Love Me or Leave Me // h.s (Completed)

Chloe was previously engaged to the man of her dreams: Harry Styles. But what happens when her sister shows up at her doorsteps, now engaged to Harry?

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15. Chloe

I wake up, slowly glancing around at my surroundings. I'm not in my room. I'm not even in my own home. Where the hell am I?

"Chlooooooooeeeeee?" I heard someone yell from downstairs. Harry. I'm at Harry's home, possibly in his room. In his bed. I freeze as I think of all the possibilities before remembering the day before yesterday. Remembering how he abandoned his own wedding to be with me. I blink a few times as I remember yesterday. Harry and I were singing "Say Somethin'" together before he kissed me. Before we had sex.

I look down at myself as I lay naked, wrapped in the sheets that are all that remain in this bed. I get up, wrapping myself within them before walking down the stairs. Harry stands in the kitchen, making breakfast.

He looks up at me as soon as I reach the bottom of the stairs. "Hungry?"

A smile creeps onto my face at the sudden realization that things were finally becoming the way they should be. The way they used to be. "Starved."

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