Pieces // Robin Stjernberg Fanfiction *On Hold*

Every night Emely Grey sneaks out of her room and climbs through her window, running towards the park with her precious razor safe in her pocket. She'll look at the stars and think about her past. She sees the stars as angels who have their light to shine down at the earth. A fallen angel is what she is called. Her light faded a long time ago.
Her best friend Robin left her a year ago, moving from Växjö to Stockholm. To follow his dream of becoming a singer.

''I'm a wounded soldier without shame. But I know my target, I know my aim.''
- Robin Stjernberg // One Down Two To Go


3. Chapter 2: Crime

I blinked a couple of times and opened my eyes. The room was filled with magical tones coming from the piano. I slowly got up and rubbed my eyes, trying to see. Robin sat there, playing.

‘’I reach for the horizon.. Whenever I get days of doubt, bringing me down..’’

He stopped playing and wrote something down. Then he looked at me. ‘’Good morning sleepyhead’’ He said. ‘’Good morning.’’ I said with a sleepy smile. I threw the blankets of me and stretched. My hair was all over the place and I’m sure it looked funny ‘cause Robin laughed a little. I tried to fix it a little but failed miserably. I now looked like Chewbacca.

‘’Hey can I get something to eat?’’ I asked, getting up from the floor and trying to walk around without stepping in the tons of paper on the floor. ‘’Sure go ahead.’’ He said and as I walked upstairs he started playing again. ‘’I know that if the sky would fall, I’d survive it all. Because of you…’’ I walked to the kitchen and found out there was barely any food besides a cake and pancake mix. So I decided to make some pancakes for both of us. I tried flipping them over by throwing them in the air, but….let’s just say that the ceiling van didn’t exactly agree with that. So when I finished baking the pancakes I had to clean up the floor.

I brought a big plate of pancakes back downstairs, where Robin was now playing his guitar. ‘’PANCAKES!’’ he shouted and jumped up, quickly stealing one of the pancakes from the plate. We both sat down on the couch and when we both had enough we started talking. ‘’So Emely, what have you been up to?’’ He asked. While he put his guitar away. ‘’Nothing really.’’ I said. ‘’I’ve just been..living I guess. Your life is way more interesting! Tell me what you’ve been doing!” He sat back down next to me. ‘’Well I’ve recorded an album with all the songs I’ve sang at idols.. And I’m currently writing my song for Melodifestivalen. But I’m almost finished so that’s good.’’ He said and smiled. ‘’What’s it called?’’ I asked. ‘’You.’’ He said.

He got up and started throwing away some of the papers on the floor. They were all crumbled and I guess they were failed lyrics. I managed to pick one up before he threw it away. I could barely read it.. But it said something like ‘’I’ll always be by your side. Looking over you.’’ I smiled and quickly put it in my pocket. ‘’You haven’t told your parents you were here have you?’’ He asked. ‘’Nope.’’ I said. I grabbed my phone. 40 MISSED CALLS. 32 NEW MESSAGES. ‘’You can’t just disappear you know.’’ He said, grabbing my phone. ‘’I’ll call.’’ He said and called my mother. I heard her screaming through the phone. ‘’Mrs. Grey it’s alright she’s with me. Yes Robin. My house. She’s safe.’’ He looked at me with a protective look. ‘’Mrs. Grey she will be alright, is it okay if she stays here for a while? Okay great. Thank you. I’ll be picking up some of her stuff soon. Thank you, bye Mrs. Grey.’’ He said and hung up. ‘’You have been sneaking out and you didn’t tell them you were here. They must have been worried sick.’’ He said and sighed. ‘’I didn’t want them to know ‘cause they wouldn’t let me go.’’ I whispered. ‘’Your mum has changed.’’ Robin said and sat down on a box in the middle of the room. ‘’So have you.’’ He added. He folded his hands and looked down. ‘’Is it because of me?’’ He asked and looked up. ‘’Because I left?’’ He looked sad. The reason was the fact he left but.. I didn’t want him to feel guilty or responsible. ‘’No.’’ I said. Trying to sound convincing. ‘’Then what is it?’’ He asked and sighed. ‘’Life..’’ I whispered and stood up. I walked around the room a little, keeping myself from crying. ‘’You know what, I’m taking you out tonight.’’ He said and stood up to. Before he knew it he stood in front of me. ‘’What do you think?’’ He asked. I smiled. ‘’Sure.’’ He smiled too and grabbed my hand, leading me upstairs. ‘’Let’s go get some clothes for you.’’ He said and opened the front door for me. We walked across the street to my house. I opened the door and we both walked in, bumping into my younger sister Cleo. ‘’So, that’s where you’ve been huh?’’ She said with a devilish smile. ‘’Imma tell daddy and you know what happens then don’t you?’’ She said and ran off. ‘’Ignore her.’’ I said and we walked upstairs to my room. ‘’Wow.’’ He said when we walked in. ‘’It changed here.’’

