Me And You (Niall Horan Fan Fict)

Kimberly Brikes, A dancer who so happens to be Niall Horans Bff, but to her, he's more than a friend. She has had a crush on him since pre-k but is afraid to confess.


4. You Are Just Like Me

The boys threw themselves on my couch all at once.

"If you people break my couch, im taking yours" I said laughing. They jumped even more on my couch to annoy me. I laughed and walked backwards. I began to run to them and flung my self at them. I landed on niall and threw my head back laughing.
"Okay this is fun and all but can you people get off now" Zayn said breathless. Poor guy was at the bottom being crushed by our weight.

"Yeah get off" I said motioning my hand saying "Shoo bitches". They all got off and i did too, but i quickly ran back and spread out on my couch.

"I would ask you to join me, but no space" I said trying hard to fill in the open spaces.
"Oh come one" "Unfair" they said. I just put my hands under my head and layed face up and closed my eyes. "Yeah bitches, im the queen" I said confidently. I felt a hand pull my hands away from my head. I opened my eyes and saw Niall there grinning. "You dare touch me???" I said acting shocked. "Yup" Niall said popping the "P". I gasped and turned my face and looked up in that snobby queen way. I swear im not normal.

I got off the couch and made my way to the kitchen. I was going to make myself a sandwhich.

Nialls P.O.V

The boys sat back on the couch and Kim went into the kitchen. I sat on the arm of the chair.
"So zayns how your relationship with Perrie?" Louis questioned. "Its great. She's nice and funny but is lonely. She needs someone to hangout with, you know?" He said. "Well, she can hang out with Kim" I said cutting in.

"I heard my name" Kim said coming in with a sandwhich in her hands. "We were talking about how you and Perrie should hang out more you know like girl stuff. Shopping for shoes and such" I said. "Oh yeah. I love Perrie and sure we can hang out" She said taking a bite of her sandwhich. "As a matter of fact i have her number, ill go get my phone" Kim said leaving her sandwhich on the table. "Oh and i swear, i know how my sandwhich looks like by heart, and if i come back and i see a difference, who ever bit it, I will bite there arm off Okay?" Kim said pointing to all of us. We didn't respond. "OKAY?!" she yelled. "YES MA'AM" We all said. She winked and walked to get her phone.

"She is so like me" I said pretending to wipe away fake tears. The boys all nodded and laughed. Soon Kim was back.

She dialled perrie and put her on speaker.


*Beeeeeep*    *Beeeeeep*   *Beeeeeep*

Perrie: Hello?

Kim: Hey Perrie its Kimberly!

Perrie: Oh hi Kim! Whats going on?

Kim: Oh nothin with the boys. Hey you wanna go hang out sometime?

Perrie: Course. Can the other girls come too?

Kim: Duh! They mah girls!

Perrie: Great. Okay! We'll be at your place at 3:00 in the afternoon Tommorow

Kim: Great! Love you!

Perrie: Love you too. Tell zayn I love him!

Kim: I will. Bye!

Perrie: Bai.


"Done" Kim said. "Oh and zayn perrie says she loves you" Kim said picking up her sandwhich and chowing down another bite. "Well that was easy" Zayn said. "I usually have a 5 minute convo convincing her to go with me to the mall.

"Cuz me and her have a special girl bond you know? Like with Elanour and Jade,Jesy, and Leigh-ann. We know eachother well and love to go shoppiiiiiiiing!" Kim said in a fake white girl voice. When i looked back at kim, she devoured the last of the sandwhich in a bite.

"Damn girl you devoured that sandwhich" I said. "Thank you" She said getting up and struting to the kitchen.

Kim's P.O.V

I just finished my sandwhich and i have a hangout with tommorrow with Perrie, Elanour, Jade, Jesy, and Leigh-ann. Its gonna be so much fun.

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