"Don't Let Me Go" (Poem: Inspired from the song by Harry Styles)

This was originally a poem I wrote for my English class, but I decided to post it! Hope you enjoy it! It's kinda sad from my view, please comment what you think about it?

-Chloe xx

(PLEASE! Do not take it as I've worked hard on it and it is fully my work! Thanks (: )


1. "Don't Let Me Go..."


Inspired by the song by: Harry Styles              


He sits in his bedroom, in the dark all alone

Looking down at his shaky hands, twiddling his fingers

He saw a picture of a person, whose heart he cannot own

Their piercing blue eyes, the boy’s stare lingers


Acceptance is what he wished, but not what he got

He had his chance, but now it’s lost

He leaned his head against the glass window, the weather not hot

As he watched the snowflakes fall, the town now covered in frost


He asks himself the same question everyday

Why are you with her, when you should be with me

The window started to fog as his breath came its way

I know it’s going to be a tough ride, but that’s just how it has to be


The tattoos on his arm tells a story

And each story came with many streaming tears

It’s a story about two beings, and their hidden love journey

To prove to his love, that he will wait for years


Most would think this boy was crazy

Others would think it being over three years, he’s waited too long

But the person his eyes lied upon, made his heart beat like crazy

Even more after they dedicated him to their favourite song


The boy looked at the clock in the corner of the room

Eleven thirty, the blinking lights read

He smiled at the thought of his love coming home soon

But it vanished when he remembered what they said


I think I’m going to ask her, I really think she’s the one

But the look in the girl’s eyes, there was something not right

Watching from afar was never fun

But I guess he’ll have to see what happens again tonight


The sound of the front door banging caught his attention

Running down the stair case, his love stood there, back to him not face to face

He stared at the figure with adoration

But once they turned to face, he noted that this was not the case


Red eyes and flushed tan skin is what he had to see

 Tear stained cheeks reflected from the light, becoming visible

Their gazed turned to him, broken and hurt was clearly seen

He then felt his loves arms wrap his build tight, feeling no longer invisible


She’s gone; she said no, they whispered, what am I going to do?

He lifted up their chin, with a light touch of his finger tips

I’m sorry to hear that, but I’ll be here for you

Their grip only tightened around him, their touch never rips

What if I messed up? Maybe I was wrong this whole time

He stared at his love, confusion in his eyes

Maybe if I was with you, everything would be fine

The look in their eyes, there were no lies


His love stepped closer, their hand held a rose

I never thought it was true, this feeling inside, but now I do

To reach the boys height, his love prepped on their toes

With all my heart, I love you


The boy stood shocked, thinking this was all a dream

But it couldn’t be, he waited three years for this

Before he could think of what else this could seem

His love sealed his lips with a firework filled kiss


But then the light turned out, and the room turned black

What was happening? Did something go wrong?

He needed to find his love again, run and never go back

But when he bolted awake, he knew it was a dream all along


So for now the boy sat alone in the dark, broken and torn apart

Waiting for his love to run in his life and steal his heart


- Written by ChloeJune

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