for the first time

I have been reading a lot here and I have decided to write one on my own.
BTW I'm from Israel and I'm dying to see One direction coming to do a show here !!!

this is my first one and Liam Payne staring in it !!
he is one of my favorites from One direction band :)
Hope you'll like it !


4. chapter 4

- Daniel's P.O.V -

after being blushed again by my idols we went to their hotel because they have another show only at 7 p.m. which means that we have free time for almost 8 hours.
"wow, that is your room?! it could be my house", I said while I was amazed from their room, "don't be silly its not enough for being an house", said Niall, "maybe not for you, but for me its enough", I claimed, "ok enough talking about the room, we have like 8 hours for free time what we gonna do?" Louis asked, "we can eat", " Niall suggested , wow that lad really like to eat, "really Niall?", Harry asked looking at him, "yeah I'm hungry", he answered, "what ever.. someone else?", asked Louis ," we can go to swim", suggested Zayn, "naa I'm too tired for swimming.." said Louis and he went to sit on the sofa next to Harry.

after we wasted 15 minutes from our free time I had an idea, " amm I have an idea"," I said , "what are you waiting for, tell us", said Zayn smiling to me, I smiled back at him "ok, we can go to bowling", I suggested, " I liked the idea", said Liam immediately, "of curse you like it", said Zayn and looked at Liam who came to sit next to me on the sofa, " I liked it too , we can eat there", said Niall smiling to me, "so bowling it is" , declared Louis, "there is bowling in the hotel lets go there", said Harry and we all went after him.

we enter to the bowling, "lets make this interesting and bet on something", suggested Niall while he ate burger and french fries, "no way Niall! there is no way to make us bet with you", said Liam, "why not?", i asked, "because its never good to bet with him", answered Harry ,"come on, you lads are chickens", said Niall, " Niall lets bet just you and me", I suggested, "yeahhhh", said Niall happily, "Daniel don't do it", Liam said to me , "why not it will be fine", i answered to him, "you don't know where you going through", he said to me, "relax i can handle myself", i said to him and smiled, "so lets the game begin", announced Niall .

"its not fair", said Niall ,"you could tell us that you know how to play", he claimed after i won the game , the other lads were laughing at him ," she knocked you down", Harry said to him, "Niall you didn't asked if I know to play", I said to my defend, "I'm sorry", I apologized and hugged him, "how can i be mad at my little fan", he joked, "hi! I think we all understand that everything is ok between you two", Liam said and took my hand, grabbing me next to him, "relax Liam", i whispered to him , he looked at me with a little sadness, "I'm sorry", he said and let go of my hand.
"ok, so Daniel what was the bet on?", Harry asked me, "you have to memorize her", claimed Niall , "i think its a great time for swimming so let all change except from you Niall you are going to swim like that", i said to him , everyone looked at me in shock , "what happened?", i asked , " you are worst than Niall", joked Louis , " what do you mean?", i asked again, " its polo ", Niall whined , "so?", i asked, "how can you be a fan if you don't know my weaknesses?", Niall asked still whining, "I'm sorry but i have my favorite", i said , and again why my mouth cant be shut sometimes, "who is your favorite?", Harry asked, "come on we have to change clothes ", i said and start walking, they all went after me, "Daniel come on tell us", said Liam, " it doesn't matter", i shout so they could hear me.
why Liam needs to ask me that, like they don't know that my favorite is Liam and his beautiful smile. what happened on stage and what i felt never happened to me with someone else, but i guess that it never will actually happened and what Liam said in that moment was just for not breaking my heart, i mean like he is Liam Payne he could get any girl in the world so why he will pick me? there is nothing special in me..   

we get in their room, and they all except Niall went to change, "Daniel come here", I heard Zayn calling me from his room, "yeah Zayn", I answered and step forward to his room, "i just figure out that you don't have a bikini or anything else to wear in the pool", he said looking at me , he had change already to his swimsuit, "oh you right", i didn't thought about it too much, "well there you go", he said and throw to me one from his swimsuits and a white t-shirt, "what is that", i said after he throw it on me,"i think its swimsuit and a shirt, but I'm not sure", he said and winked at me, I looked back at him ," tanks Zayn you the best", i said and hugged him, "its ok you like my little sis", he said hugging me back, "love you big bro", i said smiling, "love you too little one".

