heaps of furniture. She couldn't see Draco anywhere so risked it and went down one of the corridors.

Then she came to another opening and looked about at the various items when she felt arms snake around her stomach and pick her up she screamed and was immediately put down she turned around to see Malfoy smiling at her.

"Jesus Malfoy are you trying to give me a heart attack?" She shouted and he just looked at her.

"You were the one who followed me, that's a bit stalker material" Draco said still smiling

"Well I thought you were up to something so I decided to follow you"

"And am I up to something?" he asked her putting his hands on her hips

"Well I don't know are you?" she asked crossing her arms

"Yeah, but I needed you to follow me for it to work" he took his hands off of her hips and scratched his head

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I haven't been able to sleep since that night, then I felt stupid for saying that I didn't want to see you again and I haven't been able to stop thinking about you."

"So you made me follow you so you could tell me that?"

"No, I want to say I'm sorry" He said putting his hands on Hermione's hips and pulling her closer to his body.  "I was an idiot for it and I was wondering if you aren't too angry with me if you want I mean, we could do it again?" He finished.

Hermione looked up and him and saw that his face was very close to hers she got chills.

"I'm not angry just upset, I was confused at first and then I guess I was a bit angry at you"

"Well I'm sincerely sorry" Draco said closing the gap between their faces making their lips touch in the middle.

"What are we doing here when we have two beds back in our dormitory?"

"I never thought about that" He said smiling and Hermione laughed.

"Well why don't we go back there and finish this?" Hermione asked smiling suggestively

"Okay" When Hermione tried to lead him away he stopped her and his face turned serious.

"I'd like it if we could keep this secret please" She nodded and then the two went back to their dorm to finish off their rendezvous in secret.

They went to sleep that night in Draco's bed, with his arms wrapped around Hermione's shoulders, and didn't wake up until the morning.

Hermione woke up and looked about the room, she heard running water and realised it came from the bathroom where Draco was having a shower, she stretched and looked at the ceiling thinking of the previous night.

Then the shower stopped and Draco walked out, he looked at her and smiled then walked over to the bed and bent down to kiss the end of her nose.

When they were both dressed, Hermione left first for breakfast so it wouldn't be weird that they were leaving together.

During breakfast she looked over at the Slytherin table to see Draco staring at her once again, smiling secretively obviously thinking about the night before.

He winked at her and then turned back to his friends. Then a Hogwarts owl landed in front of her. It wasn't king which she noticed but a smaller bird she detached the letter and opened it to see the green writing she was so used to.



Meet me on the Astronomy tower tonight at 10pm

want to talk to you, don't eat too much at dinner.

See you in potions

Draco x


She looked up at the Slytherin table to see that Draco had left, then she folded the letter up and placed in her pocket for safe keeping. She wondered what Draco had planned for tonight. She couldn't wait to see him that night.


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