Marcel and his Twin Brother Harry

I am Liz Brighton. My best friend is Marcel Styles. I am sort of friends with his twin Harry. Marcel and I have been friend's since Pre-K. I am in love with Marcel, he doesn't know, and Harry has been hitting on me. I don't know what to do.


4. I Found You

Harry's POV

I pushed it too far this time. I seriously had to find Marcel. With his low tank, his car could shut down, and he will freeze. I drove all around London. I looked at the park, and then the coffee shop he likes. I couldnt find him at either place. I kept driving until I saw a red car, stopped at the side of the road. I saw the plate, and it was Marcel's car. I parked mine and I walked to his car. He was still crying, and he looked cold. 

"Marcel." "Dont talk to me." "Just listen. It wasn't Liz's fault. It was mine. She was frantic after you stormed out. I told her I was going to find you. I just called her and she was still crying. It's been over 2 hours. She wants you to come back." He sniffled, "S-She does?" "Yes of course! You're her best friend, and she really wants you back home." "A-Alright. I'll come back." I smiled at him and he got out and locked his car, for the tow to pick it up later. I turned on the heat in my car because it got colder. And we drove home.

Liz's POV

At 2, I heard a car door slam. I looked in the street. I saw Harry climb out of the driver's side, and saw Marcel come out the passenger. I smiled and I ran downstairs. He was in the door and I ran to him. "Marcel, you're back! I was so worried!" I grabbed onto him. He hugged me back. "Liz, Harry told me everything. I'm sorry I had done that to you." "I'm just glad you're back and safe." I still held on to the picture. "What's that?" "Oh, this was supposed to be your present." I gave it to him and he smiled. "That first day." I smiled and he looked up at me. He then set the frame on the table and held my hands in his. "Liz. I love you." He said straight to my face. "Are... You serious?" He smiled, "Yes." I smiled and said, "I love you too Marcel Styles." He leaned in close to me and I finished the gap between our faces. I could see Harry smile at us. I closed my eyes and I loved every second of our kiss. As we let go he said, "Lizzy Brighton, will you be my wonderful girlfriend?" I looked at him and giggled. I raised my palm to his cheek, and held his face, "Of course Marcel." and he leaned in and kissed me again.

We walked upstairs and I fell asleep in Marcel's arms.

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