Summer love

The love of his life- One summer- One band- One decision
Niall is writing letters to his former partner Jennifer. He's heartbroken and is trying to explain to Jennifer why he had to do what he did. Niall knows there will never be a good enough explanation, but it's worth a try.


3. Had the best time, but now it's the worst time...

Dear Jennifer,

I remember when we joked about the future, you know, saying how we would be a family one day. Do you remember ? Over the course of the summer I had the best times with you and I really enjoyed it, I hope you did to ! When we said about the family we imagined a big house, two kids, one boy and one girl. I still remember the names we picked out for them, they were Lawrence and Maisy. You picked the names yourself when we were sat in the field, your Uncle John's field, we even planned the wedding. Do you remember ? The venue was going to be in Ireland, we would have four best men; The boys, of course. You said Eleanor and Perrie were going to be the bridesmaids, the honeymoon was going to be in the caribbean. You even described your dream dress, long but not so long you can trip over it, small high heels so your feet don't ache. I remember every second of our good times, even the bad. But of course none of our bad times are as traumatic as this. I didn't mean to say what I said. I feel so stupid for doing it so. I don't ask for forgiveness, I just ask for a moment to talk to you, properly like people. No shouting, arguing or fighting but talking. I remember when you had a argument with a person close to you and you were so upset, I remember reassuring you. You were so happy when I came to support you. We had a great time. I saw you as my best friend not just my girlfriend. Did you see that in me to ? I remember every little detail of you, your tears, your laughter, your smile, your eyes, your temper and your personality. I loved every single bit of you, I find it hard to admit but I still do love you. I didn't say this in my last letters because I was scared that it would scare you of, that you wouldn't reply at all or you would refuse to read my letters. I shouldn't be ashamed to admit that I love you because I do, and you should know that. I always have loved you, and when you accepted and became my girlfriend, I couldn't of been more happier. I felt like the luckiest person in the world, did you ? I'm really looking forward to your reply !

From Niall

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