Letters To A Lover

A story of Romance between Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. The two fall in love in their last year at Hogwarts but slowly drift apart. Fate seems to push them together time and time again but will they get fate's hint?


4. Butterfly's

Hermione walked into her living room to see King sat on her coffee table. She went over and opened the letter.


As we didn't discuss much about our head student situation. I propose that you come round to my flat for a wonderful hand cooked dinner (A Chinese Takeaway) Tomorrow night. Wear anything. Trackie's, Pyjamas anything. You can pick the movie. Same address as last time. See you soon.



She looked up as her phone rang, she answered it was Ginny.

"Hey Mione, do you want to go out for dinner tomorrow?" She asked me.

"Gin I can't I'm going round to Draco's for a take a way"

"A Takeaway? Oh my, so things are getting serious?"

"Ginny please, we went to lunch now he asked me to go round for a takeaway it's nothing special."

"He kissed you didn't he?"


"Okay I'll stop. We can go out another day"

"Thanks, bye Gin, talk later" When she hung up the phone Hermione went to her room and began to flick through her new school books, it was only 5 days before she went back to school to redo her last year and she was so excited.

The next day Draco was walking about his flat making sure it was spotless for when Hermione arrived.

He ran the sweep up spell around all of his worktops in his kitchen, the floors, the bathroom, the bedrooms...just in case. The clock turned dead on 7pm when there was a knock at his door.

He checked his hair in the mirror (even though he was wearing trackies and a night shirt he still wanted his hair to look good. Which it did)

He then opened the door and greeted Hermione. She had simply put on a pair of leggings and a long baggy t shirt.

He admired her curves as she walked through the door and smiled to himself. He thought about what else the t shirt was hiding and then mentally cursed himself for thinking about Granger that way.

"Do you want a drink?" He asked her as he closed the door, he turned around to find that she had already sat down on the sofa.

"Yes, just some water please" He went to the tap and filled up a glass before handing it to her. She nervously took a sip.

"What movie did you bring?" He asked her

"I brought 3 so you could pick" He took the movies out of her hand and studied the boxes of each. The first was: Friends with Benefits, starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. He looked at the back and smiled.

He could tell Hermione would be into this type of movie, it said romantic comedy about two people who start having sleeping together with no strings attached.

The second was: Brave, the cartoon one about the princess who turns her mother into a bear. And the third was: Les Miserables, the one with Hugh Jackman where they sing everything they say...

'Let's have a little fun' Draco thought as he handed Hermione Brave and Les Miserables back. She looked at the two left and then looked up at draco who had put the movie into his dvd player.

During the film Draco kept stealing glances at Hermione. He realised that over the years she had become breathtakingly beautiful.

Her once bushy brown hair had tamed itself and hung it neat waves just below her elbows. Her body had developed curves which made her look more sophisticated.

She looked at him and caught him staring. He quickly snapped his head back at the TV and tried to ignore the fact that he had turned bright red. She smirked a little and also turned red.

The were sat on either ends of the sofa with their feet up facing each other, he looked back at her and noticed she had turned red too.

It got to a scene where Mila And Justin were 'in bed' when Draco sipped his drink and it went down the wrong way. Just his luck.

He began to cough and splutter, and choke himself to death. Hermione looked at him and began to giggle.

Then after he stopped coughing he tried to return to his cool manner but couldn't because Hermione was still laughing at him.

He began to laugh too and once they had started they found it hard to stop. Soon they had forgotten what they were laughing about and the film had finished. Draco had got up and sat on the floor, Hermione joined him.

"Want to watch another film?" She asked. Draco just shrugged.

Hermione looked at him and saw that his eyes flickered to her lips, then to her eyes and then back to her lips. She wasn't quite aware of what happened next but soon enough she realise she was kissing him and he was kissing her back.

He broke the kiss and stood up and then held out his hand for her. She took it and stood. He the silently took her down the corridor and stopped in front of his bedroom door.

He looked at her, silently asking her and she nodded. They then both went inside and didn't come out until the morning.


The said morning Hermione woke up on a soft large beautiful bed, she sleepily opened her eyes and remembered where she was. She looked around her and couldn't see Draco anywhere, she got up got dressed and went into the living room. She saw a note on the coffee table addressed to her.



Gone out. Couldn't sleep, wont be back before you wake up so see yourself out.



Hermione felt anger at Malfoy, she was confused. He kissed her, and now he was acting like he didn't want to see her. Without thinking it she apparated back to her flat.

"Well hello, nice for you to drop by" A voice said which made Hermione jump. Ginny was sat on Hermione's couch with a cup of tea in her hands. "And where have you been?"

"At Malfoy's, look I don't want to talk about it" Ginny raised an eyebrow and Hermione glared at her.

"Okay, I wont ask." Ginny said smiling

"I only came round to tell you that mum wants to know if you'll meet us at the burrow or at kings cross?" she continued

"King's cross, tomorrow." Hermione said talking fast

"Okay. She sends her love and Harry and Ron say hey. I'll see you then"

"Yeah" Hermione said as her best friend stood into her fireplace and was engulfed by green flames.


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