- Liam's P.O.V -

"love you too little one", I heard Zayn saying , I sew them hugging, my heart broke to piece.
I don't know why, I've only know her for couple hours, its not make sense, this girl entered my heart very quick, and it hurts seen her with Zayn. Zayn is my friend why he did that to me, maybe i didn't tell him but I'm sure he noticed he is the closest to me. and Daniel, what we had on stage, those beautiful moments fade away.
they braked the hug. their faces faced me with their smiling. I want to shout. to scream at them, but the only thing I did is back off and leave them behind smiling and enjoying.

-Daniel's P.O.V -

"what just happened?", I asked Zayn after we sew Liam, "I have no idea", he answered , "strange", I said, "well thank you for that", I said showing him the clothes he gave me," no problem sis, now go change so we could go to swim", he ordered and I obeyed.
after I have changed , we all went to the pool. Liam was far from me, I didn't knew why. all the way to the pool me and Zayn get to know each other but my mind was thinking about my Liam.
did I do something wrong, did he forget already of what happened on stage. I should have seen it coming.

"Niall you go first", said Harry, "Daniel there is something else I can do?", he asked me with his puppy face, "I'm afraid that there is no something else", I answered and smiled, "you're evil", he said and all the lads laughed besides Liam, I looked at him he seems to be full of thoughts, I wish I knew what is on his mind.
 Niall jumped with his clothes to the pool,  "polo I love you", he whined, "oh come on Niall its just clothes", Zayn said to him and jumped to the pool, after him Harry and Louis jumped although.
"you coming?", I asked Liam , "maybe later", he answered without looking at me, I came near to him, "Liam are you ok?", I asked , "like you care", I think I heard anger in his voice, "what do you mean?", I asked confused, "never mind just leave me alone", he said and still without looking at me, "Liam why are you talking to me like that?", I asked and to be honest I started to get enough from his behaving, "I think I told you to leave me alone", he repeated on his words, I was in shock , why he is talking to me like that, like I'm kind of a garbage. I'm not asking him to treat me like his girlfriend, but at least treat me good as a fan, I'm not that worst.
"you don't need to be such an ass", i said angry , i felt hurt , he is my idol and he treat me like that, how he dare. he finally looked at me, i felt the tears coming, "how did you called me?", he asked shocked, "yeah i called you an ass , so what ? how you dare to speak to me like that? maybe you are Liam Payne and you're my idol but is not giving you the right to treat me like that", i said and the tears dropped, in that point all the four lads looked at us, "I'm sorry everyone i want to leave now", i said with tears on my face, i step to the hotel, i didn't believe that what happened actually happened.

- Liam's P.O.V-
"why Daniel is crying?", Zayn asked me, "why do you care?", I shouted at him after i sew Daniel entered to the hotel, "what's wrong with you Li?", he asked looking shock at me, "what wrong with me?" I was pissed , "what's wrong with you! I thought we are friends", I get up stared at him, "we are friends", he claimed, all the lads were around us, "if we were friends you wouldn't became Daniel's boyfriend", I almost screamed at him, "what are you talking about ? you idiot!", he shout at me, i didn't answered, "me and Daniel only friends she like my little sister", he announced, "you a liar! i sew you two hugging and saying 'love you' to each other", I claimed, "what are you talking about?" he asked ," I sew you in your room", I said with a lower voice, Zayn looked like he with trying to understand something, "you are stupid", he said after he figure out something, "I told Daniel that she is like my sis and she said she love me like I'm her big bro, what you have heard was that we said  we love each other but in a kind of a brothers love", he explain , it took me a couple of minutes to understand that I  was an idiot, "I'm stupid", I said out loud ," we know ! now go to find Daniel",  he announced and all the lads agree with him.
I messed up, how stupid I could be, I need to find her and to apologize in front of her, oh god I hope she will forgive me or else I don't know what I will do! 


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