More than just friends.? (5SOS & 1D)

Two girls named Emily and Eleanor live in London together, they are sisters.
But one day when the two famous bands'One direction and 5SOS 'with a well-deserved vacation together, everything changes. because the boys staying at the hotel right next to the two girls houses .....


1. Can i get your number?

"Wake up sleepy head!" I shouted for my sister.

She turned and came up with an answer "No way!"

I went and pulled the quilt, but she held on tight, finally got her quilt and I fell backwards. We both sat and was dying of laughter. Finally I said "Well, now you up, now you known also awake!" with a laugh.

"Okay then!" she said, still filled with laughter.

I went out and took a bath and rushed me afterwards to do my makeup, very neutral, I do not usually go with tons of makeup.

Afterwards I went into my room and took black short on with leggings and a fancy tank top, then I took my black doctor martens on.

So I went out into the living room to the dining table. "Wow, you made food?" I asked, surprised.

I took a bite. "It tastes good!" I said and smacked my lips.

"Thanks, but I also tried 5 times in a row, so there is some eggs in the trash," she said, looking down. "I knew there was something behind it! So good you do not usally turn out that sweet!" I said with a big grin as she laughed with me.

"Are you ready to go out and do a little shopping?" I asked curiosity.

"Sure!" she said, ready.      


3 hours later


We had not really bought that much, but it had been a long trip!

"I go home El, I need to play PC!" Emily said

"Okay then, I'm over at starbucks"

"Okay" she replied quickly. I shook my head, childrens and their computers.

I sat down and looked at the menu and ordered some Choco coffee.

Then I felt someone behind me, so I looked behind me and saw a really good looking guy!

"Excuse me," he said, biting his lip. "Uhm .. h-hi"

  I said a little bit silly. "Hello," he said with a lovely deep voice and a smile.

"I just wanted to ask if I could borrow the menu" he said, pointing at the menu next to me. "Of course!" I said immediately, and gave him the menu.

"Thanks babe" he said happy.

"So what's your name?" he asked curiosity.

"Ah, My name is-"

"ELEANOR" the starbuck woman called my name depends stood with my starbuck coffee in her hand.

I nodded my head so she could see that it was my coffee.

She gave it to me with a smile and looked at me with a smirk.

"Eleanor. Beautiful name," he said with a small smile.

"Thanks" I said quietly.

"How old are you Eleanor?" He asked curiosity.

"16" I said with a smile

"I'd better back home to my little sister Emily"

"If I could get your number, we might talk later?" He asked and waited for an answer

"Ok then" I said with a tiny smirk.

I took his phone and he took mine, so we entered the numbers into each other's phones.

Then I got my back and he got his, "See you later Styles" I said and winked.

"See you later babe" he said, and laughed a little loving.







So guys, this was my first chapter hope you like it! Sorry it was kinda short :(

Add a comment if you liked it. : D

Looooove from Eleanor xx

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