Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


1. Pilot

Im the loser with the long black hair, beanie, drawn in eyebrows, and wears over sized cardigans.

But im still a person.



Destery", I whimpered and he sighed while whipping my wound with a wet napkin.
"Those girls are assholes Marzibear", He said looking me in the eye to reasure me about it. I nodded and whimpered at each stroke he did.
"Lets get to class", He said and helped me off the bathroom sink. I grabbed onto his arm and he pulled me closer to his chest. This is how it normally is. I get to school, and the preppy girls do somthing to torment me for the way i look. Its throwing a slushy in my face one day, then spilling coffee in my cloths the next. The princable doesnt do anything considering im not the best student. We walked to class and the cut on my cheek burned from a gush of wind. I winced and destery grabbed my hand. I entered the classroom and everyone store at me because of my bruise. I hid behind my hair and opened up to chapter 6 in the textbook. 
"Do you have an excuse mrs. Heart for being late...again?" Mr.Burt said and i sunk in my chair. He looked away from his computer and shot his daggers at me. "Well?" he asked and i looked around to see everyone staring at me.
"I went to the bathroom, for personal reasons", i said and he rolled his eyes. I looked at destery and he half smiled at me. I waved and he waved back.

I sat down with destery and carrie under the pine tree with an apple and water in my hand. "Happy seeing you here", Carrie commented and i smiled. 
"Missed you for the last 4 days", I said and she chuckled. I looked at destery and he was staring at somthing. I looked at what he was staring at. The qaurter back Joey Grecaffa and his group of assholes. Sam Pepper, Sam Portoff, and the Brooks brothers. I groaned and he snapped out of it. "Why are you staring at the bozo's again. 
"There so fucking perfect it pisses me off", He took my apple and bit it. Thanks butthole. I kissed his cheek and he looked at me. 
"Id rather have you than one of them", I said pointing to his group. Destery smiled and kissed me lightly. I blushed and my cheeks turned a pinkish color. I looked to the groups of assholes and it quickly caught my eye.
Joey fucking Grecaffa was staring at us.

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