Summer love

The love of his life- One summer- One band- One decision
Niall is writing letters to his former partner Jennifer. He's heartbroken and is trying to explain to Jennifer why he had to do what he did. Niall knows there will never be a good enough explanation, but it's worth a try.


2. Trying so hard not to cry...


Dear Jennifer,

I saw the glint in your eye as you walked away, you walked away when I told you. I broke right there and then, knowing that it was all over. That look in your eye, was it pain ? or was it hate ? or both ? I really don't blame you if you did hate me. I broke your heart after all, for the record my heart isn't healthy either. I don't know what to do next. I'm broken, you're broken, and all because of me and my stupidity ! If it helps I'm blaming myself for everything, from our first argument to our last. I went wrong I mucked up, but now it's cost me the most amazing person in the world. I know the girls are comforting you, I'm glad you've got someone to cry to and tell everything I've done wrong to them. The boys are comforting me, bless them. They've tried everything, including those jokes that made us laugh so much we couldn't breath, I miss that, but now I can't laugh, not without you. I'd do anything just to even see you again. The boys have been trying to get Eleanor to ask you to just be in the same room as me for a second. I'm not sure if she has spoken to you yet but I beg you, I just want one second to maybe say all this to your face, to show you that I mean it. Do you still have the necklace ? You know the one I'm on about, the one that separated into two pieces, I still wear my half, do you still wear it ? Every time I remember when I opened that box to show you, your face filled with delight. I had never felt so proud before that day. I remember putting it round your neck and your long brown hair getting in the way. The way you giggled when the hair wouldn't get out the way, and the way I got frustrated with it. I love your laugh, you said you loved mine, my laugh isn't the same without you. I remember all the good times together, I try not to think about the bad, but at the moment all I see is a flashback of that night I told you. I feel so stupid and guilty, the way your heart broke right in front of my eyes. I can't take back that moment, I can never live this down. It's alright for you to cry, I saw you trying to hold back your tears, crying is all I've been doing lately, just let it out it's okay to cry. No matter how much you cry I will always see you as a strong, beautiful women. Not a girl, you don't need someone showing you how to do everything or telling how to do everything, you're a women, you have a voice, you have freedom. Please write back, I just want to hear from you that's all...

From Niall

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