"Don't Let Me Go" (Poem: Inspired from the song by Harry Styles)

This was originally a poem I wrote for my English class, but I decided to post it! Hope you enjoy it! It's kinda sad from my view, please comment what you think about it?

-Chloe xx

(PLEASE! Do not take it as I've worked hard on it and it is fully my work! Thanks (: )


2. "Officially Gone..."

Finally, they came home today

One step inside the door, with that beautiful smile across their face

But the boys grin fell when theirs didn’t look his way

Instead looked down at the girl, their arm around her waist


They greeted his presence with a simple ‘hello’

The boy looked down sadly, replying with a slight wave

What happened to the way they shouted his name, through the halls it would echo

Bringing that delightful sound through his cold, pitch black cave


The boy stood frozen awkwardly, again watching from afar at the two together

Playing with the coloured bands that decorated his pale wrists

Reading the words from the charm on the chain, us forever

The one his love gave him last December as one of the boy’s Christmas gifts


The boy left the two alone, walking to his room, slamming the bedroom door

He couldn’t hold it longer as he let his tears run free

Back to the wall, he slowly slides down to the spine shivering cold floor

Why are you with her, when you should be with me?


Yet again, that question replayed in the boy’s mind

But now, every time he thought about it, it seemed to sound useless

It was starting to become clear that his love couldn’t see him, like they were blind

Like whatever the boy did for his love, every touch and every word, was just in his head, reality was motionless


A soft knock to the locked wooden door brought his gaze up

A voice, that voice, it’s his love’s voice that sounded

The boy’s heart was beating faster, like a horse and its gallop

He opened the door, his two eyes meeting theirs, silence is what surrounded


The boy broke their stare, looking down and noticed his love’s hand, gold metal wrapped his forth finger

His eyes widened, his voice not audible to say a word

His love was getting married. Not to him though, as the ring’s matching pair was not on his finger

The ring told him everything, not needing to hear what was soon going to be heard


It’s official, the boy lost him, he lost his love forever

Why didn’t he admit it to himself long before

Might as well pack his bag and fly back to Cheshire

As there is no point staying here anymore


I’m sorry for whatever I did to make you feel like this

So, his love never noticed every word and every touch?

With a shake of the boy’s head, stepping closer and giving his love’s cheek a kiss

The reaction he received was not one he wished for, quickly walking away from his love as it became too much


As days pasted, they soon turned into weeks

Not even remembering the last time he saw his love

The tear stains that leaked over his flushed, rosy cheeks

No sound, silence was all that was spoken of


Since then, he shut out from the world; no one has seen the boy

Because that darkness has taken over him again, harder to escape this time

Unless all this bad stuff was all just another dream, maybe it would bring him some joy

But for now the boy sits alone at the frosty cold window, his heart broken, trying to tell himself, I’m fine…

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