The walls that were originally white and light blue where now grey and black, and the One Direction posters had made place for Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens and Falling In Reverse. Tons of cd had been placed in a special cabinet and my bed spree had a giant star on it, the star from BVB.

He sat down on my bed as I started putting some clothes in a small black suitcase. I just threw some jeans, skirts and leggings in there. Followed by some band shirts and my favorite hoody, saying “Just because we wear make-up don’t mean we can’t kick your ass.’’ I love that sentence so much. When I finished packing my clothes I grabbed my songbook and iPod, threw them in there and then grabbed my guitar. ‘’Let me carry that.’’ Robin said as he picked up the suitcase. We walked back down where my dad was waiting for me, with my little sis behind him smiling devilishly. ‘’So you were with a boy last night? Have you been with him every night? Or is it someone else every time?’’ He asked and did a step forward. He grabbed my arm causing me to scream in pain. ‘’Don’t touch her.’’ Robin said as he helped me escape from my father’s grip. He pushed me behind him and protected me. My dad started shouting: ‘’WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TALKING TO ME LIKE THAT? YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO EVEN BE IN THIS HOUSE! GET OUT!’’ But Robin didn’t move which caused my father to get even more pissed. ‘’I SAID GET OUT.’’ He shouted and punched Robin in his stomach. He nearly fell down in pain, but before my father could hit him again I jumped in front of Robin. ‘’You have no right to hurt him.’’ I said. ‘’OH SO YOU’D RATHER BE WITH HIM THAN WITH YOUR FAMILY THEN?’’ My dad started shouting again. ‘’YOU KNOW WHAT? FINE! YOU BETTER GET A BIGGER SUITCASE BECAUSE I AM KICKING YOU OUT!’’ He shouted. ‘’ Fine I will. Glad to be gone.’’ I said. He walked away, throwing a vase to the ground as he walked to the living room. I turned around and helped Robin to get up. ‘’I’m so sorry.’’ I said. ‘’It’s okay..’’ He said and grabbed my suitcase.

We walked back up stairs and started packing more of my stuff in tons of bags. ‘’I now understand what you meant with ‘life’ ‘’ He said as he put some of my CD’s in a plastic bag. ‘’Are you okay with me staying with you for a while?’’ I asked and looked at him. ‘’Ofcourse! I’m not letting you stay here for another minute. You’re coming with me.’’ He said and he started helping me with getting my posters off the wall. ‘’There’s a spare room in my house here now that my parents moved. They moved to Göteborg, but never sold the house. That’s why I came back here.’’ He said and put my last stuff in a bag. We began to drag them downstairs and put them in Robin’s spare room. The walls were already grey and the room was totally empty. Which meant we were going to get my furniture too. We slowly carried my closet, cabinets and drawers to his house. And after that we decided to take the pieces of the bed apart and build it back up at his house. When all my stuff was there Robin went to the Burger King to get us some food. I started to move the furniture and unpack the bags and suitcases. I brought my guitar downstairs. When I arrived there I noticed that there was a piece of paper on the piano. It looked like song lyrics so I picked it up and read it. ‘’YOU.’’ It said.

Then I remembered how he said he wrote it for an old friend. And that he said he didn’t think he’d ever see her beautiful green eyes again. He had been talking about me. So I read the lyrics and smiled, they we’re so cute. I put the paper back and went to get something to drink. As I was searching around the kitchen to find glasses the front door opened and Robin came in with our food. We sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. He gave me my fries and hamburger and we decided to watch a movie. ‘’I have SCREAM 4 with me.’’ I said. He looked up and smiled. ‘’I wanna see that one.’’ He said. So I went to get it upstairs and when I got back he had already finished his burger. ‘’Dude you’re a quick eater.’’ I said and he laughed. ‘’I’m a professional.’’ He said. I placed the movie in the DVD player and started it. As the movie started Robin stood up. ‘’I’ll make us some popcorn.’’ He said and walked off to the kitchen. On the TV screen you saw 2 girls in a kitchen, the one told the other she has a facebook stalker which she had blocked a couple of times but kept finding his way back in. As the telephone rang and the other girl answered, she quickly hung up cause she thought it was a prank. But when they we’re called again and the facebook stalker told them to answer. They did. He asked them what their favorite scary movie was. They hung up again and the doorbell rang. The stalker told them to open. They did, but there was no one there. The stalker said ‘’I’m right beside you.’’ And then the ghostface killer jumped up and stabbed them. ‘’BOO’’ Robin suddenly shouted. I jumped up and screamed. ‘’I hate you.’’ I said. He laughed and sat back down next to me. I grabbed a hand full of popcorn and threw it in his face. ‘’I deserved that.’’ He said and we both laughed. I put my legs on his lap and laid down on the couch getting comfortable. As people were getting brutally murdered in the movie the doorbell rang. Robin stood up and opened it. ‘’Växjö police, you are under arrest.’’ I heard people at the door say. I jumped up and ran after Robin. ‘’I’m sorry but this must be a misunderstanding, I haven’t done anything wrong?’’ Robin said, confused. ‘’You have been accused of kidnapping an 18 year old girl.’’ The police officer said. ‘’HE DIDN’T!’’ I shouted and stood still next to Robin. ‘’Young lady are you okay?’’ The police officer asked as the others grabbed Robin’s arms. ‘’I’m more than okay, he didn’t kidnap me sir, he’s my friend.’’ I told them. ‘’I’m sorry young lady but your dad called that you have been kidnapped by this boy.’’ The officer said. ‘’My dad is a liar, he was the one who kicked me out of the house.’’ I said. ‘’Still we will have to take him with us for questioning. ‘’ The officer said and the other 2 officers took Robin to the police car in front of the house. ‘’If he’s going so am I.’’ I said. ‘’That’s fine.’’ The officer replied and I sat down next to Robin on the backseat of the car.


