Marcel and his Twin Brother Harry

I am Liz Brighton. My best friend is Marcel Styles. I am sort of friends with his twin Harry. Marcel and I have been friend's since Pre-K. I am in love with Marcel, he doesn't know, and Harry has been hitting on me. I don't know what to do.


5. Harry's Plan (This was the idea BradensGirl gave me)

The next morning I woke up warm and close to Marcel. He was still asleep. I gently got up trying not to wake him up. I stepped downstairs and saw Harry alone on the couch. "Morning Lizzy." "Morning Harry." I walked into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, and looked at the person in the mirror. I came out and Harry was standing there. "Liz, are you sure you love Marcel?" "Yes Harry. I love Marcel." "But are you sure?" "Yes harry. Stop asking me that." He looked at me with a smirk. Then he walked upstairs.


Marcel's POV

I woke up without Liz in bed, and Harry standing in the door. "What do you want Haz? And where is Lizzy?" "She's downstairs. But I need to ask you, do you absolutely love her?" "Harry. You better not be trying to take her from me. Last night could happen again, and next time I will take her with me. Now stop it." He walked back downstairs. I slumped down in my bed and looked at my clock. "9:38 am". I got up and heard Lizzy and Harry talking.


Lizzy's POV

Harry came back down. "You know what Marcel just told me?" "What did he say?" "He said he just did that so he could have a story to tell in school. He told me he doesn't love you at all." I stood there stunned. "N-n-no, no he didn't say that." I shook as I took it all in. "His exact words. I'm sorry Liz, it's the truth. I truly am sorry." I started to cry. Harry hugged me closely. "It's alright. everything will be fine." I packed my stuff while Marcel was upstairs in the bathroom. Their parents were at work, so nobody else was there besides the 3 of us. Then I looked up to Harry. He kissed me again. It was a warm and soulful kiss. "Be mine?" he said, I looked away and said nothing. As Marcel walked downstairs, I ran out and slammed the door and ran home. It was only 2 miles so I made it home, and as I could see, my parents were working too, so I was alone.

Marcel's POV

I walked downstairs, only to see Lizzy run out of my house crying and slamming my door. I ran down only to meet Harry at the door. "Harry! What did you do?!" "I did nothing." I slipped on my coat, and ran to my car. I turned the key, and hurried. Hopefully I could find her again.

Lizzy's POV

I walked into my room, and sneaked under my covers. And then I received a call. The ID said Marcel  . I didn't dare to answer. I cried in my pillow, alone, without anyone with me. "WHY DO I DESERVE THIS?!" I screamed. Then I heard a knock. I ignored it. Then I heard my door open. Footsteps came up my staircase. And then my door opened. "Elizabeth?" It was someone. I didn't dare to see who it was. Then someone lifted my covers off. Of course it was Marcel. "What do you want now? Do you want to make another story about how you and your girlfriend broke up cause all you wanted was publicity in school?" "Wh-wha-what are you talking about?" "Harry said you said you didn't love me and it was just a big hoax and you were making up this story just so you could be popular. And- I believed him, and he asked me to be his girlfriend. And he kissed me. Again." "Lizzy, why would I ever do that to you? I really love you." I smiled as a tear trickled down. He wiped it away, and kissed me. After he kissed me, he grabbed his phone out of his pocket. "Harry. What have you got to say?"



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