Me And You (Niall Horan Fan Fict)

Kimberly Brikes, A dancer who so happens to be Niall Horans Bff, but to her, he's more than a friend. She has had a crush on him since pre-k but is afraid to confess.


3. "Hai boys"

"Come in" i heard Liam say. i twisted the knob to the right and pushed the door.

"Kim!" niall said jumping up. "Hay-hay-hay" I said waving. "Kimberly" harry said grinning. "Hey curly" I said walking over to the guys. Harry got up and pulled me in and gave a hug. I did the rest with all of them except niall.

"I got all of you right?" I joked. "Ahem?" Niall cleared his throat. I laughed. "Im kidding. I can't forget you niall" I said walking over to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. He planted a kiss on my head. "Aww" swirled around the room. He let go of me and suggested i take a seat. I was about to walk past him and sit in the open seat next to him, but he pulled my waist and lifted me on his lap.

"Your fine here" He whispered. I bit my lips and sat quietly. "So kim, how was rehearsals" Luois asked. "It was okay. I left early" I said looking at louis. "Why" Niall asked. i felt his heart beat against my back. "Ugh Jake wanted me to rehearse the dance with him. which i said no and left" I said. Niall knew about the dance and didnt like jake at all.

"Good thing you did. I dont like that guy at all" Niall said. I turned to niall who was chewing on the inside of his cheeks. " Worst is that next rehearsals will be dress-rehearsals" I said upset. "If your going to dress rehearsals wearing that infront of him, im coming" Niall said. I giggled. "Why are you so protective of me?" I asked him smiling. "I dunno, i care about you kim" He said shrugging his shoulders. "But like i said, im going" He said. "Okay'' I said smiling.

" But that outfit is alittle too revealing" Liam stated. "I agree" Louis said. "Nah, its good if she only wears it while im around" Niall said. "Shut up" i playfully scoffed. "Boys, we have to start recording . Oh hi Kim" Zayn said coming out of the bathroom. "Hey zayn and okay. I should go and leave you guys to work" I said about to climb off niall, but he held my waist.

"Don't leave. Please" Niall whispered in my ear. The sound of his voice sent vibrations through my body.  I nodded and i felt his hot breath on my neck. Niall helped me off his lap and got up. He took my hand and lead me to sit infront of the recording booth with all the controls. "Stay" he commanded. "Woof" I said waving my hands around. He laughed and entered the booth with the boys. They all had seats there and they sat down. A guy sitting next to me managing the controls handed me a plug to connect to my beats since i already had headphones. I connected it and put on my headphones. I heard the boys laughing and talking.

"Okay boys, start with last first kiss" the guy next to me said. they nodded and shut up. liam started. his voice was soft and beautiful.I loved this song. It described my relationship with niall exactly. Then it was harry. His voice was raspy and amazing. they all joined in and harmonized together.

after they harmonized it was nialls solo. while he was singing, he looked at me and winked. I blushed and giggled. When niall sang "Im afraid you'll walk away if i tell you, what i wanted to tell you" my heart just sank. That was exactly what i feel towards niall and one of the reasons why i love it. After niall it was louis and the song kept going until it ended.

I didn't even notice i was tearing up until a tear rolled down my cheek. I wipped my tear away and smiled. They all smiled and returned to work.

When they finished all the songs, I was ready to go home. "We'll go with you" Niall said. "Yeah" the boys said in unison. I bit my lip. "Okay" I said grinning. We went to the front of the building and i was going to walk but a car came up. The boys got in it. I looked confused so zayn explained. "We are celebrities if the paparazzi see us we'll be screwed". "Oh okay." i said getting in the car. It was a 5 minute ride which normally takes me about 7 minutes. When we got there, niall helped me out of the car and he got out too. He held my hand and rubbed my knuckles with his thumb. i smiled at him and entered my house.

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