Tell me those three words. (Sequel to those three little words)

It's been 5 years since the day Lani and Lexi left the boys in their London home. She's a totally different women now. She's in a stable relationship, Lexi's now 5, getting ready to go to school. She has a stable job at a radio station. But what happens when she has to interview the boys. Will they recognise her? Will they ignore her? Will they beg her to come back? Or will she deny who she is..


11. Forgiveness and Love

Harry's P.O.V

I looked at her face and realised i had done that. With my own bare hands. It doesn't matter how bad the thing is a girl has done, you should never hit them. I couldn't look at her. I felt too guilty. I just lay there thinking about everything. I should forgive her. I did cheat on her before Lexi was born, and i did just punch her. I rolled back over and kissed the top of her head. She tensed up but turned to face me.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"I forgive you" i said, she sent me a big smile and snuggled her head into my chest. 

"And i love you" she said back. 

"I love you too babe, and i'm so sorry for hitting you" 

"It's okay, it was my fault, i just didn't think of any other way to stop you two"

"So you stood infront of me when i was about to punch Zayn?" i said laughing slightly.

"Yes, speaking of Zayn, you should make up with him, it's only fair" she said.

"What about you and Perrie?" 

"WE'RE FINEEE" i heard someone shout, Perrie. I laughed before looking at Lani, she was just smiling and nodding. We fell asleep wrapped in eachothers arms. 

*The next morning* 

I was going to apoligise to Zayn today. We had another concert tonight, and i didn't want there to be an awkward and tense atmosphere. I walked out into the lounge and saw him sitting on the sofa watching the news. It was about Lani. I walked over and sat next to him, then focused on the news.

"Has something happened between Alana Salisbury and Harry Styles? Harry was seen leaving their tour bus two days ago looking very angry and upset. Yesterday, Alana was seen walking around the busy town also looking very upset with a large bruise on her face and a swollen cheek. Later on in the day she told the paps to 'piss off and leave her alone' Had someone hit her? Who knows!" I sighed switching the TV off and turned to look at Zayn. Before i could say anything he cut me off.

"Look mate, i'm sorry, i don't know why it happened, it was a big mistake" 

"I know, and i just wanted to apoligise for hitting you, me and Lani are alright now, what about you and Perrie?" 

"We're over, i just don't understand her and Lani's friendship"

"Neither do i mate" we both burst out laughing. 

"We alright then?" I asked when we had finished laughing. He nodded and pulled me in for a man hug. I pulled my phone out and text Gemma, asking her to bring Lexi back today, i missed her, and i'm sure Lani does aswell. 

To: Gemma

Could you bring Lexi back today? Everythings sorted here

From: Gemma 

Yeah sure, saw about her telling paps to piss off, don't blame her,haha

To: Gemma 

Yeah i know, we're not doing anything so bring her whenever, just before the concert

From: Gemma

We'll leave in a min, you should see what she's wearing, we went shopping ;) 

And with that i put my phone away shaking my head. I was dreading seeing what they had dressed her up like. I walked back into the bedroom to see if Lani was awake, and she was.

"Babe, Gemma's bringing Lexi back today" She smiled and nodded at me.

"They went shopping, be warned" i said laughing. She jumped out of bed, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. She pulled away and was smiling brightly. 

"What was that for?" i asked laughing slightly. 

"I just wanted to kiss you" she said smiling cheekily. I shook my head before carrying her into the lounge and dropping her onto the sofa. We both burst out laughing and we settled down and watched some TV. 

"So i hear you told the paps to piss off eh?" i said winding her up.

"Someone had to do it sooner or later, and that someone turned out to be me" she said shrugging. I pecked her nose then pulled her closer to me.

*1 hour later*

Gemma had just turned up with Lexi, honestly, she looked adorable and grown up in what she was wearing. She had a long sleeved white top on, long dungarees and some pink hello kitty vans, and her hair was in a high ponytail.

"What do you say to Aunty Gemma?" Lani said picking Lexi up.

"Thankyouuuuuu!" She shouted smiling cheekily.

"I'll see you soon kay?" Gemma said pinching her nose, she gave me a hug then walked out. 

"You guys wanna come to the concert tonight? Lexi would love it" i said.

"yeah, i'll take some headphones for Lexi though. It'll be too loud" she said, i nodded and plopped myself down on the sofa.

Lani's P.O.V

I walked into the bedroom and sat Lexi down on our bed. 

"Right" i said looking through the wardrobe for something to wear. 

"I want to wear a dress mummy" Lexi said coming and standing next to me. I smiled before searching through to find some of her dresses. We evenually chose a white dress with polka dots and a pink waist band, with some plain white vans Gemma had bought her, i let her hair fall naturally then sat her down watching TV. Since the boys were now at the arena getting ready, there was no one to watch her. As i was going back into the bedroom Ella came out of the bathroom all done up. She had a knee length dress with a skater skirt bottom, which was split with two colours, one side red and the other white. The top of the dress was black, and she had some white heels and a red clutch to go with it. 

"Are you ready?" I asked her

"Yeah why?" 

"You don't mind watching Lexi for me do you? I need to get ready" 

"Yeah sure" and then she walked into the lounge. I had no idea what i wanted to wear. 

"ELLLL, PERRRIEEEE" i yelled, Perrie came in first in a crop top and trackies, clearly she wasn't ready, El was though. She was wearing a tight knee length peach dress, and some peach open toe heels, with a denim jacket incase it goes cold. After about half an hour we were all ready. Perrie was wearing a black and beige knee length dress, the top was lace, and she had white heels with black patterns on them. Her hair was down and wavy. I decided to wear a long sleeved cold shoulder black crop top, a red high low skirt and some black heels. I added some red lipstick and straightened my hair. Once we were all ready we climbed into the limo and made our way to the back entrance of the arena. Once we got there we went straight backstage and wished the boys good luck before heading out to our front row seats, i put the headphones on Lexi, and the boys ran on. 

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