for the first time

I have been reading a lot here and I have decided to write one on my own.
BTW I'm from Israel and I'm dying to see One direction coming to do a show here !!!

this is my first one and Liam Payne staring in it !!
he is one of my favorites from One direction band :)
Hope you'll like it !


7. chapter 7

-at the hotel-

"so what you lads doing in a sleepovers?", I asked them, "depends if we alone or having girls in the room", said Harry winking at me, "so you guys having girls a lot?", I asked and looked at Liam with offended look, "no ! this is not what you thinking Danny , Harry stop being stupid", Liam defended himself and get closer to me, "I'm hoping for you Li", I said after he took my hand and hold it , "can you call me again Li?", he asked smiling at me, "oh come on get yourselves a room", said Louis , "don't like don't look", I answered to him and than I kissed Liam, "ok that is enough", said Zayn and separate me and Liam, I looked at him with my puppy face , "Zayn look how she looked at me, how can you separate us?", he asked begging, "like that ", he said and pulled me to sit near to him on the sofa, "not cool", he said, "don't care", Zayn said smiling to him, "so what we gonna do?", Niall asked, "lets watch a movie", suggested Harry, "what kind of movie?", I asked hoping they will not say the one kind that I hate to death , "let watch scary one", said Louis , like he read my mind , "why? no its such a stupid kind of movies, we don't have to watch a scary movie , comedy its good", I said begging they will changes their mind, "babe are you scared?", Liam asked, "what? way, I just need to go to the bathroom for a sec", I said and hurried to the bathroom.
why it have to be a scary movie, I act like a little girl when it comes to this, I don't want that Liam looked at me like I'm a baby..ahhh what I'm going to do?!

-Liam's P.O.V-
Daniel almost run to the bathroom, "what happened? is she ok?", Zayn asked, "I don't know, I should go to see what's up", I said and leave the lads to the bathroom. "Daniel are you ok?", I asked her behind the bathroom's door because she closed it, "come on babe, open the door", I pleased, after a while I heard the key unlocked the door, "what's wrong babe?", I asked when I entered , she set on the floor near the bath, I came near to her, "why did you leaved like this?", I asked her when I set down near her, "its nothing", she said without looking at me, "babe I love you and I don't like seen you like that, what's wrong did I do something?", I asked I get worried, "no its not like that at all, it just that I don't want that you thing that I'm such a baby", she said still not looking at me, "you're my baby , and I love you no matter what", I said when I make her faced me with my hand on her chin, "tell me what happened", I pleased, "its because of the scary movies, I'm scared to watch them", she said with an embarrassing face, I didn't say a word, I lean in for kiss her, "that's all?", I asked her after we separate from the kiss, "you don't look like a baby to me, babe I like that you scared from scary movies", I said smiling , "why?", she asked , "it gives me a chance to hug you, cuddling with you and protect you", I answered and that make her smile, "I love you Li", she looked at me, her eyes shined , "come on babe, I'm with you", I said, get up from the floor and handed her my hand, she grab it and we went to the lads.

-Daniel P.O.V-
Zayn came to me, "vas happening?", he asked worried, "nothing, everything is ok now", I said smiling at Liam while we holding hands, "so scary movie it is?", Louis asked, "yep", I answered looking at Liam smiling, "lets go", he said.
"I told I shouldn't watch it", I whispered to Liam while I were covering my eyes, "babe I'm here", he whispered back and hugged me tight, I put down my hands that covered my eyes and looked at the screen, its was the moment when the little boy stayed alone at his house and then the murder came and.. "Omg!!!", I shout and pushed my head to Liam's shirt, "babe, come with me", he said to me after he sew me freaking out, "yes please", I begged, we got up, the other lads were with full intention to the movie so they even didn't notice us leaving the room.
"my heart is raising", I said hardly breathing, "calm babe its just a movie", he said hugging me , "I'm such a baby", I whispered to him, "come here", he said and lead me to his bad, "you're not a baby, its ok to be scared", he said smiling at me, "well I'm sorry if I ruined you the movie", I apologized , "you didn't ruined me anything, as long as I'm with you its ok", he said and lean in for kiss me. at first it was slowly but then it become passionately one, he lays me down on his bad while he was on the top of me, "wait Liam", I stopped, "what's wrong?", he asked, "I'm not ready yet", I said tried to not looking at him, "hey babe, I will never make you do something you don't want", he said to me and gave me a kiss on the chick, "but it thought you want us to. You know.." I said looking at him, "well no , this is not the place to do this for the first time", he smiled to me, I stared at him, he is the sweetest boy ever, why I deserve him? 
"Daniel where you went?", he asked giggling ,"I went to my thoughts", I answered, "on..?", he asked, "about my sweet kind and loving boyfriend", I said without concern on what will happened if I said it, "are you trying to make me blush or what?", he asked smiling, "I love your smile, I love your eyes, I love your nose, I love your lips, but especially I love you Li", I said still staring at him, he stared at me his face turns to red, "what did you do to me? you're like an angel coming to my life, I have feeling in my stomach, feeling that I have never felt!, from the moment I heard you singing I knew that you are special to me", he said smiling and blushing, "I love you Daniel", he said and didn't wait any minute for lean and kissing me, I put my arms around his neck while he puts his around my whist. his kisses are the sweetest and the most loving ! I really love this lad :)

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