once we meet again

mays a normal girl ,sixteen ,lives with her mum and not to forget they have a plenty of money....meet a boy on the plane they get along but what she didnt know that this boy was zayn malik after the plane she thought she will never see him but what happens when fait bring them back together every time they pull apart ..love..hurt.. heart breaks..and wanting to forget


1. coming back home

i got out of bed after a sleepless night ,i went to the shower maybe i'll relax a bit today me and my mom were going back home to london ,we left for 5 years and we decided to live here in spain after the death of my father i couldnt live there anymore so mum decided that we should come here and now we r heading back cuz my mums main fashion company is there ...i finished my shower and changed into some jean shorts and whit tshirt paired with gold sandals  iwent down stairs to see mum eating breakfast it was 8:30 our plane is leaving at 10:00 ,''good morning mum'',''good morning honey ,i made u some pancakes '',oki thanx mum '' i ate my break fast and watched some tv to kill some time since im already packed i glanced at the watch and it was 9:15 ''mum i think we should get going ",oki just wait for me in the car 


skip the car ride 

now i was in my seat in first class my mum was not next to me she was like 3 rows away,people were  walking trying to find there seats when  a tall tanned boy with black hair in a quiff sat next to me he had brown eyes i just stared into his eyes they were so beatifull like nice shade of yellow with dark and light brown mixed together and i was pulled out of my thoughts with him saying "hi",h..hhey"i manged to get out cuz i was so overwhelmed ... the plane flew and i  was so tired i was about to close my eyes when some one said "im zayn " i looked over and it was the boy with the eyes hahaha the eyes nice nickname "mays"i said to him with a smile he smiled bach gosh his smile made my heart melt omg what im saying im i falling to a guy i barley know his name and where on a plane !!!

we had a little chat and he is really funny and sweet i liked him ..

sooooooo when is ur birthday ???" he asked "12/1/1993" really?!??!!!" "yeah.."im on the same " "omg thts really weird or is it suppose to be funny? i dont know omgggg"i blurred out and his reaction was to laugh end i laughed along   ....after the plane ride we said goodbyes but somthing about him made me want to know him better and meet again and i saw sadness in his eyes when we said goodbyes i felt the same 

..skip the car ride

"mum this house is so cute and BIGGGG thanx " "ur welcome sweety now lets start un paking i went to my room it was big with a balcony and master bathroom i was happy i started unpacking my stuff and i said goodnights to my mum and headed to sleep this was along day and i cant stop thinking about .....HIM

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