Tell me those three words. (Sequel to those three little words)

It's been 5 years since the day Lani and Lexi left the boys in their London home. She's a totally different women now. She's in a stable relationship, Lexi's now 5, getting ready to go to school. She has a stable job at a radio station. But what happens when she has to interview the boys. Will they recognise her? Will they ignore her? Will they beg her to come back? Or will she deny who she is..


14. Hospital trips

Lani's P.O.V

The boys had their first concert in america tonight. Lexi was really looking forward to it. We had front row seats, and were were going to go round before the concert and give away a few tickets for front row aswell. We were getting ready in the bus while the boys were at the arena rehearsing. We could hear muffled screams from the fans waiting outside the bus and arena, it was quite funny to be honest. Perrie was getting Lexi dressed, El was in the bathroom, and Ella was in the other bathroom. I was searching through dresses, and i couldn't find one i wanted to wear, i sighed before sitting on the bed and thinking. I walked into the lounge where Perrie was getting Lexi ready. She was wearing a childrens comic bodycon dress, and some small sparkly silver heels, she looked so grown up, her hair was wavy and she was smiling cheekily.

"You look pretty" i said picking her up. She giggled.

"Quite proud of my work" Perrie said laughing, i nodded and put her down. Perrie was wearing a beige short dress with a frill around the waistline, and some beige open back heels. Her hair was pinned to one side and she had barely any make up on. 

I walked back into the bedroom and continued searching for a dress. El walked in wearing a black dress, with a white collar, white heels and a white clutch, her hair was wavy and she had her normal makeup on. 

"Want some help?" she asked laughing slightly, i sighed and nodded, she walked over to the wardrobe and helped looking through them. We went through what seemed like thousands of dresses before we both agreed on one. It was pink, cut out at the hips and had a zip running down through the middle and stopping at my waist line. I added some black ankle boot heels and a black clutch, i looked in the mirror feeling pleased with my appearance. We walked into the lounge and saw Perrie,Lexi and Ella watching some music on tv. Ella was wearing a light blue skater dress, with some dark blue heels, and a blue clutch, her hair was wavy and she had some light makeup on.

"Ready to go?" i asked walking over and picking Lexi up. She might be turning 5 soon, but if she's in heels and there was paps outside, she wasn't going to be able to walk fast. They nodded and we walked out of the bus, pushing our way through the screaming fans, Lexi had her hands over her ears and her head buried into my chest. We walked quickly until we reached the back entrance of the arena and went to the boys dressing room. When we walked in Niall was stuffing his face with food. I shook my head and looked over to Harry who was lying topless along the sofa.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready?" i asked sitting on the sofa, moving his legs, and placing Lexi next to me.

"Just gotta put a top on" he shrugged pulling Lexi onto his lap. 

"Who you texting Liam?" Ella asked, raising her eyebrows giggling. 

"Someone" he replied blushing.

"It's a girl isn't it?" i asked laughing, he didn't answer me, he just laughed slightly. Louis snuck up behind him and grabbed his phone.

"ITS A GIIIIIIIIIIRRRRLLLLLL" he yelled, Liam tried snatching the phone out of his hands but Louis ran over to me, passing me the phone, i looked and it was someone called Shannon. Liam grabbed the phone from me and returned to texting her.

"Who's Shannon then Li?" I asked raising my eyebrows. 

"Just a girl, got quite close to her" he said shrugging.

"When are we meeting her?" El asked intrigued.

"Soon, hopefully" he smiled, i laughed and looked back at Harry who was playing with Lexi. Paul came in and looked shocked.

"BOYS! GER DRESSED, YOU'RE ON IN FIVE!" He yelled before walking out. Harry placed Lexi  next to me, giving her a kiss on the head before getting his top on and sorting out his hair. Niall put the food away, Zayn was again, looking in the mirror, Louis was finishing his carrot, and Liam was still texting, He put his phone away and walked over to the door, getting ready to leave. We high fived all the boys and Harry gave me and Lexi a quick kiss on the cheek before running out after all the boys. We went and took our seats, and El and Ella went to give people some tickets while the boys started their first song, Up all night. We figured they start each concert for the TMH tour with this song. Lexi was having a great time, bobbing her head up and down and laughing and waving at Harry whenever he looked over at us. He looked so happy up there, it was cute. Soon enough El and Ella returned with some very happy and excited looking fans, screaming and dancing, and waving.

