One Direction's opening act!

Lissy is an awesome performer and a youtuber, she makes youtube videos of her singing and is pretty popular on YouTube! Will one call from Simon Cowell change everything? She goes on tour with One Direction as their opening act. Niall Horan and Harry Styles started to like Lissy. Some bad language involved and some mature content!


2. a horrible friend

Lissy's pov

At dinner tonight I told my dad and mom all about the call at the local market and they are excited for me as well.

The next day I woke up with a great mood and checked my phone, I had a text from a friend of mine called Cindy.

To : lissy

Lissy remember to come at 6 tonight, everything has got to be perfect.

I got confused what is she talking about?

From : Lissy

what the hell are you talking about cindy?

To : Lissy

Carly's surprise birthday party, you do remember right?

I gasped I forgot her birthday is today my best friends surprise birthday party.

I also have the meeting tonight.

From : lissy

you guys are going to have to do it with out me sorry Cindy!

I'm feeling like such a terrible person right now, I can't believe I'm going to miss her party

To : Lissy

what? why? she will be really upset remember last time you weren't here?

Last time I didn't go to her birthday party cause I was in Florida for a visit she didn't talk to me for weeks.

From : Lissy

please explain that I've got a meeting with simon cowell i have to go now!

I am such a horrible friend.



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