Perfectly Imperfect



1. Unexpected

Megan's P.O.V.

It's summer. This is the most boring summer i ever had...cause i clearly have nothing to do. I have no plans for the whole month. I've been tweeting it all day. (Just in case one of my relatives see it and invite me to go...SOMEWHERE!)
I have a best friend who is in London...Her name is Ela...She's my best friend since Kindergarten. She went in London to finish her studies. Her mom died because of car accident. So it's just her, her dad and her stepmother. Her stepmom is a Britain. She hates her. She call her 'Stepmonster'...
*'Midnight Memories' by 1D is playing* 
I picked up my phone. (Which is on my night stand vibrating) 
"Well, speaking of...Ela called." I said to myself
"Hello sis!" I said happily
"Oh, hey, babe, i got a good news for you." She said sound excited
"What's that?" I said curiously
"Well, as you know...i work in a bake shop...Since i just got my salary and i have 1 week break...I've decided to go L.A..tomorrow have nothing to do with my money. So, i decided the way, when i got in L.A., I want you to tour me in there." she said. (Yes, she is a working student) I didn't response. Like, at all!  I don't know what to say! So, she continued it.
"Then after that, we will go to London..i--" I cut her off
"Woah, woah, woah, wait...did you just said 'WE will go to London' as in 'WE'?" I made the 'WE' word loud
"Yes!" She said giggling
"Oh my Gawd! A--" i was about to scream but she cut off
"WAIT! I'm not done yet. Let me continue." She said calmly...I allowed her to continue it.
"I will buy you...and i...of course...a ticket to London. So, basically, you have nothing to worry about...Nothing but your parents' permission and your clothes..." Ela said in a calm voice
"Are you sure about this?" I said excitedly
"Yes! Don't you like it?" She said worried
"Yo keddang meh? (You kidding me) I LOVE IT!" I said laughing
"I've read that your summer is i came up with this plan." She said 
"How did you know that my summer is boring?" I said curiously
"I already told you, I've READ it..anyway, Bye! Gonna pack my things." she said happily
"Okay, bye!" I said awkwardly
Then she hung up...How did she knew about the boring thing? ANYWAY,
I immediately ran to my parents and asked them about it...
"Honey, i'm not sure." My mom said
"I'm also not sure...I'd say...N--" My dad said. I was getting nervous and nervous.
"Yes!" My dad finally spit it out. I screamed because of...yaknow...happiness. I looked at my mom then she said
"I think i'll say yes too...But be careful, darling." My mom said
"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I said. I'm telling ya, i can feel my smile is like almost gonna reach the sky.
I went straight to my room. Shut the door. And...well...screamed. I jumped on my bed.
"MY DREAM JUST CAME TRUE! MY DREAM JUST CAME TRUE! THIS IS THE BEST SUMMER EVER!" I shout while twerking..I know what your thinking, i just said lately that this summer is the most boring summer i ever had..but now i want you to delete it in your mind..CAUSE BABY..I'M GOING TO LONDON!
                                                            *The next morning* 
My phone vibrated...i sat up and get it under my pillow...It's a text message from Ela...She said "Meet me about 9 in the morning. =)" I looked at my 1D alarm clock...It's 8:54 
"Oh, shit." I said to myself. I stood up and immediately fix myself and things...I was wearing a jean short shorts and a purple crop top, It has black tribal design on it. I was wearing a 5 inch Chunky heels Platform ankle boots, it's color peach. And i had my black Jimmy Choo handbag with me. Because of too much in hurry...I did nothing with my hair...For my make up..I just put a eyeliner, mascara and a light pink lip stick...I called Ela. She answered it on the 4th ring. "Hello?" She said in sweet tone. Her voice is like a doll. It's cute. It's a itsy bitsy high pitch. (By the way, her talent is singing.)

"Hey, babe, are you already in the airport here in L.A.?" I said having a hard time breathing.
"Yes. Actually. Where are you?" She said still in a sweet voice.
"Erm. Hate saying this, still at home. I'll be there in a hour. I'll call you again when i get there." I said getting in my car
"Okay, I'll wait. I'm wearing a white shirt with a jean jacket and denim short shorts." Ela said
"Okay, okay, i'm driving. Bye." I said ending up the call..
When i got to the airport. I saw her standing. I was shouting her name but she couldn't hear me. I called her through phone. She answered it immediately...
"Hey! you're here?" She said looking around 
"Turn around." I said giggling. When she turn around..She ran to me. She was just wearing a black short's just above her ankle..I didn't run..i was wearing heels. Why the hell i'm going to run? I just opened my arms..Ela hugged me so tight like i'm gonna break into pieces
"Ela, stop. I. Can't. Breathe." I said in a squeezed voice.
"Oh, sorry. I just missed you." Ela said smiling 
"Aww! Me too. But please, just don't do that again." I said making a grin. She just nod and looked away. I sighed, "Let's take a rest first at my house then i will tour you around L.A." I smiled..she just nod (again!) and smiled a little.
 After having a rest. I toured her around Los Angles. (Just like what I told her at the airport) Ela change her pound money to a dollar money at a bank.  We bought a lot of clothes and shoes. Ela bought six clothes from different stores, 1 flat shoes, 1 heels and 1 boots..I bought 5 clothes from different stores, 3 heels, 1 shoes and 2 boots..Then after that we went back to my home..


"Such a tiring day" Ela said lying on my bed
"So excited for tomorrow" I said removing my make-up
"It's gonna be the best day ever." She said smiling
"Of course it will." I said smiling back
"Since you toured me here in L.A..I will tour you in London tomorrow." She said while her eyes shut. She must be really tired.
"I'm getting nervous and nervous." I said lying with her.
"Why?" She used the Irish accent. Like, Niall. 
"Because, people will talk to me in Brit accent. I'm all gonna be like, 'Hell! Wot ya sayin'? Your makin' mah head ache.' That's gonna be so, so EPIC." I let a chuckle at the end. I was mocking every word I was saying. Ela just made a "Pff!" sound. God! Her eyes are shut. I was mocking every word I was saying and i forgot that the person I'm talking with is not looking. I just changed the topic, "So, you don't remove you're make-up when you sleep?" I asked her
"When i'm tired, Probably, Yes! I don't remove it." She giggled at the end
"Well, okay, good luck with your face.." I said shutting the lights.
And turning my lamp on.
"Thanks! Good Night." Ela said with her cute tiring voice. I didn't response anymore...I'm too sleepy too.

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