Tell me those three words. (Sequel to those three little words)

It's been 5 years since the day Lani and Lexi left the boys in their London home. She's a totally different women now. She's in a stable relationship, Lexi's now 5, getting ready to go to school. She has a stable job at a radio station. But what happens when she has to interview the boys. Will they recognise her? Will they ignore her? Will they beg her to come back? Or will she deny who she is..


41. Forever? FINAL CHAPTER.

Harry's P.O.V

Seeing Niall and Ella getting married made me think. I wanted to propose to Lani. But was it too soon? We've just lost our daughter, could that affect her decision? I was so confused. I was in bed with my arms wrapped around Lani. I felt her stir next to me, so i kissed the top of her head, in attempt to wake her up, which worked. 

"Morning" she said, groggily. I chuckled at her. 

"Morning babe" i replied laughing. She groaned and tried to get free of my arms, but i just tightened them. She whined and continued to wriggle. I laughed at her and kept kissing her head. 

"Harrrrrrryyy" she whined. 

"Babe i need to ask you something" i said, turning serious. 

"What is it?" she asked, worried. 

"If i asked you to marry me right now, what would you say?" i asked, staring into her eyes. She stayed silent. 

"Harry I, I don't know" she whispered the last three words. I sighed and looked away from her. 

"I thought we were forever?" i questioned. 

"Harry, when have we ever been forever?" she said. 

"I just thought" i said. She stayed silent, and wriggled in my arms again, this time, i released her. She stood up and started pacing the room. 

"Babe, calm down" i said, she was getting stressed, i could tell. 

"Why are you asking all of this?!" she yelled, finally standing still and looking straight at me. 

"Maybe because i love you?!" I yelled back. She stayed silent, and looked away from me, and at a picture of me, her and Lexi. I sighed and got out of bed, and walked out the bedroom. 

"Don't walk away from me!" she called after me.  

"Why? It's clear you don't care" i called back. 

"Harry i do fucking care!" she yelled. Just then, a very grumpy and annoyed looking Perrie walked out of her and Zayn's bedroom. 

"What's going on? What's with all the shouting" she whined. 

"Sorry Pez" i said sighing. 

"Harry" someone said from behind me, i turned round and it was Lani. 

"Leave it Lani, you've said everything i needed to hear" i said walking away. 

"Harry wait!" she called. I sighed and turned around to face her. 

"What?" i asked.

"I didn't mean what i said, well, i kind of did, but listen Harry, you caught me off guard with that question, we've just lost our daughter, and you expect me to be able to answer a question like that? And when i said when have we ever been forever, i meant, we always split up, take breaks, and Harry, do you really think we'd survive a marriage?" she asked. She had a point, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to marry her. 

"That doesn't stop me from wanting to marry you" i said, in all honesty. 

"But it does for me Harry" she sighed. She looked away from me and started fiddling with her fingers. 

"I'm just scared" she whispered. I walked towards her, but she backed away. 

"Why are you walking away from me?" i whispered, kind of offended. 

"I need to do some thinking" she said, walking away from me and into our bedroom. I sighed and walked into the lounge. 

Lani's P.O.V

So many things were running through my mind, i couldn't think straight. He asks me a question like that, not even a month after our daughter dies?! There is no way i am ready to get married to Harry, no matter who it was, no way would i be ready to marry at my age. But he expects me to say yes? Really?! It wasn't that cold out side so i threw on a black knitted jumper with cut out bit in the sleeves, high waist light blue jeans, and some black converse. i put my hair up into a ponytail, and headed for the park i lost Lexi. I sat down on the bench, and put my head in my hands. Everything was so complicated now. This takes me back to just over six years ago, when i left. That's one thing i was certain of though, no matter what i come up with, i'm not going anywhere, i'm here to stay, no matter what happens. Should me and Harry take a break for a while? Maybe it would be better, we both need some time off from all of this, maybe a break is what we need? I text Harry and told him to come here. After about five minutes, someone came and sat next to me, it was Harry, he had puffy eyes and you could tell he'd been crying. 

"Have you been crying?" i asked, he just nodded. 

"I've been thinking" he said. 

"Go on" i gestured for him to continue. "I think we should take a break, get away from eachother for a while, maybe you could go back to Manchester with your auntie or something? I'm not saying this because i don't want you to be around, because trust me, i do, i just think it's what's best" he said, i was lost for words, i agree with the taking a break, but leaving?! I wasn't too sure about that. 

"Lani? Answer me, please" he said grabbing hold of my hand, but i pulled away. 

"You want me to leave?" i asked in dis-belief. 

"Lani don't want you too, but i think it would be better"  he said looking away from me.

"I asked you to come here, because i was going to say we should take a break, but i would still stay Harry, i'm not going anywhere, i'm not risking loosing my best friend's again because you want me to go, i've done that once before, and it's not fun, it's heartbreaking!" I said rather loudly.

"Lani i'm sorry, i just thought that-" i cut him off.

"Well you thought wrong again didn't you!" I yelled standing up, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back down. 

"I'm sorry, don't leave, i just, we need to take a break, wait till things are starting to get back to normal" he said. 

"It'll never be normal.." I whispered. 

"It will take some time babe" he said, kissing the top of my head. 

"So this is it?" i asked. He sighed and grabbed hold of my hand. 

" I guess, but no matter what Lani, i will always love you, but this break, it's something we need, we can stay friends, but just not together, but this isn't going to effect anything that happens for us in the future okay? Soon enough we'll be back to normal, and we can start again, one day get married, and have our own place, just remember those three words Lani" 


That's it! I'm thinking of ideas for a sequel.. If you have any ideas for it, kik me! taralouise98 i also need help thinking of a title? Thank you to everyone that read it, fav/liked/commented. It means alot! Glad you all liked it! 

What do you want to happen between Lani and Harry?

Will they get married? 

Will they ever have more kids?

What's going to happen with the others? 

Let me know!


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