One Direction's opening act!

Lissy is an awesome performer and a youtuber, she makes youtube videos of her singing and is pretty popular on YouTube! Will one call from Simon Cowell change everything? She goes on tour with One Direction as their opening act. Niall Horan and Harry Styles started to like Lissy. Some bad language involved and some mature content!


9. Performing and some action

Chapter 8- Performing

Lissy's pov

"ladies and gentleman Lissy Jones" someone said and I walked out on stage where thousands of eyes were staring at me.

"hi guys" I said nervously as some of them said and hi and some of them stayed silent.

"I'm going to sing Mirrors by Justin Timberlake" I said and started singing.

Once I started the crowd starting going wild.

I was failing to make my voice sound stronger.

Step out of your comfort zones kept replaying in my head as I started to sing higher and louder.

After four songs I was told to say goodbye.

"well guys that was it thank you for being an incredible audience" I told them and left the stage while waving my hand.

Backstage the boys and girls were waiting for.

I immediately hugged the girls and boys and literally jumped on Harry.

"thank you thank you" I yelled into his ear.

"wow with what? and no problem" he said kissing my cheek.

Niall was staring at me.

"that thing about comfortable zones thing?" I told him, but it sounded more as a question.

"you did really great" Niall smiled.

"thanks" I said and hugged him.

"okay your turn" I said and hugged the boys.

Eleanor and Danielle followed me to my dressing room, but Sierra went somewhere else.

"okay spill" Eleanor said as I tried to take a ton of make up of off my face.

"spill what?" I asked them confused what the hell?

"what is it between you and Harry and what is the tension between you and Niall?" Danielle asked.

"what are you talking about?" I asked them.

"look it's obvious Harry likes you and you kind of likes him back and it's noticeable that Niall is jealous" Danielle explained.

"yeah and you and Harry are acting like a small couple and doing small couple stuff!" Eleanor said.

Me and Danielle turned to her with a confused look.

"I think she meant, you guys are cuddling, you sleep on his chest, you hide behind him in scary movies, he kissed you cheek after your show" Danielle said.

"so..? Your point being?" I asked, I knew we were acting like a couple, but I can't help it, it feels so right?

"our point is Harry and Niall likes you" Eleanor and Danielle yelled at the same time.

"yeah right, Niall has a girlfriend and Harry can like anybody in this world, he doesn't like me" I told them and removed the mascara of my eyelashes which obviously stained my eyes.

I tried to get them off, but I couldn't

"look we are just telling you that Harry likes you a lot trust me" Eleanor said and winked at me.

After the show, they were exhausted. I hugged each of them and said that they did an amazing job.

After I hugged Harry he looked at me.

"what happened?" he asked as I looked at him confused.

"nothing" I told him.

"were you crying?" he asked me once again, what?

"nooo?" I said more as a question.

"but your mascara...." he started, but I cut him off.

"oh I tried to take it off, not my best work" I told him and smiled.

"oh thank god" he said relieved and smiled back.

"anyways....... not trying to break your little love fest, but how about a movie night?" Louis said.

"sure" I told him and everyone agreed, I could go for some movies.

We went to the hotel which was reserved.

Paul reserved a floor for us and we could have any room we want so.

After I took a long shower and put on my pajamas I walked to Louis's room.

We called room service and this party is just getting started.

During the movie Harry sneakily put his arms around me as I moved closer to him.

Thank god the room was pitch black because I am blushing like a tomato.

I didn't have the guts to look at him in the eye.

After a while I finally turned my head around just to see him staring at me.

We stare at each other for a while until my lips met his. Our lips moved in sync as the light switched on, but neither of us noticed.

I put my arms around his neck to pull him closer as his arms draped around my waist.

"I can't take this anymore" I heard an Irish accent say, a couple of seconds later I heard the door slam.

"okay break it up way to much PDA" Louis said pulled our hands of off each other.

We both blushed crazy hard because everyone was staring at us.

"um... someone Sierra go talk to Niall" Liam said.

"whatever" Sierra said and exited the room.

"well i'm going to my room" I told them and ran to my room.

Most embarrassing moment ever.

I sighed and decided to go to sleep.

In the middle of the night someone knocked on my door.

I'm going to strangle him or her.

Why does everyone have a habit of waking people up.

I opened the door to see a very angry Sierra.

"this is all your fault you bitch" she yelled.

I looked at her very sleepily.

"what?" I asked confused, she is very confusing.

"you are the reason this is happening" she yelled spitting in my face once again.

"what?" I said once again.

"why are you doing this?" she spitted once again.

"less spitting more talking" I told her wiping he spit of my face.

She than did something I didn't expect her to do.

She slapped me and her nails are fucking sharp.

I gasped as her hand came in contact with my cheek.

"what did I do" I managed to squeak out, it hurt like hell.

"you stole my Niall from me" she yelled.

"what?" I asked once again.

"yeah you son of a bitch" she yelled stomping her foot on mine.

By now everyone heard yelling and came out to see what's happening and they were shocked because I have a blue mark on my cheek and I still look confused.

"what did I do!" I yelled slowly once again.

"you stole my Niall you son of a bitch" she yelled once again.

This is so confusing like what the hell?

"what?" I asked once again earning a slap from her.

"okay you completely mental bitch, I have no fucking idea what your talking about so why don't you go back where you came from, your mothers vagina" I yelled at her.

"you will regret this once day" she yelled and stomped away in the lift.

What the hell just happened.

"Lis are you okay?" they asked me.

"I'm fine" I told them and Niall just walked off.

I guess i'm going to have to talk to Niall, how much more can happen in one night? You will never guess.


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