Joey's 'Secret'

Joey Graceffa never when for the losers, or the outcast with only a group of friends.
He went for the preppy chicks with floral dresses and curly hair. But he sees Marzia Differently.


8. Jealousy

"Hey love, i heards. Im so sorry" Carrie said walking up to my locker
"Its fine, really" I said and looked at my shoes
Yeah, it hurt loosing my boyfriend since 7th grade
But i  dont feel like im broken
I gave her a hugg and she walked away off to greet destery
I  opened my locker and began to get my stuff for class
"Hey", an unformiliar voice said and i turned to see a tall buff kid who seemed shy
I smiled and looked up "Hi"
"Are you Marzia Heart?" His voice was light for what he looked like
"Yes, and you are?" He blushed and looked down
"Im Spencer, Im new here and the counselor said to find you"
I smiled and opened my arms for a hug
He took it and lifted me a little
"Welcome to our highschool, would you like a tour" I asked
He smiled and nodded with the blush on his face 
"Lets go" I hooked my arms with his and he smiled down at me
I looked down the hallway and saw Joey staring at us
My stumich dropped and i looked down 
"You seem really nice Marzia"
I smiled up at him and blushed
"Thank you " I whispered and we walked around the school

"This is the music room and that right there is the art room"
He leaned against the locker and gazed at me
"Yes?" I asked as the warmth climbed up to my face
"Your really pretty" He said land hid his face
"Your not bad youself" I answered and he blushed
"Is there any way i could get your number, just incase i have any questions about the school?"
I nodded with a big smile and handed him a piece of paper
"Thanks", he said putting the piece of paper in his pants. 
"Your welcome, ill see you tommarow, yeah?" I asked 
"Sure will" He said and opened his arms for a hugg
I smiled and took the hug he offered
I waved goodbye and i walked towards the stair case
I put my student council pan-flit away and felt a arm yank me back
"Who was that?" He asked angrily and i sighed
"The new kid who wanted me to show him around"
He looked down and grabbed my waist
"I dont like you talking to him" He said looking me in the eye
"Well yah know, where still a secret and i dont really have anyone but carrie to talk to"
He sighed and let go of me "No i wont go out with you"
"What?" I asked and he backed up from me
"Looks like freak town is trying to hard" a girl from the pep sqaud said 
"Whoa whats going on" Spencer said walking up behind me
He put his hand in mine and Joey seemed to get mad
"Nothing..." Joey said backing away and throwing his arm around the girl
"Are you ok?" Spencer asked and i nodded
"Im sorry you had to see that" I said looking down and he sighed
"Lets go get somthing to eat, yeah?" I nodded and he pulled me down the hall and into the parking lot
We found his car and went to marbel slab

"Thanks for everything" I said as he dropped my off at my house
"Your welcome, just text me if you need anything
I smiled and kissed his cheek
I went inside and Joey was there on my couch
"Your mom let me in" He said bluntly and stood up
I nodded and walked up to my room to where he followed me
"Im sorry i just-" I cut him off by raising my hand
I felt my heart race and tears began to build
"You made me look like a fucking idiot joey" 
I whispered and he came up to me trying to whip the tear away
I backed up and put my hand infront of me for him to stop
"Im sorry Marzia" He whispered
"If im going to be you secret forever, than i cant be with you anymore Joey.
Whatever this is, is done", I whispered and he nodded while looking down at he ground
"Ill see you at school" He said slamming open the window doors
I sat on my bed and cried my eyes out
Untill i finally fell asleep

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