The Report

Social Experiment No. 65: the last attempt by scientists to unravel the limits of the human mind in the age of freedom and the ever expanding universe. Since birth, Eliza Stuart was locked into the four walls of her own fabricated home with only her mother for company. As far as Eliza knows, that is the universe.
'The Report' is small selection of daily reports which have been gathered and collated as the last surviving documents in the experiment, and these slowly reveal Eliza's life, the lies she is fed, and how ultimately, you can never shut off one human mind from the universe. For the Might there be more than this? competition. 3892 words. Cover VERY kindly made for me by Luke J.R :)


8. March 12 2014



The subject of the most famous social experiment of all time, Eliza Stuart, has escaped from the confines of the Kestrel Studios in London, just hours after a large protest about the experiment hit the streets. Eliza was smuggled out in the early hours of Tuesday morning by one of the experiment’s own employees.


Cameras from within the studio showed that at 01:16 on the 12th March, Eliza, led by an unnamed suspect, entering the bedroom of this occupant, in which a hidden door to the studio lay for access, unknown to Eliza. It was here that she was blindfolded and taken out and into the mysteriously empty studio. Security footage later showed a plain van being driven away from the site of the Kestrel Studios by a man fitting the descriptions of the suspect, whose identity will shortly be released by the police.


Social Experiment No. 65 has been running since 1997, the last surviving experiment run by notorious sociologist, Max Worth CBE. As part of the experiment, the subject was confined within the four walls of a fabricated house as a baby. Therein Eliza Stuart grew up in a universe which only stretched to the walls of her home and knows nothing else.


Thomas Stuart, who made his famous withdrawal from the experiment in 2000, has not been available for comment. Kestrel Studios have made an official appeal for Eliza to be returned safely, although Police have not claimed a state of emergency over her disappearance. It appears Eliza did not fight with her kidnapper and was quite willing to leave.


Max Worth this morning made a short statement on behalf of his team on No. 65.


“In the early hours of this morning, Eliza Stuart escaped from Kestrel Studios, guided by an accomplice. We simply appeal that she is returned soon and unharmed.


“Eliza is just sixteen years old and very vulnerable. We fear for her safety and it is likely she is a danger to herself. Kestrel Studios are working very hard to ensure her safe return. If you have any information or have seen anything suspicious, please do contact the police.”

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