Robin’s POV:

‘’Is it true that you have kidnapped 18 year old Emely Grey?’’ The officer asked me. ‘’No it’s not, she’s my friend we were just hanging out. Her dad kicked her out so she stays with me for a while.’’ I said. The officer wrote it down. I looked at the mirror on the wall of the questioning room. I know there were people watching me from behind there and Emely was there too. I smiled at the mirror and looked back at the officer in front of me. ‘’Then why did her dad call us and told us his daughter was kidnapped?’’ The officer asked. ‘’I don’t know.’’ I said. ‘’Thank you for answering these questions, we will now question Emely to see what she has to say.’’ The officer said and stood up. A couple of officers brought me to an empty office with some coffee where they left me.


Emely’s POV:

I got to watch Robin’s questioning from behind a 2sided mirror. At some point he smiled my way, and even though I knew he couldn’t see me I smiled back. The officer who was questioning him wrote something down and left. Then 2 others came to pick Robin up and took him away. About 3 minutes later the same 2 officers came to pick me up and planted me in the chair in the questioning room. A different officer entered the room and sat down across the table in front of me. ‘’So Emely. Tell me, have you been kidnapped by that boy?’’ He asked. ‘’No he’s my friend.’’ I said and looked at him. ‘’You don’t have to protect him.’’ The officer said. ‘’He can’t hurt you here, you have nothing to be afraid of.’’ He added. ‘’I’m not scared of him. He won’t hurt me. He didn’t kidnap me.’’ I said and started to get pissed. How many times did we need to explain this? ‘’Well let’s see what your dad says about that.’’ The officer said and the door behind me opened. I looked behind me and saw my dad enter with yet another officer. My dad sat down on a chair next to me and started shouting. ‘’HE KIDNAPPED MY LITTLE GIRL WHY ISN’T HE IN PRISON YET?!’’ ‘’Because we don’t have any evidence against him.’’ The officer answered calmly. ‘’You were the one who kicked me out. Where else was I supposed to go.’’ I said bitterly, looking at my dad. I felt a hand slap me against my cheek, leaving a burning mark. 2 Officers from outside stormed in and took him away from me. ‘’I believe you.’’ The officer across of me said. ‘’You and your friend are free to go, though I think we’ll have to look at him and child abuse.’’ The officer said and led me out. We picked up Robin from an empty office and the officer brought us back to Robin’s house. ‘’I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.’’ He said. ‘’It’s okay.’’ Robin said and we got out of the car. We walked in the house to find the TV still on, I had forgotten to turn it off. The movie was finished and the bowl of popcorn was still half full. ‘’What time is it.’’ I asked and I yawned. ‘’1AM.’’ Robin answered. ‘’Then imam go and sleep now.’’ I said and walked upstairs. He followed me and went to his own room. As I entered mine I searched for my favorite pajama’s. But I couldn’t find them so I just put my sweatpants and a shirt on. I grabbed my toothpaste and toothbrush and went to the bathroom that was connected to my room. The house had 2 bathrooms which meant I could go here whenever I wanted. I brushed my teeth and removed my makeup. When I finished I decided to go and say goodnight to Robin before I went to sleep. So I walked to his room and knocked. ‘’Yeah come in.’’ I heard his sleepy voice say. So I walked in to find him in his boxers walking around his room. ‘’I just came to say goodnight.’’ I said and walked up to him. He gave me a hug. ‘’Goodnight.’’ I said. ‘’Goodnight.’’ He answered. I went back to my room and laid down in my bed. My life has just became one million times better.

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