One Direction's opening act!

Lissy is an awesome performer and a youtuber, she makes youtube videos of her singing and is pretty popular on YouTube! Will one call from Simon Cowell change everything? She goes on tour with One Direction as their opening act. Niall Horan and Harry Styles started to like Lissy. Some bad language involved and some mature content!


17. Simon and truth or dare!

Lissy's pov

I was once again in front of thousands of fan girls.

"bye guys you have been such an amazing audience tonight" I yelled.

I ran back backstage and hugged all the boys and girls, after I hugged them I ran back in my dressing room.

The girls probably noticed that I was in a hurry and ran behind me.

"Lis are you okay?" Erin asked once we all got in my dressing room.

"ugh I'm fine, I hate the makeup on my face, it's so fucking annoying' I told them and tried removing the makeup of off my face.

After I removed all of the makeup of my face, we went out and watched the boys perform backstage.

They were awesome of course.

After the concert, I got a call from Simon saying that me and Harry need to be driven to his office tomorrow morning by 9 am.

Of course I said okay I mean it was Simon Cowell.

"Harry, Simon wants us to meet him at his office tomorrow morning at 9 am" I told Harry while we were in bed.

"okay" he mumbled.

He kissed me and we said our goodnights and went to sleep.


The next morning I woke up and it was already 8:30 am, we had a meeting with Simon at 9.

I quickly shook Harry a wake.

"harry get your fat ass up, we have a meeting in thirty minutes" I yelled in his ear making him bolt up.

"okay, okay, i'm awake" he said and started looking for clothes in his suitcase which I also did.

In twenty minutes we were done.

We both ran to Paul's room and told him to drive us to Simon's office since we didn't know where it is.

We were about five minutes late when we arrived, we quickly ran to the receptionist and asked her where Simon's office is.

We once again ran to Simon's office, I knocked on the door.

"come in!" I heard simon say.

We both got in his office when he saw us he told us to sit down.

"so Harry rumor has been going around that your fating Lissy?" Simon asked Harry, what is this about us dating?

"yes uncle Si, I am dating Lissy" harry answered, god his morning voice is so sexy. NO lissy focus.

"how long has this been going on?" Simon asked us, but staring directly at Harry.

"about a week" Harry answered, his voice is so raspy and god no focus.

"well Harry and Lissy" he said motioning at me.

"I am sorry to say this, but you are not aloud to date!" Simon told us.

I gasped and my jaw dropped to the floor. What?

"uh.. excuse me?" I asked hoping I heard him wrong.

"what do you mean, we can't date?" Harry asked slightly panicking as was I.

"Harry your reputation is not good for Lissy's career, she a newbie and dating Harry Styles the teenage heartthrob won't make her get more fans" Simon answered.

This is ridiculous, I can date who ever I want.

"but uncle Si-" Harry started, but got cut off by Simon.

"no buts Harry, Lissy has an amazing voice, but we have to get her an amazing reputation" Simon explained once more.

I sighed, I didn't say anything after all this is about me, Simon is just trying to help me, though I really like Harry.

"what if we don't shop it to the public?" Harry asked Simon.

"you can get caught and I don't want to show you the consequences" Simon told us.

I don't even know what to do anymore.

"so to let the public know you two aren't dating anymore, I have assigned you new dates" Simon told us.

Assigned? Is it school or something like a project, I am pretty annoyed right now, but I couldn't complain it is about me after all.

But all I could think about is Harry dating someone that isn't me.

I get jealous very easily and I mean very easily.

"but what about the room assignments?" I asked Simon.

"well you will change with Niall so you will be rooming with Erin" he told us.

Great! You can feel the sarcasm.

"Well Lissy you will be dating Josh Hutcherson, I'm sure you know who he is" Simon told us and Josh Hutcherson came in, I literally fangirled.

I nodded grinning totally forgetting about the situation that I'm in until Harry poked my foot with his.

"so who will I be dating?" Harry asked eagerly, what?

Harry cannot be eager to meet his 'new girlfriend'.

