On the Other Side

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  • Published: 20 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 25 Aug 2013
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Life is life, nothing more. That's all there is to it inside the Box. It runs like clockwork, everything perfected. No wars, no pain, no dirt, no unhappiness, but that leaves you with no love, without dreams, without free will. There is nothing outside the Box, and everyone knows that, knows that there simply can't be more than there is. The Gems (the rulers) keep everything in order, and it is everyone's sole goal to become one. Saoirse Rose has her eye on Head Gem, and it seems likely, with her spotless record and her father being the current Head Gem.
But might there be more than this?
Shortlisted in the Might there be more than this comp. :) :) :) Please comment and tell me what you think.


3. Chapter Two

  My heart quickens, as I stare intently at the picture. It's impossible, every leaf in the Box is green, without a single crinkle or crease. I almost jump out of my skin, as the door opens. I hurry outside, and into my house, where I run upstairs, and lock myself into my bedroom. I jump onto my bed, and turn the folder upside down, letting Ciarán's profile fall onto my duvet. I snatch the sheet labeled Basic Information, and get more and more curious as I read.

NAME: Ciarán Insurgo

AGE: 15

ADDRESS: Box, sector M, Street 50

BORN: Unknown


EDUCATION: Home-schooled


HOBBIES: Unknown


  I stop reading after that. The word unknown is appearing far too much for my liking. I know I am not going to find out anything else about the mysterious Ciarán Insurgo from the information I have been given. I decide that I will attempt to find him myself. I live in sector A+, the capital, and sector M isn't that far away. Sector M, is average at everything. It's not particularly bad, nor is it particularly good. It's about an hours walk, and if I sneak out no one will even notice my absence, especially since no one is home yet, apart from me. I must be back before eleven however, as that is when the beacon is switched off, and the Box is plunged into darkness. I ponder over the brown leaf, and am satisfied with my final guess. This leaf must be a genetically altered leaf, which explains everything. He must be some sort of lab rat, which is the reason for the lack of information. That must be it, as there is no other realistic answer.

  I decide to change before leaving, just in case they decide to switch the cooler on. I let my hair down, and it falls past my shoulders in waves. I change into tight black jeans, a black top, knee-high leather boots, and a leather jacket. I leave my room, easing the door shut behind me. I am feeling quite excited as I clamber down the stairs, and straight out the front door, with not a trace of guilt lingering on my conscious.

  I know my way around the Box at this stage, after fifteen years living here, but instead of taking the roads, and risk being spotted, I decide to take a trek through the farmlands. The farmlands used to scare me as a young girl, a vast, seemingly never-ending space, full of nothing but green grass, and growing food, ripened by the artificial spray that makes them grow, leaving them with a sour taste that never leaves your mouth. There is also the animals, all moving in perfect sync, in perfect coordination. That's what used to scare me, the fact that they were all the same. But I have outgrown that stupid fear, and know that things being the same is the sole reason for our survival.

  I reach the beginning of the farmlands, and step onto the bright green grass, every blade exactly one inch. I walk for what seems like hours, before I can even see the first signs of civilization. My pace quickens as the sector comes into sight. Sector L, which means that sector M isn't very far. I break into a jog, as I pass sector L. As the city fades into the distance, I return to walking. Sector M is further than I thought. I think about turning back, but a speck of white light up ahead catches my eye. I run towards it, positive that this is my destination. I reach sector M before I reach the speck of light, which should surprise me, but I turn a blind eye to it. I feel much more comfortable when I am surrounded by tall buildings, and a crowd of bustling people, all late for something or another. The crowd thickens, as I go from street to street, searching for street 50. Once I reach street 43, I keep my eyes peeled for my destination. Unfortunately, I was looking to the left, and street 50 is on the right, so I passed right by it. Realizing my mistake, I turn on my heels and amble down the correct street, not quite sure what to look for.

  Every house is the same; Two-storey stone houses, with small neat gardens, and white picket fences. It will be impossible to tell which one is Ciarán's. I feel a wave of disappointment gushing through me, and I am about to give up, when a figure disappearing into the shadows catches my eye. I whip my head around, and catch a glimpse of a boy that I know must be Ciarán. I follow him curiously out into the forest in the farmlands. The speck of white light I noticed earlier comes into view, and that seems to be where Ciarán is headed. I am surprised he hasn't noticed my presence yet, as he seems quite jumpy, and continuously pauses, as if he knows I am following him. He never sees me though, hiding behind the trees and shrubs whenever he turns his head.

  My heart pounds harder with each step, and I am convinced it is going to explode right through my chest. Adrenaline is pumping through my veins, as I near the light. I pause, crouching down to take a good look at Ciarán. He is quickening his pace the closer he gets to the white light. And then suddenly, he disappears.

  I gasp in astonishment, not believing what I just saw. I jump up, and sprint towards the light, attempting to find a way to prove my eyes wrong. I stop, resting and bend over, desperate to get my breathing back to normal. I continue again, and stop mere meters in front of the shining white light. Except it's not a light, it's a hole. A hole in the Box. A door.

  Impossible. My eyes have to be playing tricks on me. But they're not, I can see the hole clear as day. But there must be some mistake, there is no outside of the Box. There is nothing beyond those bricks. There isn't even air, or light, or darkness. Or so I thought. Suddenly it dawns on me. If the Box is made of bricks, then someone must have built it.

  I can see clearly now, as if the artificial clouds of lies have parted, and through them, shines the real sun, showering everything in sparkling rays of truth. Suddenly, my legs give way, and I find myself on the ground, with tears in my eyes. Everything I have ever believed in is beginning to fall apart, leaving me feeling lost and alone. There is more than this. More out there somewhere, just waiting to be discovered, and all these years we have been stripped of the truth.

  I gaze through the hole, and see clouds, real ones, in the bright blue sky. A color that can't be matched, no matter how great technology seems. And then there is the beacon, the real beacon, not just a ponderous light bulb. This beacon is made of the most beautiful light I have ever seen. There is long grass, waving around in the breeze, and trees that grow wherever they like, whispering words of wisdom that I cannot possibly fathom. 

  I stand up, and shuffle closer to the hole, but it doesn't seem like a hole anymore, it's an open door, leading to freedom. A freedom so great, I feel it in every fiber of my being. I look behind me, at what once could have been called my home, but after feasting my eyes on what lies beyond the Box, it can be called my home no more. I stretch out my hand, to make sure that this isn't a picture, but as I expected, it isn't. The possibilities out there are endless, because if I have just found the impossible, there must be more out there somewhere, just beyond my grasp. All I need to do is reach out.

  I hold my breath, and raise my foot. I think of all the things I am about to leave behind. My family, my future job and my entire life. But right now, I don't care, because compared to what is out there, what I will leave behind, is nothing. Nothing at all. I lower my foot, and step onto the other side.

  The cool breeze hits my face, and the rays of light warm my heart and soul. A butterfly's wing brushes my cheek, and I feel overwhelmed with joy. I have never felt more alive than I do right now, standing outside the Box. From behind a tree, steps a young girl. A young girl in white dress. Seeing me she gasps, panic clear in her eyes. She turns and runs into the forest.

  But this time I won't let her slip away.




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