How I Changed Garra

My name is Shinimi. (Shinimi means death in Japan) I am a monster. I live in the Hidden Sand Village. When I was born, the Kazekage sealed the 12 tailed beast inside me, and the one tailed beast inside another child before he was even born.


1. About Shinimi

My name is Shinimi. I have dark brown, spikey hair, red eyes, and a slim body. I also have an incredible amount of kekkei genkai, such as, sharingan, puppet mastery, shadow and mind possession, eart, air, fire, water, and ice jutsu's. My mother died birthing me, and my father died in the battle against the 1 and 12 tailed beasts. The Kazekage sealed the 12 tailed beast inside me and the 1 tailed beast inside someone else. I'm an orphan and nobody in the hidden sand village likes me, they all say stuff like" he's the kid with the monster in him" or "kids, stay away from him" or "he killed both his parents". I have no friends. I hear about another kid, named Garra who is a lot like me. I wonder if we can be friends.







A/N sorry about any spelling mistakes, i'm on my phone.

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