Marcel and his Twin Brother Harry

I am Liz Brighton. My best friend is Marcel Styles. I am sort of friends with his twin Harry. Marcel and I have been friend's since Pre-K. I am in love with Marcel, he doesn't know, and Harry has been hitting on me. I don't know what to do.


2. 15 years later on Marcel's Birthday

Liz's Pov

Today was Marcel and Harry's 19th birthday. I got Marcel a special gift. I found a picture frame that said "Best Friends Ever!!!" I put in a picture of us from Pre-K, and also got him a phone. And since it's also Harry's birthday, I got him some cologne he really wanted and some stuff from Ambercrombie. My mom was driving me to Marcel's house. When we got to the house, my mum asked, "Alright, so you have everything you need?" "Yes Mum. I have Marcel's presents, and I have my clothes." "See you tomorrow sweetheart!" "Bye Mum!" I shut my mums door and walked to the front door. I took a breath in, and knocked. Harry opened the door, "Hey Harry. Happy Birthday." "Thanks." I handed him the present, "For you." "Thanks Liz, come in." I walked in and closed the door. "Hello Liz!" "Hi Mrs. Styles!" I hugged her, "Oh Liz, you look so nice!" "Thank you. You look really pretty." "Thank you sweetie." "So where is Marcel?" "Oh, he'll be right back. He just went with his dad to get some stuff, you are welcome to take your stuff and put it in Marcel's room." "Okay thank you Mrs. Styles!" I went upsatirs. Marcel's door had game posters and other stuff. I opened it and set my stuff next to his bed. I walked otu and closed the door. I made my way down the stairs. Then I heard a car door shut. I asked Mrs. Styles if she could not tell Marcel I was here. I hid in a closet, and waited. "Hello Mum!" "Hey sweetie." "Where's Liz?" "She couldn't come. I'm sorry honey." "Oh. Okay." He was right in front of the closet, so I opened the door, and snuck up on him. "BOO!" He screamed. "Lizzy!" "Hey Marcel." We hugged each other. "Happy Birthday!" We let go, "Thanks, and oh my gosh. You look beautiful." "All I did is buy a new dress, heels and I forgot my makeup." "Thats whats different. You look better without it." "Thanks Marcel. You look handsome." "Thank you Lizzy." I looked in the corner of my eye, and saw Harry staring. I just walked into the living room to talk with Marcel. "So what did you and your dad do already?" "Just went to the mall to get myself some new stuff." "Can I see?" "Sure, just give me a minute." "Kay." He grabbed a bag and went into his room and came back a few minutes later. 

"Wow Marcel! You took your glasses off and let your hair loose!" "Yeah..." "Stole my style!" Harry shouted. "Shut up Harry. Besides, you don't even look like it anymore." Marcel laughed. "It's alright Liz, he chose to be Mr. Badboy." I smiled and Marcel, and he popped in a movie. "Which movie is it?" I asked. "Princess Bride." "OOOOOOO! My favorite!" He jumped next to me on the couch. After the movie, I went to the bathroom and after, we then had dinner.

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