for the first time

I have been reading a lot here and I have decided to write one on my own.
BTW I'm from Israel and I'm dying to see One direction coming to do a show here !!!

this is my first one and Liam Payne staring in it !!
he is one of my favorites from One direction band :)
Hope you'll like it !


10. chapter 10

- Liam P.O.V -
we were there for one or two hours in my opinion, i liked seen something that my Dani love, a place that will alwas remind me her and her beautiful eyes, the warming lips, her smile, her everything, i cant imageing not been with her, leaving her behind for to long, i mean i dont know for how long i am stayig in Israel, when people say that love its beautiful but bring with her so much pain they right, how can i leave her after all we've been through..its to hard.
"babe what's wrong?" , daniel intrupted my thoughts, "you've been far ", in the minute i heared her last word i dont why but tears stream down my face, "babe talk with me", she asked worried, "i couldnt say a word i junt needed her, needed her hug, needed her lips, i think she knew that cus after ten seconds her lips already found my lips and she took me closer to her.

- Daniel P.O.V -
"im sorry", he said "dont be babe, im here for you", i answered, "its just that i dont want leave you i dont want us to be apart, i just undrstand how much i love you Daniel I DONT US TO SEPERATE", he said , i didnt knew what to say i just huuged him, i dont want us to be apart too it will be to hard to be far from him, i have to be with him, "i wish i could be in One Direction too, i could go with you to your shows, to be next to you, supporting you, be the woman in your side..", i whispered .
after one minute Liam looked at me ," come with me Daniel", he said and looked to me in the eyes, "what do you mean Liam", "come with me to the tour , be the woman by my side i want you to come with me and that you will watch me performing and singing to you ", he said confindet on himself, "are you mean that?", i asked, "of course ! come with me babe please", he said and tight his lips on mine.

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