Me And You (Niall Horan Fan Fict)

Kimberly Brikes, A dancer who so happens to be Niall Horans Bff, but to her, he's more than a friend. She has had a crush on him since pre-k but is afraid to confess.


6. Going VIP style

My jaw dropped when i saw a Limosine parked in my driveway.

"Oh mah gawd were going in that?" I asked shocked.

"Yup. It'll be fun" Jesy said smiling and walking towards the limo.

"George take us to the mall" Perrie said entering the car. I got in and practically fell when i saw the inside. It had disco lights, couches, champagne, Speakers, and food.

"Holy Sh-oot" I said stopping my self from cursing. Perrie didn't like curse words alot so i dont curse infront of her. "Pretty cool right?" Elanour asked grinning. "Um yeah! I've never been in a limosine before!" I said walking around. It was big enough that i could walk straight up without bending down like average cars. "You havent" Perrie asked alittle confused. I nodded no and sat down in a chair that was hanging down from the top of the car. "Well theres a first for everything" Leigh-ann said. I laughed. "Champagne anyone?" Leigh asked. "Over here babe" I said. She took out a glass and poured some champagne into it. She handed it to me and to the other gals.

We waited for her to get a glass for herself. When she did we made a toast. "To Best Friends!" We all said. I brought my glass to my lips and drank. It has a burning sensation that i liked in drinks.

Soon enough there was music blasted in the car. It was one of little mixs songs Wings. They were on the radio! "Were on the radio!" Jade yelled. "Woo" we all yelled. Me and jade got up and started singing (More like yelling) lyrics to the song, and soon enough everyone was joining.

"Momma told me not to waste my life she said spread your wings my little butterfly, and they cant detain you, these wings are made to flyyyy, and we dont let nobody bring us down, no matter what you say it it wont hurt me, these wings are made to fly" We all sang. It was so fun.

"I dont hear no one saying HEY-HEY-HEY-HEY. i dont need noone saying hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey. You better keep on walking. I dont wanna hear your talking BORED. you better keep on walking. I dont wanna hear your talking BORED. your words dont mean a thing im not listening" We continued. "Theyre just like water off my WAAAAAAAVE" I sang by accident. They all became quiet and then started squealing. "You never told me you sang!" Perrie and jade said.

I started blushing and smiled. "Tommorow we are taking you to the studio and work right away girl your voice is stunning" Jesy said. "Really?" i asked. my heart was beating like crazy. "Yeah" leigh said. "Okay ill go" i said smiling. "YAY!" they all screamed and came in for a group hug.

The rest of the rides was laughs and singing.


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