A Little More Death

"All I wanted was a little more death."
For everything we do, there is a parallel world created so that the actions that we don't do, still happen. That doesn't mean that our lives can go down any path they want. When 15 year old Casey's life goes down a different path, she has to be erased. Unless she dies.


1. Chapter 1

It's a funny feeling, dying. Drowning to be specific. Every part of your body shuts off one part at a time, until you're gone. Using much the same process that computers must do when they shut down. I always thought that it was strange how we thought that we were so superior to computers because, if you think about it, if shutting down is the same as dying, then computers can literally come back to life. I suppose that you could say that shutting down isn't computer death and they only die when they completely stop working, turn off and don't turn back on again. But even in that case, they have spent their whole lives storing all the information that we can't store in our own heads and maybe having the occasional drink spilt on them. OK, so maybe we are superior to computers in a lot of ways, I suppose I'm just bitter because I've always thought that we, as a people, should have concentrated more on our own development instead of creating something that, instead of furthering the discovery of the human race, has now been mostly used for teenagers to further their understanding of what happens when a computer animated bird crashes into a computer animated pig. The answer, something unrealistic.

Or maybe I'm just thinking this now because if the scientists and neuroscientists and philosophers had maybe thought a little bit more about our own lives, and deaths, and thought a little bit less about furthering technology, then maybe they would have discovered how to prevent what is happening to me right now, which, by the way, is not just dying. I envy dying people. It's just so simple, and natural, and sympathetic. Because, you see, if you simply die, your family, and friends and everyone one that you touched with your life still has you, still has the differences that you made, still has the memories that you created together, and they need that because otherwise, when you die, your not just taking yourself away, your taking part of their lives away too and they just don't quite... make sense.   

But then, this whole situation doesn't make sense. Even though I'm blaming all of the scientists, I don't actually have anything to blame them for because they did the math and worked out the science, its all there, in writing, this can't happen. It's just not possible, according to our understanding of the universe anyway, which I always thought was quite comprehensive. I mean, we know how the universe started, and just about everything since. You've probably guessed by now that I'm not a scientific person so when I say 'we' I'm talking about we as humans. But anyway, if everything we know is scientific fact and there is no possible way that it could be wrong, and we have been basing discovery on top of discovery, on top of discovery from the very first living thing on this planet, then we have basically been weaving a bigger and bigger lie for our selves. Because it is wrong, all of it. Completely wrong.   


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