The Report

Social Experiment No. 65: the last attempt by scientists to unravel the limits of the human mind in the age of freedom and the ever expanding universe. Since birth, Eliza Stuart was locked into the four walls of her own fabricated home with only her mother for company. As far as Eliza knows, that is the universe.
'The Report' is small selection of daily reports which have been gathered and collated as the last surviving documents in the experiment, and these slowly reveal Eliza's life, the lies she is fed, and how ultimately, you can never shut off one human mind from the universe. For the Might there be more than this? competition. 3892 words. Cover VERY kindly made for me by Luke J.R :)


6. January 24 2014

Eliza Stuart         01/07/1997         5’5          White British      IQ 140



Introduction of Dr.Henry Kemp: initial reaction was to scream and run out of room (reference images 9067-9082) followed by intense emotional response of fear. H. Stuart managed to calm E. Stuart enough to allow Dr. Kemp to speak. Immediate hostile questioning* despite H. Stuart's attempts to stop her.


Advances: books ignored all day. Time passed instead contemplating thoughts or talking to Dr. Kemp. Initial fear subsided quickly. Fast adaptation to change.


Sleeping pattern consistently interrupted. Three to four hours only of sleep.

Eating habits diminished. Only one meal eaten, blood sugar low.


Conversation: little with H. Stuart as wary of scolding. Made point of talking to Dr. Kemp about mathematics and self. Few questions directed at Dr. Kemp.



First human introduction taken at first with fear and intense confusion. Reacted well using prior knowledge and logical reasoning. Interaction was easy although with focus on self and quick adaptation to idea of Dr. Kemp. Personal development extremely advanced and significant increase in self awareness shown.



E: What are you?

HK: My name is Henry. I’ll be staying here for a while.

E: What do you mean? What are you?

HK: I’m a person just like you. Look, two eyes, two ears, a nose and mouth.

E: I’ve never seen anything like you before! This makes no sense. Mum! Mum!

H: It’s OK Eliza, Henry is just like you or I.

E: What? How do you know what’s going on?

H: Come on Eliza, calm down and you’ll see.

E: Go away! You weren’t here yesterday!

HK: I’m here now. It’s OK, Eliza.

E: I don’t know what you are!

HK: …who I am. I am Henry.

E: Henry? You have a name?

HK: Just like you do. Unless you’d like to call me Harry.

E: But you just said you’re called Henry.

HK: So Henry it is.

E: You look so strange.

HK: Wouldn’t it be stranger if I looked the same as you?

E: I don’t know, I hadn’t thought of that. So you’re a person? That’s what a person is?

HK: You’re a person too.

E: I am?

H: Henry, would you like some water? Eliza, could you get Henry a drink?


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