Love Me or Leave Me // h.s (Completed)

Chloe was previously engaged to the man of her dreams: Harry Styles. But what happens when her sister shows up at her doorsteps, now engaged to Harry?

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16. Access


He looks me up and down, his eyes filled with lust. I can't help the way that I'm staring at him as well. My body is on fire, heat radiating off of me, and I know that he can feel it. The air in the room has changed, and all that surrounds us is lust, love, passion. He steps closer to me, both our bodies naked, and he puts his hands on my hips, pulling me into him. "You're so god damn beautiful," he whispers into my ear before gently tugging at it with his teeth. I moan. God, this feels so damn right. This feels perfect. This is perfect. Harry's lips move downward an inch or so before he kisses the spot just below my ear that drives me absolutely crazy, and judging from the smile on his face as the moan leaves my lips, he knows it. His left hand is rested on my hip while he uses his right hand to tilt my head, giving him more access to my neck before he trails sweet and gentle kisses down it, leaving love bites everywhere. I moan, my hand reaching up to cup the back of his head, my fingers tangled in his beautiful brown hair. For the first time in years, his hair is straightened, and he looks so sexy. His hair is cut to about the same length as Niall's now, and it falls perfectly around his temples on his head, and honestly, he looks better than ever before. So fucking hot. I'm lost in my thoughts as Harry continues to suck on my skin, his lips traveling further down my body, across and past my collar bones, as he pushes me backwards before gently lying me down on the bed. His lips travel to my breasts, sucking and nipping every inch of them before clasping his teeth and lips around my nipple, his left hand kneading my right breast. My back arches slightly and I throw my head back, wallowing in every bit of ecstasy as I tug on his hair. His left hand is removed from my breast and travels back down to my hip, gently squeezing. He removes his lips, as well, moving them down the center of my torso, across my pregnant belly. I'm six months along now, and we're expecting a girl. We both agreed on a name, compromising together until we reached Darcy Marie. I smile at the memory of the slight argument that was almost conceived.

"Ouch," I wince.

Harry's kisses immediately stop, and he looks up at me, worry evident in his eyes. "Did I hurt you, love? I'll stop. Just say the word and I'll stop."

I laugh. "No, Harry, you didn't hurt me. I just-" I'm at a loss for words, trying to figure out how to explain it to him as the pain hits once again. I'll just say it straightforward. He will understand. "I'm beginning to get Braxton Hicks, and they hurt. And at the same time, little Miss Darcy down there is kicking me." I shrug the best that I can, pinned to the bed with all of my weight, a slight smile playing at my lips.

"Really?" His eyes light up out of pure joy, and his voice sounds like a kid in a candy store who was just told that he could get whatever he liked. He leans back down, pressing his ear against my belly as if he could hear her if she were to speak.

I can't help the laughter that escapes my lips. "Only you," I remark, grinning ear to ear.

"Yeah," he grins the same way, lifting his head back from my stomach. "Only I can cause that heartbeat of yours to race every time I touch you." He places his hand softly on my sex, and I intake a sharp breath, my heart beat racing like it was going to win NASCAR. "Only I can make you want to come, not even doing anything, just by a simple touch." He lifts his hand back up, a light clear substance on the tip of his finger. "Only I can taste you." He sticks the tip of his finger into his mouth and sucks. Oh my god. "Only I can kiss you." He leans forwards, kissing my lips passionately. "And only I can be the one to hold you forever, day and night, and whisper sweet things into your ear literally every second of everyday." He rolls over onto his side of the bed, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me closer to him, whispering in my ear. "Only I get to fill you, and put a ring on your finger to call you my bride someday." I smile at his words and look down at my left hand, the beautiful white gold band staring back at me, a simple small diamond in the shape of a circle in the middle. This boy will be the death of me. He literally says all the right words and makes my heart race. I love him. I fucking love him and I always have and always will. Even if Harry and I go our separate ways one day, there will never be anyone else for me. There will always be Harry.

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