It was half way through the concert and Lexi was still dancing. She fell to the floor landing on her arm, i noticed the heel on her shoe had broke causing her to fall, i bent down and picked her up, realising she was sobbing. I held her close in my arms, and looked up at Harry who looked extremely worried.

"Babe, her arms swelling up" El shouted from next to me, i looked at her arm and she was right, it was swelling up and there was a large bruise forming. I carried her out of the arena, and found Paul backstage. 

"Paul" i said catching his attention, he noticed the sobbing Lexi in my arms and came rushing over. 

"What's happened?" he asked.

"The heel on her shoe broke, she's hurt her arm and it's swelling up, could someone give me a lift to the hospital?"

"I'll call an ambulance, she could've broken it" he said pulling out his phone and dialling 999. An ambulance had arrived, and Paul let Harry know when he came off to get changed before the next performance. A security guard had come with me, meaning it was kind of awkward seeing as i only really knew Paul. Lexi was still crying loudly, a doctor had given her some pain killers in the ambulance, but i don't think it had worked. We were in the waiting room, waiting for an X-ray of her arm, then my phone vibrated.

From: Harry

As soon as the concert finishes, i'll be at the hospital, Paul told me she might have a broken arm? i'll be there as soon as x

To: Harry

Okay, she won't stop crying, it's swollen and purple :( we're waiting for an X-ray now, i love you x

From: Harry

Ok. love you too x 

I put the phone back into my pocket just as a nurse came in signalling for us to follow her. Lexi had her X-ray, and they had confirmed she had broken it. We were waiting for it to be plastered when the door burst open and a very worried looking Harry rushed in.

"How is she?" he asked panting. 

"Did you run? And she's got a broken up, they're putting it in a cast" i said laughing slightly, he just nodded and sat down next to me. Lexi was still crying slightly from the pain. 

"What actually happened? I just saw her fall" 

"She was jumping and the heel on her shoe broke, and landed on her arm" i sighed. The nurse came back in and was ready to put the cast on Lexi's arm. She had chose a pink one, and once it was she instantly wanted to draw on it.

"Well someone cheered up" Harry said laughing slightly, kissing the top of her head.

"Sign it daddy" she said pointing to her cast. He pulled out a pen, and wrote on it. 


i love you,

from, Daddy xxx

I smiled and he passed me the pen.

Silly girl dancing and jumping!

love you, from mummy xxx 

We headed back to the bus, and when we got back, everyone was sat around watching TV. 

"BOO!" lexi shouted as we entered, everyone turned round, their eyes widened when they saw she had a cast on.

"CAN I WRITE ON IT" Louis yelled running over to us, Lexi laughed and nodded. I handed him a pen, and looked at everyone waiting to write on it. 

Carrots are de best,

Uncle Louis :D 

Typical Louis, next was El. 

Little dancing queen! Aunty El xxx

Perrie read what Louis had wrote and starting laughing, before signing it. 

Hopefully you won't party in heels when you are older eh!

Aunty Perrie x 

I nodded in agreement and she passed the pen to Zayn. 

Well we know you enjoyed it clumsy. Uncle Zayn 

He passed the pen to Niall, and he looked sly.


I laughed at what he had put and he passed the pen to Ella. 

Silly billy eh, aunty ella x 

She laughed and passed the pen to Liam. 

Brave little girl! well done, Uncle Li :) 

Once everyone had finished signing her cast, i changed her into her pjs and tucked her into her own bed, me and Harry went to bed ourselves. 

"How are you enjoying America so far then?" he asked kissing the top of my head.

"It's good" i said smiling before closing my eyes and snuggling into his chest. It was then i realised how distant we had been from eachother.  We hardly shared a kiss anymore, and he was always making time for the boys, not me and Lexi. I pushed the thought to the back of my head and eventually drifted to sleep.

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