"you may know the model Barbara pelvin right?" Simon asked us, no this cannot be happening.

Barbara Palvin is gorgeous, I don't think I can handle him 'dating' her, I will get super jealous and I know it.

And in came Barbara Palvin.

"these two are going to be your dates for a while until the heat dies down" Simon told us.

"They will not be on tour with you guys, they will also be going with us to La." Simon told us and we all nodded.

"well you four are dismissed" Simon said and we all left his office hand in hand with our 'dates'.

I looked over at Harry and he was doing the same, I gave him a weak smile.

It was a silent drive back to the hotel which never happens, I think Barbara likes Harry, but if that bitch is going to make a move on my man, she is going to get it.

Told you I get jealous easily.

When we got back to the hotel, all four of us went to Louis's room immediately.

I knocked on the door and Eleanor opened it.

She looked at us suspiciously and our intertwined hands with different people than raised her eyebrow at me.

"come in" she whispered until I tried to go in and she stopped me.

"what the fuck is going on?" she yelped out.

"long story short, Simon made us date other people for the sakes of my career" I told her.

"you will tell me the rest later" she whispered and let me in.

Once we both got in, they were all staring at us well I think mostly me.

"hi" I waved, this is the most awkward moment I have ever been in.

"do you want to explain something?" Niall asked me.

I thought about it for a minute.

"not really" I told them and sat down next to Josh since Barbara was sitting next to my man.

"so what have you guys been up to?" I asked trying to cheer up the mood, they are being boring ever since we came in.

"well we were playing truth or dare want to join?" Liam asked.

We all decided to join them and I took a seat next to Josh, you know since we are 'dating'.

I hate that we have to do this.

"so what do you like most of America?" Josh asked me trying to make a conversation, but it just made it worse.

I fake smiled.

"well it's really pretty" I told him still fake smiling.

"Danielle truth or dare?" Louis asked.

"dare" she answered, this is going to be good.

Louis makes the best dares.

"run around knocking doors in the hallway half naked singing milkshake" Louis dared smiling evilly.

I just laughed and Danielle did it, it was so funny.

After all the laughing, we all finally calmed down.

"Harry truth or dare?" Danielle asked him.

I knew It would be a question or something about us.

"kiss the prettiest girl In the room" Danielle dared him and finally I get a kiss from- wait what?

He got up and kissed Barbara that bitch, I think I'm going to cry.

I got up and excused myself to my room with tears brimming in my eyes, how could he?

Danielle's pov

After Lissy left, we all stared at Harry.

Lissy was like a little sister to everyone, especially Louis, me and Eleanor.

"harry are you out of your mind?" I yelled at him.

When I asked him that I knew Lissy wasn't feeling well and I was almost positive that he was going to kiss Lissy who am I kidding I was positive.

"harry how could you?" Louis yelled.

"just because simon told you, you have to date this chick doesn't mean Lissy doesn't like you anymore?" Eleanor yelled and Harry looked at her eyes widen.

"how did you know Simon put this up?" Harry asked her.

"oh come on, were not stupid" Zayn yelled.

"Harry you are being the most arrogant jerk ever" Liam yelled at him.

"do you know what this does to her self esteem?" Erin yelled.

"yes and you go kiss a model, perfect" Niall sarcastically said.

"look I panicked okay?" Harry yelled making us all stare at him.

Barbara and Josh just sit there awkwardly.

"not okay your going to apologize to my little sister" Louis yelled making us look at him.

"yeah even though were not related she is still my little sister!" he yelled once again.

Harry walked out of the room, he was staring at the floor in shame I know.

"I'm sorry guys" he whispered and walked to the direction of Lissy's room

Yeah he better apologize.

Lissy's pov

I sobbed on my pillow as I thought about everything that has been going on, I knew since I was 16 that boys were all the same.

I am never falling for anything or anyone ever again.

I have learned my lesson once and I can't believe I made the same mistake again.

I can't believe I let Harry lie to me that he really cared.

I mostly cannot believe how I told him everything!

Than I heard a knock on my door.








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