This story is about a girl named Lily Carter and she is 18 years old. Lily has long blonde hair and she died her hair aqua on the bottom. She plays soccer with her best friend Casey. The Carter's live in a big house and Lily also has a little 13 year old sister (Sam). Lily has 2 dogs. German Shepard (Max) and a Golden Retriever (Charlie). Brian is Lily's amazing boyfriend. But something affects there relationship, read the novel to find out!


14. Dont tell her.

Bryan's POV

I was happy me and Lily are back together. "I have left over ravioli." She said. I smiled, "You know how much I love your ravioli!" We laughed and I kissed her and she got the ravioli. *Ding Dong* "Babe, can you get that for me?" I ran to the door and opened it. I was shocked. "Casey.. What are you doing here?" She was really shocked too. "Bryan.. What are you doing here?" I turned around, "Ugh, Lily, I will be right there." "Ok, who is it?" "It's, the mail man!" I felt really bad for what I did. "Bryan, I cant keep this secret away from my bestfriend." "Casey, you can't!" "Bryan we had sex.." "Yeah but she said she broke up with me, so I had sex with you after that, and you made the move." "What are you talking about?!" "Shut up, don't you want to be friends with Lily?" "Yeah." "They don't say anything," I opened the door and she came in. "You were talking to the mail man?" Lily laughed "Yeah, and then Casey came!" She gave Casey a hug. It was actually a pretty fun day. And I'm hoping Casey wont say anything about what happened that night.

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