Marcel and his Twin Brother Harry

I am Liz Brighton. My best friend is Marcel Styles. I am sort of friends with his twin Harry. Marcel and I have been friend's since Pre-K. I am in love with Marcel, he doesn't know, and Harry has been hitting on me. I don't know what to do.


1. Pre-K first day

"Mummy. Do I have to go?" "Yes darling. Besides, you will make a lot of friends." My mum was dropping me off at school. "Now I have to go sweetie. Have a good first day!" I hugged her goodbye. I found my cubby, because my teacher Mrs. Twist told me which one it was. "Children! Please, take your seats!" We all scurried to our tdesks with our names. I sat next to a boy with glasses, and he smiled at me. "Hello. My name is Marcel." "I am Lizzy." "Would you like to be friends?" "Yeah!" We smiled at each other. "Children, since today is the first day, play time today! Now go ahead and play!" Marcel and I went over to the big box, and we opened it. "Clothes, we can play dressup!" Then, another boy came over. He pushed Marcel. "Harry!" "What Marcel?" "Lizzy and I were playing!" "How do you know each other?" "We are brothers. I don't like Harry. He's a meanie." "Lets go play something else Marcel!" We went over to the play house and played house. And I became best friends with Marcel Styles.

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