Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


16. The Morning After

"Goodmorning love" Joey whispered and the smell of pancakes and bacon filled my nose
I opened my eyes and he leaned down for a peck 
I sat up and he grabbed a waffle and shoved it in his mouth
I giggled and pushed his chest 
"Joey...." I whispered and he looked at me with soft eyes
I hunched over and put some hair behind my ear
"Was last night....boring to you?" I asked and he  looked at me with an 'are you serious' face
"Are you kidding me?" He laughed and looked down shaking his head
"Last night was night of my life" He whispered and i felt my cheeks heat up
"I love You Marzia" He whispered and i looked at him with tears in my eyes
"Why are you crying love?" I giggled and he looked confused
"You are my first Joey.." I kissed his cheek and stood up
"Lets hope your last to", He said and i blushed even more
I stood up and held out my hand
Joey raised an eyebrow and i giggled
"Piggy back ride" I said with puppy dog eyes and stuck out my lip
He stood up and grabbed my thighs throwing me over his back
We ran downstairs and i heard the door bell ring
I giggled and ran to the door after jumping off his back
I opened the door and my body froze
"Is Joey here?"
I looked at her blankly
"Hold on a second"
I shut the door and Joey store at me
"IM WEARING YOUR SHIRT JOEY!" I whispered/yelled
"Im half naked" He whispered 
"I can hear you guys" His mom said through the door
I shut my eyes tightly and opened the door looking down
"Hello Mrs. Graceffa" I said and she nodded with no`expression
"I would suggest that your Joey's Girlfriend" I nodded and she smirked
"Shes a pretty one" She said and gave me a warm`smile
I smiled and nodded in thanks
"Joey..." She spoke in a quiet tone and he walked up slowly
"Yeah" He qrunted as he sat down
"Will you come home?" She asked sadly and he scoffed
"Let me think about it mom" He said and put his hands on his head
She nodded and waved goodbye as she walked out
"Lets get ready for school" He was obviously upset
I nodded and ran upstairs

We drove to school in silence and i felt akward
He was silent all throughout lunch so i frowned while watching ari and sam be cute
Once the day was over, He didnt say a thing to me
I walked inside and he slammed the door to my room
I frowned and walked upstairs 
I opened the door to see him laying down staring at the celling
I walked over to him and laid next to him
He scooted closer to me and grabbed my hand but stayed silent
I felt butterflies and giggled to myself
He smiled and looked at me
"What?" He whispered and i looked at him with a half smile
"You still give me butterflies" I whispered and he chuckled
"You'll never stop giving me them" He climbed over me and attacked me with kisses
I bursted out laughed when his hands began to tickle my tummy
I squirmed around and he  kissed me all over my face
I kissed him and rolled ontop of him pinning his hands down
"Whats wrong babe" I whispered and he half smiled
"I dont want to leave , I dont want to go back home, this is what i want" He whispered and i blushed
"Then dont" I said kissing his nose
"I love you" I reminded him and he blushed bright red
"I love you to Love" He whispered and i kissed him once more
"Hey guys, foods ready" My mom said entering the room
We raced eachother downstairs and I was happy he was staying
"I have news Marzia" She said with a sigh
"Yessss....?" I asked 
"Im leaving to italy....for 3 months" 


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