Tell me those three words. (Sequel to those three little words)

It's been 5 years since the day Lani and Lexi left the boys in their London home. She's a totally different women now. She's in a stable relationship, Lexi's now 5, getting ready to go to school. She has a stable job at a radio station. But what happens when she has to interview the boys. Will they recognise her? Will they ignore her? Will they beg her to come back? Or will she deny who she is..


38. I'm back

Harry's P.O.V  

This week has honestly gone so slow. Lani was coming home today, and honestly, i couldn't wait to see her. There's only a certain amount of time you can take being surrounded by couples, and yours not being complete at that time. 

"Hey mate" Louis said walking into my room. 

"Alright" i replied.

"Yep" he was just standing there, smiling at me. 

"Any reason to why you're in here Lou?" I questioned.

"Nope, just wanted to see my amazing Hazza bear" he said laughing.

"Well tough, because i've missed him, and i want some quality time with my baby, so bye Lou" a voice said from the door. My head shot towards the direction of the door, and there stood Lani, smiling like an idiot. I climbed off my bed and ran over to her, engulfing her in a tight hug, and kissing the top of her head. 

"Awww" Louis cooed. 

"LOU, OUT!" Lani yelled jokingly, pointing towards the door. He bowed his head and walked out. 

"I've missed you so much" i muttered, not letting go of her.

"So have i Harry" 

"Lani, i know you probably don't want to talk about this, but we need to think of arrangements for Lexi's funeral.." I said weakly. She remained silent. 

"Lani?" i asked, she looked up at me, tears in her eyes. I wiped the falling ones away and kissed her forehead. 

"You're right" she muttered. 

"You go spend some time with the others, i'll make some calls okay? Don't worry about it, the only thing you have to do is turn up, okay?" she nodded and walked out. I sighed and lay down on my bed, and started making the arrangements for the funeral. 


So sorry for the shitty chapter! I've got really bad writer's block:(( But i know there's only going to be 3/4 more chapters to this story. I might do another, but i don't really know. Depends if i can think of any ideas. If you have any, you could let me know on Kik, taralouise98 

thankyouuu! XXXX

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